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  1. First preacher I remember would be from the church we attended from age 7-14. First preacher whom I remember what he said was Mickey Bonner. I was at the conference in '97 where he died while preaching. His last words kinda stuck - "God can't use you until you're completely broken before Him." (Or something like that... my memory was that he was a black preacher, and turns out he wasn't, so my memory is obviously a bit skewed).
  2. And blonde jokes are funny why….?
  3. Shutting down this thread because it's going nowhere good fast. And is also possibly the most ridiculous thread topic I've seen in 15 years on this board.
  4. Enough. The definition of trolling is: someone who intentionally disrupts online communities. This may describe some on this board, but I do not believe this matches BrotherTony's behavior. However, this argument between the two of you is disruptive to the board and I am requiring you both to stop. If one makes an inflammatory personal remark, the other is to ignore him, or you may both end up in OB jail. I am going to delete the argumentative comments in this thread to get us back on track.
  5. Oh my, it really is, isn’t it. Even has the music.
  6. I literally just told you to keep Covid topics in the main thread, Razor. The lock is for defying site rules. But seriously… you think this is news worthy? Wearing masks does not contain the spread of anything (because aerosols), so it is not dangerous to not wear them. In fact, wearing them exposes the wearer to hazardous levels of CO2. This blind dependence on masking is ridiculous and dangerous… the Justice cannot expect others to put themselves at actual risk to calm her irrational fears. It is poor behavior in someone at that level. His rights do not end where her fear begins.
  7. Razor, we have a rule that all Covid-related topics must remain in the main chat. Urgh, sorry everyone - first time merging a thread and did it wrong. @PastorMattor @Jim_Alaska, might need your help fixing the chat name.
  8. I feel like another word for pluralism is ecumenicalism.
  9. Defining your argument halfways through is the mark of a poor argument. You hadn’t actually specified before that the articles had to be personal. TBH, I suspect that I shouldn’t have cared for him much as a person either. But from the bits and pieces I’ve heard, I respect what he did for his country as a president. It’s only too bad he did such a good job of suppressing illegal Immigration… I might be wanting to escape one of these days.
  10. So I really don’t care what a former president of a foreign country is up to… but as far as ‘articles proving he’s done any good,’ I seem to remember that the mainstream media was against that guy, and he could do no good in their eyes. It would therefore follow that they would have run few favorable stories on him. A lack of positive mainstream media coverage would therefore be expected and is not valid as a negative data point And I say this from a country where the government publicly owns (I.e. finances) the mainstream media.
  11. ITimothy, while I feel like the last question may just be intending to raise a fuss, there can be contradictory definitions online. To better feed this discussion, you may find it useful to provide the definitions you are working with.
  12. GloryLand, you’ve been told before to keep Covid topics on the Covid thread. Locking this; don’t start any more.
  13. Glory land, I believe you can set your view to hide posts from any member you may wish (except mods).
  14. Let’s focus on the data, and avoid personal attacks, everyone. (Takes off mod cap) Yes, please do. The actual health site stats, not the ones the media reports. Bear in mind that any deaths within two weeks of vaccination are counted as unvaccinated. Alberta has just stopped reporting case numbers - because it was increasingly obvious that the vaccinated were getting more cases than the unvaccinated. Can’t have that pesky truth interfering with their narrative, eh? I don’t think anyone here does’t believe that Covid exists. I’ve had it - most of my church has had it - there are multiple poster’s stories above of having had it. It’s just that it’s not what the gov/media are making it out to be. It’s so funny - you’re actually arguing our argument when you appeal to the stats. Now suppose that you stop the blanket arguments and engage with individual facts. It’s impossible for either side to adequately debate blanket statements - it is the individual facts and stats that can be checked, verified or debunked.
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