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  1. He could be new to the movement. I know I asked a lot of questions like this. He does sound a bit like he’s writing an essay, though.
  2. OK, so first of all you didn’t actually answer my question. Secondly, You’re adding an interpretation of those verses that is simply not in the clear reading of the text. They could mean the sun’s light is removed (doesn’t specify how, so you shouldn’t), or they could just mean that the light of the Son is so great we don’t even notice the natural lights of heaven anymore. This is called “private interpretation”, Eric. It’s fiction, not Bible study, and it’s wrong. May I respectfully suggest that you refrain from making up your own explanations for things that God has chosen not to explain??
  3. I’m sorry... which of the plagues were supposedly worldwide? And what evidence have you for this?
  4. We have several men in our church who got saved/looked for a KJV church because of Steven Anderson. We have had quite a few more visit the church, looking for a KJV church, because of Steven Anderson. Most don’t stay, as if they ever talk to the pastor about Stephen Anderson, they would not like what they hear! Also, of course, a lot of our doctrines don’t line up with him.
  5. Sigh. Your answer may not require a separate thread, but the discussion this is likely to create will. And I didn’t want us to get distracted from giving the OP answers to her genuine questions as to the nature of God. It is very likely there were STDs in the ancient world. However, you cannot say with any authority they are what is being referred to here. There is simply no biblical evidence for it. In reference to the woman of Moab being “diseased”, you contradicted that yourself. If God sent a special disease to punish Israel’s immorality, then the Moabites were not diseased when they arrived. At any rate, God punished Israel for sinning and disobeying him – period. There’s no reason to add anything else to the story. It was very common for victors of the time to kill the men and boys, and keep the single girls and children alive. No male children means no one to grow up and avenge their fathers. You have an interesting theory, but I really don’t see the need to read a special anti-STD campaign into this. Could it have been a factor? Sure. But you can’t count it as ‘fact’.
  6. Good question, because I don't see that either, but can you take this to a new thread? I don't want to co-opt the OP's question.
  7. I must say that I am impressed at bears being so close to civilization! I hope the momma was nowhere nearby.
  8. Two miles from downtown... overlooking Gatlinburg... are you sure you left the city? If that's their idea of country down there, you should come up here! I can take you to a lovely lake over 2.5 hours from any town, with bears and cougars! Glad you guys got to get away and have a vacation.
  9. Yes, this. /\ Calvinism’s definition of total depravity includes the inability to choose Christ. You cannot embrace one part of the doctrine without tacitly accepting false doctrines.
  10. He was not banned. He was put on moderation, but chose not to submit any further posts.
  11. David Cloud isn't wrong... but he's got to update his information. The Resolved Conference closed its doors in 2012.
  12. Yay, if it's spring. Mosquitos
  13. I don't think people get confused. Isn't the Spanish name pronounced "Hay-soos" when it's a person and not Jesus Christ?
  14. Why would you come to a site expecting to get banned for your behavior? That is... not a sign of mature behavior.

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