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    • In his conservative choices of Judicial appointees, and confirmed by the United States Senate, President Trump is reversing the judicial trend of "legislating the liberal agenda from the bench," and bringing back judges in our Judicial system that will adhere to the United States Constitution in making their judicial decisions. The New American website has been keeping close track of the judicial appointees of President Trump since his inauguration, they state, "Since his inauguration, the president has nominated 230 people to the federal bench and expects that more than 180 of them will have been confirmed by the end of the year. Erielle Davidson of The Federalist Society, which has provided vetting for Trump’s appointments, is delighted: “Almost 30 percent of all circuit judges in the United States are now Trump appointees [with] nearly one in five … district court judges … Trump appointees.” Their average age, according to Davidson, is 49, which translates to 30 years or more of “originalist” interpretation of the Constitution in cases brought to their consideration. The White House calls this “a historic transformation of the judiciary,” noting that many of Trump’s appointments “have already tipped the balance of numerous Federal courts to a Republican-appointed majority.” Taken altogether, those judges “are expected to give the nation more than 2,600 years of combined judicial service.” In a meeting with Republican senators last month, the president said, “We should have, within the next short period of time – like two months – we should have about 182 federal judges.… They will uphold our Constitution as written.” https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/34248-senate-confirms-another-originalist-trump-appointee-to-the-federal-bench The selections of President Trump for judicial vacancies have been wise, prudent and have proven to be beneficial to all citizens of the United States as intended by our forefathers when they framed the Constitution. Quite frankly, President Trump is keeping America great by appointing judges who will adhere to the law of the land: the Constitution.  
    • Trying to find any info on this guy on the internet wasn't very much, your site was very helpful and informative, thanks for what you do.
    • That is close Scott and was definitely considered but doesn't fit if the issue being considered is sinful acts and not the condition of the heart in unbelief. The context of Simon is His disingenious "belief" of which repentance was needful. Does that make sense?
    • Acts 8:22 - "Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee."
    • Whatever it takes for the win Jim, you can have it my friend

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