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  1. The third pastor, and first Baptist, has been arrested for holding church services beyond capacity in Alberta (capacity is currently 15). Although this is a Reformed Baptist church (and our church is definitely not Reformed), it has hit close to home as Pastor Tim is the older brother of our assistant pastor. https://www.rebelnews.com/calgary_police_arrest_fairview_baptist_church_pastor_tim_stephens?fbclid=IwAR34m1IZP13ZZpcQ11Jz8UjiysndMnVwz1Wk0fSb0-zSAoGkeL79EwiXUTA
  2. Hi, Guest Dee You’ve resurrected a very old thread to ask an off-topic question. Some of the folks involved in this discussion are no longer with us. Please start a new thread for this topic.
  3. Wonder if the Liberals have started something ahead of their bill passing...
  4. GraceLife is still meeting in secret at various locations. Today, another pastor in Alberta was arrested for refusing to shut/limit his church (it was a Sabbath service). Churches are currently limited to 15 people. The police didn’t have the guts to arrest him at church – they followed him after the service, pulled them over on the edge of the road and arrested him in the middle of a highway. An Alberta judge has released an injunction that will allow the police to arrest anyone breaking Covid rules while protesting or otherwise without due process of law. Outside social gatherings are l
  5. I try to decorate special, and we always have a gift of some kind (books, art, chocolates, flowers, etc.). I got a Cricut last year - best purchase the church never made. It made lovely tags for the Mother’s Day gifts.
  6. We have one right now (70 members). Usually we have two, but we don’t have anyone appropriate who is willing /able at the moment to be the second. They are deacons – they help the pastor with the practical side of the church - Organizing work bees, taking care of widows, etc. They’re considered to be among the church leaders, but the pastor’s the one in charge. To be fair, we have a lot of church men that are active and as helpful with the practical things as deacons would be, so things get done. We had to change our constitution a few years ago. It had been copied from a larger church
  7. This vaccine push is so messed up. I was sick the last week (didn't get tested, but probably Covid), so now I have some nice, natural antibodies to protect me next time.
  8. I remember being pleasantly surprised in London to find the cost of groceries was not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. Guess that means that our groceries are already pretty expensive. I was surprised by seeing eggs on shelves (not refrigerated), and by peanut butter being in the international foods section.
  9. Considering this is an IFB forum, you may be asking this in the wrong place.
  10. Exactly. A virus with a (in my county) 99.96% survival rate is not worth the title of ‘pandemic’, no matter how much they try to redefine the word. Also, real pandemics don’t require marketing campaigns.
  11. https://www.rebelnews.com/rebel_news_attends_illegal_gracelife_church_service_at_secret_location?utm_campaign=sgr_gracelifeund_4_20_21&utm_medium=email&utm_source=therebel
  12. Dinner will be wieners over a fire. It’s going to be plus 17 today (63F), and should be a lovely day for April! Some friends and I are going to spend the day at a gorge on the Pembina River.
  13. Came to say the same thing. It doesn’t matter what some guys thought (especially when we don’t know who they were and whether they were heretics). What does the Bible say?
  14. https://www.newstbt.com/post/court-permits-government-to-avoid-producing-dr-hinshaw-s-evidence-on-lockdowns-at-may-3-trial?postId=6079d2664688760015642e8e So if in 13 months, the government does not have shareable scientific evidence to support the lockdowns, then why are there lockdowns? Why are they locking a church? If they cannot support the restriction of Charter freedoms, their health orders are invalid. And yet they stand. I’m about ready to start a revolution right now... #verymad
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