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  1. While we're resurrecting old topics, I am flabbergasted to read the article above comparing canoe usage to so-called colonialism. The indigenous peoples of Canada literally invented the Canadian canoe (as the Brits call it), and did so without any help at all from (and, indeed, pre-dating) colonists. Guess one shouldn't practice bow hunting, or indeed any hunting, fishing or gardening of non-European species cause the indigenous folks did that first too....
  2. Well, what do you think we/you should do about it then?
  3. That’s not strictly true. You did get banned once before, but you came back.
  4. My missionary friends just moved from Alberta down to West Virginia. They were shocked at how many churches planned to celebrate Halloween in some 'family friendly' manner. Halloween is and always has been a thoroughly pagan event, based on death and fear, honoring demons and witchcraft, and getting more and more gory as the years go by. I have nothing against candy and costumes - but I believe that any 'celebration' of this wicked, evil day is unbecoming to believers and dishonoring to God. Have a Christmas dress up time if that's what you want. Plan a Fall festival a month or two distant from Halloween to have fun with leaves and candy. But be careful not to excuse a partial celebration as anything better than the whole thing. It is this disregard of the association and intent of pagan events that leads to more serious compromises - like yoga in the church.
  5. I Hate Halloween. That is all.
  6. Smaller/under 999… TGL, you’re funny. Up here a small church is anything under 50 attendees (and that would be at least half of Western IFB churches). You get to 75, it’s a decent size.
  7. Here I thought it was about buying toilet paper...
  8. I know, we had the same problems. But if people had stocked up over several months (buying a package or two every two weeks, say), well before the shortages began, THAT is not hoarding. And that is what I meant. Simply having a lot on hand bought in advance is not hoarding - buying two carts full when supplies are already low is definitely a problem. The difference is planning and being prepared, rather than reacting. And if only people would plan and be prepared in advance, they wouldn't feel the need for panic buying! I remain shocked at the number of people (with comfortable incomes and roomy closets) who keep only a couple of days worth of food in their cupboards, and no water on hand.
  9. Hoarding’ toilet paper well in advance doesn’t cause shortages, because the supply chain has already adjusted for those purchases. It’s buying cartloads when things start to get short that exacerbate shortages. It’s never wrong to plan in advance and have lots on hand (key word ‘advance’), even a year’s worth like the Mormons used to. And buying it early gives the stores time to replace it. I think the Gov/media try to discredit bring prepared because they want people dependent on the government - gives them more power. Funny story… I always buy the biggest package of TP available, and it lasts about half a year for one person. I do this just for situations like early Covid. Guess when that big package ran out? Same weekend all the TP disappeared.
  10. Those questions about if the baby has already died are just silly. The objection to abortion is that it kills a baby. If the baby is already dead, it isn’t really an abortion. Those extreme examples like the rape case madden me. Even if abortion remained legal for those cases, think how many millions of lives would be saved by outlawing it for those who had a choice in the conception.
  11. This is an independent Baptist Board. People may at times discuss other churches positively or negatively. This is fine, as long as the discussion is honest and kind (and no, kind doesn’t mean you can only say nice things). If members don’t like what is said about a particular group, they’re welcome not to read it or to leave. They may not tell others what to say or not to say. And for the last time, convention churches are not independent. Not the way that the IFB means it, anyways. Because, believe it or not, one doesn’t have to be part of something to make an assessment of it. Tony, you’re welcome to your own opinion of the SBC, but stop touting it as independent on this board when it is not by our definition. There’s something very undermining about the way you push that. I appreciate GloryLand choosing not to push your buttons, but this is your notice to not push this topic as well. (And please don’t PM me to complain. It gets old.)
  12. We did what now!!?! Honestly, though, who needs to watch the news? I get all the current affairs info I need off here and Facebook.
  13. Okay, let’s get back to the topic.
  14. I suppose the correct answer to this post is No, because if they're a women preacher, they're not a good Baptist! Times change, but not the Bible. Therefore this comparison is not applicable to the topic.
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