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  1. I think now, of all times, no one will think that! Our church has been live streaming on Facebook. We're looking at moving to a different platform to protect private information once we can figure out the tech stuff. https://www.facebook.com/Victory-Baptist-Church-102473804729609/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARD-UN6AIL-PmNxSWBgvikYLAGkpMScLM2anwjPgPl-TInp1dn6aMrxrGsN3tCTGrUBFrc0JIiYKGQrA Our Children's Church teacher has moved to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYuYLf7vqCGRcTH0b-a_Zw
  2. Salyan

    Social Distancing

    Tell me you’re joking...
  3. I'd be interested in the pattern for friends/family.
  4. I'm beyond caring about government mandated closures - I am increasingly thinking we should close (or meet outside - like Russian believers under Communism) for each other's safety. Actually - churches did that during the Spanish Influenza when they chose to shut the building doors!
  5. Not allowed, eh? That right there concerns me a whole lot more than any health danger. Our governments are using this as an excuse to test severe restriction of liberties, and the people are letting them.
  6. As far as I know, David Cloud is not on this site. You'll have to ask him yourself. /tongue-in-cheek Seriously, DaveW, let's give it a break on the whole defending-David-Cloud bit. No one's out to attack him. The church and the subject were brought up by another member; UkeMike is just continuing the discussion on tribulational doctrine in the churches. Can we focus on that, please?
  7. I took it the other way too. I've edited the post to say 'deleted comment' to remove future confusion.
  8. Good point... I saw the March dates and didn’t realize 2019 was last year already! My apologies for repeating a warning already given. I’m going to lock this thread so it can’t be resurrected again.
  9. Moderator me: Robycop, I will remind you that this is a KJV site, and that all members are asked to respect that when posting. In light of that, I feel that this entire thread is in bad taste. Tread cautiously. Me me: I don't think I'm 'KJVO' (because that view usually involves dual inspiration), but I am TRO. However, I am unaware of any modern translations that compare in quality and reliability. The 'updated' translations are based on faulty texts, with poor translation techniques (think dynamic equivalency) from far less learned scholars than were involved in the translation of
  10. Hard to pray when you're dead. The Bible says Jonah prayed 'out of the whale's belly'. If he was dead, wouldn't he have prayed 'out of Abraham's bosom' (like Lazarus)? I think the analogy here was to the 3 days/nights, not the actual death.
  11. I have to say that I'm not in favor of transposing music - in the long run, it prevents congregations from learning to sing in good, four-part harmony. This is because if you're trying to transpose a piece down so the melody is at the comfort level of a natural alto or bass, it becomes too low to actually sing alto or bass! There are also very, very few church musicians who can play harmony well while transposing - either you get sight readers (like me) who can't transpose on demand, or you get ear players who can transpose but don't actually get the correct harmonies (again, making it hard t
  12. Here's another IFB perspective: https://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/what_about_ruckman.php https://www.wayoflife.org/database/ruckman.html
  13. It's not that your posts are sensitive, it's that they are weird and rude. You make up straw men - saying 'this is an issue' for things that simply aren't issues. It comes across more as a snide attack at churches and pastors than as sincere discussion. (And for anyone wondering why I seem to be referring to things they may not have seen, EMorales was formerly TheGloryLand on this site years ago.)
  14. I don't know that the world does expect it - I've never heard of such an expectation before. GloryLand, you're not going to start up again with a bunch of weird comments on pastors, are you?
  15. I’m not sure that anyone here has said anything about being the ‘only real Christians.’ That’s a straw man argument. The point of this thread is to discuss the doctrinal point is Calvinism and Arminianism, and whether either of them are doctrinally accurate.
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