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  1. BB, don't set up straw men. Socialism isn't human beings helping their neighbors, it's the government taking your money to feed those who won't work for themselves (mostly the head honchos) in the vain attempt to end poverty. For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. 2 Thess. 3:10 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 1 Thess. 5:8 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good... Mark 14:7 (Individual choice, not the government.) Socialist-style REQUIRED alms ends you up where my country is now - it is REQUIRED that we 'protect' others by masking, and not visiting, and not traveling, and just to make sure "for your protection" the government will fine you $1000 if they catch you meeting up with your elderly parents for Christmas (those are thankfully being thrown out in court), and detain you at your own cost ($1500 USD) for 3 nights in a hotel to get testing once you return from traveling, and if you test positive, you are removed for quarantine in a government facility. But it's all to protect you and others. Oh, and no level of enforcement - health services, AB, CAD, border patrol, RCMP - will take responsibility for what's going on, even while they assist. Apparently no one's in charge. (Where's that little angry guy emoticon when you need him?) Sorry for jumping there but I am so DONE with anyone supporting socialism/communism nowadays - 100% of history shows where it ends up - Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela - and maybe Canada down the drain too. And freedom of religion is the first to go - so don't try to tell me it's more Christian to support a system that suppresses Christianity. In our country, Manitoba has forbidden church services and is actively fining those that go anyways - Ontario is developing underground churches - Alberta 'allows' it at 15% capacity, with masking and no singing, so there are some churches openly defying it and others surreptitiously ignoring the limits - BC has banned in-person services. Hospitality (a direct command of Scripture) is banned, as you are not permitted to have other people in your own home. It's real easy to support socialism when you are sitting comfortably in your own home, ignoring the lessons of history. It's a lot harder to ignore those lessons when you are counting cars in the church parking lot, installing blinds on the windows so motorists can't see how many people are in the church foyer, parking at a neighboring property and running over before the next car comes along to see you, live-streaming only the sermon so unfriendlies can't try to guess how many people are present by the volume of singing (yes, that happened to us), and having to convince your 71-year old mother that it's okay for us to drive to my brothers' place for Christmas - we can do it without the police pulling us over and giving us $1000 fines each for the audacity of Christmas with our small family in a small town.
  2. Quite right. They speak the Queen's English.
  3. I'm sorry, but that's just not a good enough reason to mess with a Bible translation. And your reasoning is just so... modern. If a word seems odd to you because you don't hear it used regularly, then start using it regularly, and it'll soon stop sounding odd. And if you want to remember words better, then you could write the definition in the margin for next time (it's probably not a great argument to suggest you're reading your Bible through so irregularly - not that I can judge!). All the objections above are easily remedied by people simply expanding their vocabulary - which is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect adults (and children) to do. Wow - I had to look that one up! That doesn't happen very often! Now that I've looked it up, I know it so no need to change. (kidding.. kinda) The definition of that word is BRUIT, n. Report; rumor; fame. BRUIT, v.t. To report; to noise abroad Which specific word would you suggest changing it to? Let's see if there is a precise equivalent.
  4. Those specific examples would not concern me (unless there’s some grammatical meaning to that suffix that I am not aware of). Although it’s pretty easy to understand either way and, IMO, not worth the bother. (I probably still wouldn’t use the new version, because I prefer the more poetic original.) Your issue with ‘rejoiceth’ isn’t that it is an archaic word, though; it is the word form/suffix you would like to change. The root word itself is in common use. And I will say that ‘peradventure‘ is a lovely word still commonly used well into the 20th century - it would be a shame to lose it completely from our vocabulary.
  5. This. Soooooo much this. There are plenty of words still reasonably commonly used in the English language that any one given person may not know... but that doesn't mean it is archaic! Cue rant on the dumbing down of modern society...
  6. My experience from people who claim not to understand the KJV because it's too 'hard' or 'old-fashioned', is that they object to the thee's and thou's and to the (apparently) big words. I would contend that removing all thee's and thou's for modern pronoun usage would reduce accuracy, and ditto for "simplifying" words. I'd really love to have the OP respond to my query as to examples of the words he would update, and their replacement, to see if my experience holds true. Also, I object to your (earlier) labelling of various of us (assumedly including me, from your indicators) of having a superstitious attachment to the words of the KJV. I support using good English, which includes many words that are considered archaic to young people due simply to their poor grasp of the English language. I have said nothing to suggest I have an overattachment to the KJV words itself. I'm not KJV only - I'm Textus Receptus only. What I am is a big fan of good English and not changing things just for the sake of change. Who cares if something is old-fashioned - there's nothing wrong with that! (That last line not directed to anyone in particular; just a generic rant.)
  7. I think you came here with your mind made up already! Can you give examples of words you consider to be archaic, and the words you think may be an appropriate 'modern' replacement? I'm very curious as to whether your suggested updates would be appropriate replacements. Examples of grammar would be welcome as well. Also, how do you purport to appropriately replace the oft-maligned thee's and thou's without losing the distinguishing of singular and plural pronouns that is lost with the common modern usage (i.e. using 'you' for both singular & plural situations)? The word 'archaic', btw, means 'old-fashioned', and is neither a censure nor necessarily a reason for replacement. (Yes, I am using as many big words as possible to illustrate the precision of language that is gained by their inclusion.) In answer to this, yes, of course - I want to give them the most reliable translation. I trust them, as adults, to look up any words they don't understand. Remember, too, that the difficulty for non-believers in understanding God's Word is not in the text itself - it's in that the Scripture must be spiritually discerned, and they are spiritually dead. Changing the text will not improve that situation. The Holy Spirit must explain it to them.
