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  1. Salyan

    Food storage

    Same basic idea, but mind is a freestanding shelf with multiple layers. It’s a shelf reliance system.
  2. Salyan

    Food storage

    So I'm excited! I'm moving to a new rental in a couple of weeks (a trailer - so my own walls! No more apartment neighbors, yay!) with a bit more storage space. Yesterday on Kijiji a shelf reliance can rotation storage system came up for sale. I'll be picking it up tomorrow night, Lord willing. I've been wanting to try can rotation for a while - it'll be neat to have the space for a proper system. Anyone else do the whole food storage bit? It's a little bit a.l.a. LDS, I know, but it's the one thing I think they're right on. 😄
  3. i think you’ll find that most here are a little tired of debating the subject. Also, there are few or no Arminians on this board. It is possible to be neither Arminian nor Calvinist - my pastor likes to call us ‘Biblicists.’ 😉
  4. Salyan

    Hymn of Comfort

    CCM = Contemporary Christian Music. Usually used here to refer to praise music with an upbeat or other forms of Christian rock music.
  5. Salyan


    Howdy! HappyChristian is in Washington; maybe she'll be able to help you.
  6. Salyan

    Whats for Supper...

    I had a Hawaiian pizza in Northumbria that came with mushrooms. Is that normal? Over here they're only ham & pineapple.
  7. Salyan

    The Altar

    North American churches would be unlikely to have relics, unless they're actually Catholic. But after visiting Anglican churches in England, I see exactly what you mean! There is a level of ceremony and false religion that is unmatched by anything I've seen in Canada outside Catholic buildings. I was particularly surprised by the ubiquitous shrine/chapel to Mary - never realized how tied they were to that old goddess worship!
  8. Salyan

    New car!

    I couldn’t resist it!!!
  9. Salyan

    New car!

    We’re all expat Brits. Only we’re smarter than them, so we drive on the right side of the road. The Aussies always were folks who went a little wrong... 😂
  10. Salyan

    New car!

    Right, but who's on first?
  11. Salyan

    Jesus - the I AM statements of the New Testament

    Okay, I'm letting this through moderation so it can be Warned about. As per the rules, No swearing or derogatory terms are permitted. Calling someone 'of the devil' (especially a presumed fellow believer) is not permitted. And as per standard practice, when a thread degrades to this extent, it gets closed. And hey, you might want to be nicer to me. Apparently I'm the only mod letting your posts through right now. 😄
  12. Wow. You think waaaaayyyyy too highly of yourself, IMO. You are only a man. Really? Dave asked first. Seriously, EvangAlived, we have no issue with non-IFBs who want to interact congenially and honestly (just ask Alimantado). But coming here just to preach at us is neither polite nor appreciated (and we've had a lot of it, so if we seem quick to react, it's from experience!). The issues you are experiencing are not because this board is rejecting 'truth' (as you define it), or because we're a bunch of old fuddy-duddies, but because you are refusing to follow board rules (i.e. no flooding the board) and common courtesy in your interactions here. If you end up getting yourself banned, it will be a result of your own actions and choices (so don't leave and glory in your 'persecution'!) Such behavior is neither likely to get true results for eternity nor honor Christ.
  13. Salyan

    Jesus - the I AM statements of the New Testament

    Um, that's actually kind of rude, EvangAlived. Someone asks you a question, you agree to answer, and then refuse to actually answer? Be honest and stop playing games.
  14. The dates don’t work for a 7000 year earth... I think we’re likely past the 6000 point already. Also, the Parable of the sower and the seed has no correlation to the creation week, nor to an eschatological dating system. I believe that to try to force a connection there is to wrest the Scriptures. It’s a little difficult to discuss sermon length entries; Would you mind shortening things down a bit to a couple of paragraphs that can be discussed easily? This is after all a discussion forum. 😊
  15. Evangalived, when a mod or admin remind you of the rules, it is better to accept the correction than to talk back. The rebellious attitude you are projecting could cause one to doubt that you are truly here for fellowship, rather than to press your own agenda.