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  1. We did what now!!?! Honestly, though, who needs to watch the news? I get all the current affairs info I need off here and Facebook.
  2. Okay, let’s get back to the topic.
  3. I suppose the correct answer to this post is No, because if they're a women preacher, they're not a good Baptist! Times change, but not the Bible. Therefore this comparison is not applicable to the topic.
  4. Preaching is from a place of authority - like behind the pulpit, where the individual has the implied authority granted them of the church/denomination/etc. Sharing the gospel or discussing doctrine one on one in the community has no implied authority - it’s just our personal opinion, for all anyone knows.
  5. TGL…. Could you find a different way to open subjects without ‘just checking’s’, please? We can have a profitable discussion on this topic, but opening the conversation this way always leads to contention.
  6. Nevertheless, it is vulgar and rude and should not be used here. Stop arguing with the mods, Tony.
  7. And there you go again. What’s with the zero to 100 on the aggression factor, Tony? Editing for improper language.
  8. I think your first sentence answers your query. Some observations… You do seem to be giving equal importance to doctrinal and non/doctrinal issues. Nothing against your non-doctrinal choices, but they probably aren’t the first thing to look at in a church. Also, you simply won’t find a non-cultish church where everyone agrees on every everything! Could you, separately, find a community and a church? Although I get it. Speaking as a member of a conservative church that generally shuns the C-vax, I’ve been joking/not-joking for a year about finding ourselves a ghost town to move to. I would challenge you to reinspect some of your doctrinal beliefs, as they may be mutually exclusive. Finding a modest, conservative church that accepts contemporary music and divorce/remarriage seems a contradiction in terms to me. (Not that they should shun you for your remarriage, but that doesn’t mean it was scripturally okay or that you would be eligible for certain ministries.)
  9. One example would be the word 'let.' 2 Thess. 2:7 uses this word with the idea of hindering, while our common modern usage has more the idea of permitting.
  10. That is a very good statement. I agree. I will say that I don't mind going to the original languages to clarify a word that has shifted meaning in English over the centuries. But that's not about not relying on the English translation so much as clarifying my own misunderstanding of seventeenth century definitions.
  11. Wow… that guy was apparently in the wrong religion. He must have thought he was Muslim…
  12. Wouldn’t surprise me. Everyone was trying to beat the mandate. I bet it slowed down now its come into effect.
  13. Say what now? That response was inappropriate. When a moderator corrects you, you do not imply that the response is boring or eye rolling - as that GIF implies.
  14. TGL, sometimes i wonder about you. Are you this cryptic in your real-life conversations?
  15. To be quite frank, the ladies forum isn’t busy either. Although it’s a bit disturbing that TGL tried looking into it…
  16. The liberal central government in Canada is imposing additional gun control completely opposite to the will of many of the people. You know what happened the last time they tried to make a long gun registry? Everyone simply chose not to comply. So they finally scrapped it, cause it wasn't working. But now they're putting it in sideways by trying to require everyone to register when they sell or purchase a firearm. Don't copy Canada. Our government are idiots. Actually , cancel that. They're not idiots. They know exactly what they're doing to create an environment where they can exert total control over the populace. Covid gave them a marvellous excuse to start really enforcing socialist laws. Do you know that, as an unvaccinated citizen, I am not allowed to board a train or airplane in Canada? That I'm not allowed to work for the federal government, and a lot of other businesses too? But they're bringing in unvaccinated Ukrainians by the planeload, and the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road is still allowing in illegals from the US. For anyone reading this who might actually support gun control, just remember two things. Bad guys don't follow the laws. And no matter how you feel about guns, you should educate yourself with the historical truths of disarmed populations (quote borrowed).
  17. I like how the guy who isn't actually independent has such a strong opinion on it. Maybe look to your own church before telling me how mine works. Associations do not equal independence.
  18. Wow… I’ve never been to an IFB that’s a member of an association. In my opinion, that means they are not truly independent.
  19. Oh, I see. We have Victoria Day for a long weekend in May. Guess if you declare independence from Britain you lose the benefit of their holidays too.
  20. Yup to both above. Johann, can you please edit your opening post to include only KJV verses? This is a rule of this board. You can find them at the link below. Thank you!
  21. That's funny, because in Canada (and I'm guessing the rest of the Commonwealth), November 11 is Remembrance Day, and honors in particular those who gave their lives during the Wars. America's just gotta be different, I guess.
  22. Let's move back to the topic now without any personal discussions.
  23. Easy on there. Jerry was stating a idea - others may or may not agree, but the only steamrolling on this thread is coming from Tony. Ease up about 85% with your intensity and lay off the capitals, eh?
  24. Well, I guess it's easier to keep a dozen chats going at once when you post the same message on each one.
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