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  1. Wasn’t Thanksgiving like a month ago? ?
  2. If it's no big deal, then why are we talking about it? TGL, I think you need to stop challenging things that aren't a problem. Frankly, even if a pastor did have an assigned space (which I could only think would happen in huge churches), it would probably be a good thing. They're busy and are coming to work when they get to church. It's not like they'll be taking space from legislatively-required handicapped stalls.
  3. I mean, I think the adjectives on temple descriptors were just a way of telling them apart by builder.... I don't feel that there's any spiritual significance there. The only temple that will be built by God's hand has yet to be seen. I love the carpenter gothic churches, but am forced to admit that there is no reason to have them and not another design (although the vaulted roof is ideal for good congregational singing - so there's that). Our church is considering a church expansion that will spoil the pure carpenter gothic architecture, and I am not a fan. ?
  4. It's unhealthy to be speaking of yourself in the plural, there, TGL. ? This seems rather an unprofitable conversation.
  5. Since this thread is discussing Israel, the title is incorrect. TGL, could you please change it (and try to create more positive titles in future - thanks!).
  6. 1. Hard to get out of the carpet 2. Why have it? Is someone that addicted they can’t bear to be without it for an hour? Burden of proof for having it should be on those wanting to bring it in (I say that as someone who sometimes is still drinking my first coffee to wake up as I arrive at church - but I finish it outside the sanctuary or leave it).
  7. Like multi stall bathrooms, or single stall bathrooms? (I can’t see the sign.) nothing wrong with single stalls being for used by either gender, because only one person can use them at a time. ?
  8. And then there’s ours, where the secretary is often (not always) also appointed treasurer. ?
  9. In choosing the secretary? Probably depends on the church. I don’t think there is a scriptural ‘should’ for this. I mean, in my church they vote for the Treasurer and Clerk, but the pastor hires/appoints the secretary. (They’re not always paid.?)
  10. JW is not a denomination, it is a cult. They worship a false Christ. If this is your family, I am so sorry. Your daughter has made her choice, as an adult, and the fault and consequences will be hers, not yours. She has chosen a hard path. I believe it is possible for true believers to be ensnared in the JW organization, not realizing what it is. I don’t know if that is the case of this young man or not. You are in an excellent position to both encourage your daughter in the faith (and maybe make sure of her salvation), and to graciously witness truth to this young man. Anyone can be saved!
  11. Can she? Yes, of course. Should she? It’s probably better to have someone else handle the financial stuff - counting & depositing offerings - if possible, but secretarial is fine. Even just having others help with counting so the money is seen by more people will help with preventing any appearance/future accusations of financial impropriety.
  12. Preachers have authority to remind people of the principles of God's Word. If a politician/political leaning is blatantly defying God's ways, then there is a place for pastors to remind people of truth and to remind them to pay attention to what their politicians support. They can share what they've learned re politics, what their personal choice is and why, but shouldn't outright tell people who to vote for, IMO. Health (and what goes/doesn't go) into our bodies is the responsible of the individual, and occasionally the family (for children). Except where sin is involved, it is not the place or responsibility of the church to have an opinion therein.
  13. Music leaders lead, though, and that's a form of authority within the service. I don't think women should be in that position either.
  14. Is he actually running again? If not, this discussion is fairly moot.
  15. Wives are to submit to the husband. Let's be specific here. ? ----------------- I was speaking a little in jest before, but to give a serious response to the OP in the area of why pastors don't speak hard to women like they do men - My observation in the churches here that the women are preached to a little more than the men, and by and large, I see the wives working harder at submitting than the men do leading. If that was the case in the churches with pastors like those mentioned above, I can see why they wouldn't place a harder burden on those actively trying to obey than those that aren't. Perhaps this is something that varies greatly by region and church. I think my response here is also colored by what may be a different issue, and that is that I have heard of church leadership advising wives to submit through extended, unrepentant abuse as the only option for moving forward. That is neither Biblical nor helpful (nor actually legal). So maybe I'm applying my distaste for this mentality to this discussion in a way it doesn't belong. I totally agree that if pastors truly are failing to teach the wives their part, that is a grave problem, and that the wives are responsible to obey God's commands for them within marriage. I don't really see how someone can truly submit to someone who is not leading - because decisions have to be made, and as nature abhors a vacuum, someone will have to step up and make them. One can't just stop moving forward. But maybe that's why God still has me single. ? Heartstrings, I am so sorry over what's happening in your son's marriage - what an awful thing to have to witness in your own family.
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