  8. I would add that I extremely doubt we have any scholars nowadays with the breadth of expertise in the original languages to retranslate at the same level of depth and accuracy. We have also lost manuscripts (both Biblical and otherwise) in the intermediary years that would prevent any new translators from having access to the same breadth of knowledge as the KJV translators.
  9. Why would you need to update anything? The ‘old language’ is still perfectly good English.The fact that modern folks are too lazy to learn the meanings of words is no reason to change the Bible. Save your trouble and buy a dictionary. You’ve hit a bone of contention for me - not so much in defense of the KJV, but in defense of good English. You can’t really ‘simplify’ something without removing the depths of the meaning of the larger words. I think such an attempt, if made honestly to retain the true meaning, would result in unnecessary wordiness and a more confusing text. Also, modern English has lost nuances — such as the difference between me and thee — an important difference in meaning that would be lost if the text was updated.
  10. No. But when a culture is steeped in false religion, it’s spiritual thoughts will be based from that. And the examples you have weren’t ‘cultures’ (e.g. Arabian, Nepalese), they were religions (Muslim, Buddhist). Just going off the information you provided.
  11. While a rich tapestry of cultures is great for general understanding and cultural diversity (and food!), 'rich spiritual thoughts' from pagan cultures/religions have no place in a Bible class... unless you're explaining what the Bible has to say about those pagan ideas (Eph. 5:11). There can be no true unity in a church except through God's truth. Not saying there won't be differences of opinions, but good doctrine is non-negotiable. Jesus' prayer for the unity of the church is centered on with sanctification through the truth of God's Word (John 17).
  12. Be wary of these books, Bill. Both these authors support so-called Christian mysticism - spiritual formation, as it's called nowadays - which is a dangerous heresy infiltrating our churches! Brother Lawrence was likely influenced by Teresa of Avila. https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/brotherlawrence.htm
  13. That's not a rabbit hole, Bill, that's common sense. I would prefer people behave like adults and avoid sneezing on others. I would also prefer the government stop acting like we are all toddlers who can't be trusted to behave like adults. I hate seeing people in masks - it's dehumanizing and depersonalizing and contributes to the divide the 'powers that be' are trying so desperately to create to distract us from what they're really up to - the removal of our liberties and freedoms. The creation of a communist society worldwide. So all that to say, while I would rather people avoided sneezing on me , I would also rather they did not wear a mask. Also, you avoided my questions. Why are you sneezing in someone's face, and why are you only two feet from him? SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!
  14. Why would you be sneezing directly at him? Don't know about you, but I was taught as a child to cover my mouth and sneeze in a different direction from people. Also, if you care about these rules, why are you only 2 feet from him?
  15. How did the singing hymns go? Cause we tried it for our first Zoom Bible study, and it.... didn't work. It just so didn't work.
  16. I figured as much, with Bill Gates involved.
  17. This is not a Biblical statement. “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Religion =/= Christianity.
  18. And if we take your idea to its logical conclusion, society will tie itself in knots trying to prevent even one death - which is of course impossible. Seriously, please stop trolling with the Covid posts.
  19. When you figure out how to end death, let us know. Otherwise let's stop pretending that death is not part of life.
  20. And how many of these were true medical cases, with people presenting sick enough to be admitted to hospital? Please stop pushing liberal opinions here.
  21. Yeah, you can see that here. Alberta is traditionally very conservative (think Texas level), except for the cities might be more liberal, and the heavily student areas around the universities are more socialist. In the last election, you could clearly see the strongly immigrant-settled areas of our major cities by the areas that voted socialist.
  22. They may not understand the significance of candle-lighting for the dead, or in front of icons - it dates from pagan times. But that significance is still there. I consider the candle-lighting in Orthodox/Catholic Churches to be idolatry. And you do realize that Orthodox doctrine is heretical to the point that people who truly believe it are not saved, and thus not Christians? There may be some present in those 'churches' who have been saved despite that, but they should be coming out as per Scriptural directive.
  23. Both of these church light candles in front of icons, making them a prayer/offering to the icon (which then makes it a kind of idol). I like a candle-light service as much as the next person, but candles are a form of light - nothing more.
  24. Preaching/teaching is not necessarily a pastor-only job, so those preaching/teaching are not necessarily limited to pastoral requirements, whatever they may be. Teaching in particular may done by women (to other women or children), so that obviously would not be linked to the position of pastor.
  25. I don't know if we maintain better or not, although we wouldn't see many fires in southern AB or SK due to lack of continuous trees and high population centres. I suspect this map is only showing US data. These won't match the data above, as they're current, but here's today's fire map for BC: https://governmentofbc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/f0ac328d88c74d07aa2ee385abe2a41b And here's Alberta: https://wildfire.alberta.ca/wildfire-status/status-map.aspx This was actually a quieter year for wildfires up here - either that or Covid took over all the news. We've had years where smoke from BC & northern fires came across the mountains - haven't had that this year. Apparently BC had a problem with smoke, but that could have been coming north from the fires in the States.
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