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  1. I would add a note regarding birth control. It's one thing to keep conception from occurring, but another thing entirely to end a life that's already begun. Most commonly available methods of birth control act as an abortionaid either primarily, or in addition to the contraceptive properties. Often they will change the environment of the womb to prevent implantation. The problem with this is that the baby has already been conceived prior to attempting to implant, so preventing implantation forces an abortion. This, of course, is murder and obviously wrong. Do your research carefully!
  2. That would be a good discussion for another thread.
  3. That's not what I meant to say... maybe it was unclear. I meant to say that the dead are conscious/self-aware (as per Lazarus), but not aware of what's going on in the living world (any more than I know what's going on in your house right now - i'm just not there). You're right - people do assume that! But we know that the dead do not go straight to eternal damnation... that part doesn't come until after the Judgement.
  4. Hell/Hades/Sheol are the same thing. 'Sheol' is the old Hebrew word, 'adas' the Greek translation/equivalent, 'hell' the English translation (from Germanic etymology). Psalm 16:10 is talking about Jesus - he went down to Hades (the holding place of the dead before His resurrection, and the remaining holding place of all unrighteous dead until the End). He definitely did not go to the Lake of Fire. In similar fashion, the account of Lazarus and the rich man, taking place as it did before the resurrection, also takes place in Hades (which had two parts; Abraham's bosom being the 'nice' side for the righteous dead). There is torment in the unrighteous section of Hades - we know that from the account of the rich man - and it is likely hot (hell fire?) because the rich man wanted water. However, it is not the same place as the lake of fire, and it is not eternal. Notice that in Hell will eventually be cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:10). The Lake of Fire is part of the second death, while Hades/hell is only part of the first death. My take on Ecclesiastes is that it's talking about the dead in context of what is going on in the living world. The dead have no portion in the living world. They don't know what's going on in it. I don't think this precludes the dead from having consciousness (being self-aware) in the place where they are. I would suggest that just because we have a cultural understanding that hell=the ultimate lake of fire does not mean that is the correct understanding. The unrighteous dead are in Hades now, and will ultimately be in the lake of fire, so I can see where the connection has risen (I wonder whether Mark 9 is referring to this logical progression, rather than a single event). I don't see a disagreement here, and there's no reason to conclude the KJV is wrong.
  5. So... apparently I am off to Israel in February! It's a guided tour, so I won't have much say in where/what to do, but we will have some free time in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. Have any of you been there before? What suggestions would you have for doing in my free time, or advice on what to bring/wear/watch out for?
  6. My thoughts are that considering the age of the order, and the consistent destruction of opposing books through the Middle Ages, you are unlikely to find that completely unbiased perspective. I would suggest using Wiki and 'reading between the lines'. It'll give you an idea of their basic principles and (whitewashed) structure. What exactly are you looking for?
  7. Nasty time of year to move (if you're still coming from Alaska)!
  8. Regular Sunday services today... was supposed to have a baptism service (second this month!), but it didn’t work out for everyone so it’ll be next week. My Sunday school class took a break from their regularly scheduled lessons in Genesis to do a class on Christians and the government and write Christmas cards to Canadian servicemen overseas. All the kids got to choose the country of destination. Lots of visitors in church this morning to hear pastor’s sermon on transgenderism (ha - sure that wasn’t intentional). I’m trying to get a quick nap in before a senior’s service this afternoon, then back for evening service and a monthly fellowship (i.e. food!) after. The choir is practicing for Christmas, so it’ll be a long evening.
  9. They're (were?) a religious order that followed Benedict's rules. Independent monastic communities, black robes. Not sure what you mean by needing an unbiased description... what other info are you looking for? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_Saint_Benedict https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedictines
  10. I guess it depends whether your distance precludes you from being regularly involved (as in, are you willing to drive there a lot?). That could depend a lot on where you live, too. City people are less likely to drive into the country, but country folk can be used to driving 1-2 hours to get to town/church. (That's a Canadian assessment; I noticed that in England acceptable distances seem shorter. I visited a church that was a 1.5 hour commute away from my hotel. That's a bit of a way in Canada (I wouldn't want to drive it every week), but we've had church members that regularly drove that far or further. The pastor there, though, seemed to be quite surprised that I had come so far to attend). I think a pastor needs to be closer, though. Although some people around here do drive 1-2 hours to work everyday (crazy)!
