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  1. It's an event revered by Eastern Orthodoxy, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Orthodox do not consider themselves Catholics, although from our perspective there is great similarity in their doctrine..
  2. The Holy Spirit has already told us through the inspired Word of God that a believer is not to marry an unbeliever. Different doctrinal beliefs between churches are often extremely significant. You see, someone who believes that baptism provides grace towards salvation (catholic, anglican, lutheran), or someone who believes that works are necessary for salvation (catholic, orthodox), is not saved. Because God says in His Word that salvation is by 'grace alone, through faith alone, and not of works (lest any man should boast).' These different churches actually teach different gospels. Since th
  3. Howdy! I thought that name looked familiar. Are you still in Kel.?
  4. Hey, RobyCop, I'm not sure why the nesting in your last two responses came out that way. I tried fixing it but can't. Could you try deleting and redoing them? The way the nesting is coming out makes it look like your responses belong to those you are quoting - which I think is something neither of you would want. P.S. NoNic was not being offended, he was giving you valuable feedback about how some people view textspeak.
  5. That's two different questions there, really. For the second, well, you're thinking about it from the wrong perspective. A church is not an organized denomination. A church is a group of like-minded believers, meeting to worship God in accordance with Scriptural guidelines for conduct and organization. If no established church is available, but a group of believers is present, they may begin their own church with the guides of Scripture. You can see this happen throughout history as groups of baptistic believers met together. Many were destroyed through persecution. Some became the forerunne
  6. I can understand that conflict. I know a young family who lost their 3-4 kids to Child Protective Services (rightly), and it is now a burden on the grandparents to raise them so they stay in a Christian family. Then they had another baby - who was also taken (in fairness, CPS was not blameless in their approach to this last child). One is frustrated at them for adding another child to this complicated mess. On the other hand, I know a family that just had their 6th, and one expecting their 5th. I am happy and excited for them - because they provide for and properly raise their children.
  7. I’ve heard of churches that won’t accept single ladies in deputation; they insist they must be married before becoming a missionary. That really bothers me. If God had called them to a ministry, and not provided them with a husband, who are they to require something God has not granted?
  8. Hmm, you have been around for a while. My apologies. I’d assumed that anyone pushing against the KJB stance of this board so strongly must be a new member. In that case, shame on you! You know the stance of this board. Your behavior leaves somewhat to be desired.
  9. Can you please show some respect for our beliefs already? You are a guest on this site. You aren’t required to agree with it (Re KJV), but you could be a bit more polite and stop throwing your “KJV myth” comments everywhere you possibly can.
  10. Actually, I find that much of a modern English use is dumbed down and oversimplified. We don’t use nearly the breadth of language available to us in classic English. I have no desire to use a Bible whose language has similarly been simplified to the point it can no longer be accurate. The scholarly knowledge present in the KJV is also something that can hardly be replicated today. I wouldn’t trust modern “translators” to have the same language knowledge. Ever studied just how educated they were, and how many steps were taken to remove bias or inaccuracy from the text? The specifici
  11. Why wouldn’t Americans understand English? I don’t understand the point of this comment. And please don’t mock people’s regional accents.
  12. Oh, yeah, no kidding, you’re almost done tomorrow.
  13. Oh, this ain’t weird at all; the thread is having issues with its chronological order.
  14. Is it still February? Okaaayy.... I know I just posted on here, and poof! it's gone! That's weird... This game is rigged.
  15. BroMatt, are you trying to win this thread so you can keep your $25?
  16. Hi, DailyWalk That's an awful lot of questions there! Which is a good thing... but it's going to be hard to answer them all in one thread. How about you break these up a bit and start several posts, each on one of the above topics? I think it'll help the discussion be a bit more clear and helpful.
  17. I feel like board time is probably six-seven hours behind GMT, so you’d probably have an advantage, Invicta! You can post at 6:55 am and beat all us sleepyheads.
  18. When I'm looking for a vacation church, I'll creep the Internet until I can find something - the website, a Yahoo review, Facebook, the pastor's blog.. anything with reviews or pictures. The statement of faith or other written information can hint at Calvinism (blogs are great for this) - once I figured out a reformed connection by the paragraph that stated they had some Reformed books in their church bookstore (actually went to that one anyways - it was in Wales, where all the conservative churches seem to have some reformed in them, and it was the best gospel preaching option in the area). M
  19. You are contradicting yourself, my friend. You say that you don't believe in God, but you are trying to make Him happy. Seems that if you truly did not believe in God, you would not care about making Him happy for you would not believe He existed. There's a lot of questions in this thread, but I'd like to speak to just a few. First, with what you were saying earlier about repentance... a common misunderstanding about repentance, even among English speaking people, is that it has the idea of being sorrowful and sorry. You may find people with different definitions of this word. Fo
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