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  1. That's a misrepresentation. No one here is against 'modern medications.' There are plenty of people - even prestigious doctors - who are against this particular vaccine although they are not anti-vaccine in general. Anything like this for which the government lies about the death rate, runs a comprehensive marketing campaign, and begs, bribes or coerces people into participating in is not to be trusted. Get it if you want - but see through their lies and divisiveness. They're seeking to remove our liberties, and turning the people against each other. It's a very effective tool of preventing us from turning against them. That is a good question about the JWs. They refuse blood transfusions, so if they're being consistent, they should likely refuse this. Maybe in 20 years they'll be the only ones left alive.... (j/k... kinda)
  2. It's also of note that it is estimated that only 1% of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS.
  3. You have a short memory. I don't appreciate having words put into my mouth, and I don't appreciate men mansplaining how they think a job they probably never do would work better (i.e. be 'fairer' or 'quicker') - but maybe I misread your intent on that second point. Also, if people aren't being touchy, suggesting they are being so is a great way to make them so. JMHO.
  4. Never said it was every church. Trust me, as someone who’s likely spent more time in church kitchens, when someone needs to be present to watch the ovens, one person is sufficient and more people slow things down (and distract each other by talking). I think there’s a saying about that somewhere…
  5. I agree with that. We’ve had times where there’ll be three ladies setting up in the kitchen - where only one is needed - and Sometimes with children’s church on the other side of the divider. Or men taking long over their mid-service coffee. Adults forget and talk out loud and it was such a distraction to the kids. The fellowship can wait an extra ten minutes after service. With Covid now, our basement fellowship space is service overflow. So now they can’t set up early and have to wait till after the service.
  6. ’Find yourself and help yourself live the right life’? ‘All you need to do is trust Christ then life a… blameless life’? I’m not sure it’s just poor wording on your part, but these phrases smack of the false idea of works salvation.
  7. Hi @SalyanInteresting avatar picture there; so does it refer to the Shield of Faith (Ephesians 6), perhaps?

    1. Salyan


      Nothing so deep. It’s from a visit at a Norse settlement museum. 😆

    2. farouk


      Oh okay! 🙂 I've never been to the L'Anse-aux-Meadows site in NL, but I'd like to...

  8. Praise the Lord!! In this crazy, messed up world, it is such a joy and excitement to hear of your faith. I am so excited and praising God for you, brother!
  9. Hi, Tooto! So nice to have you back! I’m so glad you have trusted the Lord in your heart. Remember that trusting God alone for salvation by trusting in the finished work of Christ is ALL you need for salvation. Baptism, while an important act of obedience, is NOT required for your salvation. Being a perfect Christian is not required for salvation. I’m reminding you of this to be sure that you are trusting Christ alone and not any of your own actions or obediences.
  10. Okay, let’s move this discussion to the Covid thread. I think we all went off topic.
  11. The vaccine is the Delta Variant. **spooky music** I don’t know if i think that or not, but it’s likely as not to be true. In any case, Delta is, as follows the normal cycle of flus, less deadly than its early (already not horribly deadly) variants. It’s scaremongering, EM. Don’t fall for it.
  12. Our church fully opened, against government rules, in February. We have seen our attendance explode with people coming from churches who would not let them meet together to worship God. We haven’t masked at all. And yes, we all caught Covid once. And everyone survived. Even the 90 year olds. God commanded us to meet together. Covid is only a nasty flu; the extreme precautions required by governments are not only unconstitutional and unBiblical but completely unnecessary. “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (You used to be quite the pot-stirrer, EM. Now don’t start that again.)
  13. What about the adverse effects incurred by those who take the shot? That's going to increase their health insurance... better increase it for everyone just in case. Furthermore, there has been NO significant research to claim that the covid injection does protect without causing long-term health effects, and insufficient research on the comparative antibody protection of those who have already had covid. https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/datarequest/D8;jsessionid=415E4DD814F7E534D121FCA96057?stage=results&action=sort&direction=MEASURE_DESCEND&measure=D8.M1 (Take a look at the data for Deaths, Loss of Independence in Personal Activities, and Spontaneous Abortions. Why would anyone risk this who already has antibodies or isn't significantly at risk from Covid - i.e. is under 70 years of age?) Besides, it's apple and oranges. A better comparison would be to see whether companies change premiums for those who don't get regular flu shots, or have had their MMR booster. TBH, it really doesn't matter. This kind of removal of freedom/personal medical choice is a very clear step toward totalitarian/communist government. There's no decent health care under those kind of governments to worry about.
  14. (https://ponokastampede.com/)
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