  11. The Bible talks about a local church, with pastor(s) deacons, answerable to God. It seems to me that a distant pastor and deacons would be unable to live with, serve and lead a congregation as they are supposed to. Any satellite churches would then, practically, need their own pastor, etc., and when they have a pastor, they are now a church in their own right and don't need to be a satellite! That's my thought on the issue, anyways.
  12. I think it’s Thursday, too. Oh, and I’m closing this thread. I see no value in having it periodically reopened in case there’s someone here to start an argument.
  13. I think we’re getting a bit off topic here, and the repentance reference will likely take it further off. Let’s keep this thread to the technology subject; if anyone would like to discuss repentance/doctrine or issues in churches, they are welcome to start new threads.
  14. Treating myself tonight. Roasted Brie, gnocchi and asparagus over the Red River.
  15. In most places, even non-profits have to be incorporated. If you can find an incorporation certificate, that might confirm it. Otherwise, you could try calling your state/county office responsible for non-profit/society/church registrations, and see if you can find out exactly what kind of organization your church is registered as. They would probably be able to direct you to appropriate Acts or statutes that govern what to do in this situation. Combining that with Jim's suggestion of finding out who holds the mortgage should give you a pretty good start! If you're closing down, and the widow needs support, are you considering giving her some of the proceeds (if you're legally allowed to sell them)?
  16. Not so... https://www.501c3.org/what-is-a-501c3/ In order for a corporation or other qualifying entity to receive 501(c)(3) status, it must apply to the IRS for recognition by filing Form 1023 (or Form 1023-EZ),
  17. Okay, you've said this once or twice, I think we can leave it now.
  18. Again, I know of no historical precedent that would forbid men speaking/writing to women. If you have evidence for this, I would be interested in seeing it. It is not inappropriate for a man to write a woman (although in some circumstances it may be inadvisable), either now or back then, and it certainly is no evidence of an illicit relationship. That's like teenage foolishness - "They're talking! They must like each other!" Since you seem to be speaking from present day assumptions rather than historical conditions, I would like to clarify that it's just plain rude (and occasionally discriminatory) for a man to refuse to communicate directly with a woman based on her gender. I agree that if there was a husband present, it would be more appropriate to include both of them in the letter; however, if the husband was unsaved, it would make sense why he was excluded. If this was a single lady, she is presumably an adult and capable of monitoring her own behavior and communication without requiring some kind of middleman.
  19. Enough. Shoostie, you will treat the other members of this board with respect. Regarding the original subject, I have to say that while I don't agree with all Hovind's ideas (particularly the comet/ice age one), I absolutely believe that Mokele Mbembe and the Loch Ness Monster are/were real creatures. (They could both be extinct by now.) There are too many solid historical accounts of water monsters in the lochs for there to have been nothing there. I also like the accounts of pterodactyls nesting in an old Welsh castle, and migrating inland for storms, or of the thunderbirds/pterodactyls on the Pacific coast and American Southwest. The book 'After the Flood', although more focused on genealogy than dragon sightings, has some incredible accounts gleaned from medieval records.
  20. (Deleted photo) Um, heartstrings, I think you may have put this in the wrong thread? Can you delete it and move it to the appropriate forum? (or better yet, let's let this topic die a quick death. It's incredibly distasteful).
  21. I am finding this juxtaposition in assumptions rather amusing. The moderator did moderate you, and you responded rudely and dismissively. On this board, we expect our members to treat each other with respect. Please confine yourself to discussing the matter at hand without ad hominem attacks. Now, BACK TO TOPIC. Any further discussion/comments on any subject other than large families will result in this thread being locked.
  22. You are correct in saying that not all ethnic Israel is of God - but non-Jewish believers are not Israel.
  23. I have never read anything of that period's history that would suggest such a prohibition.

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