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  1. I know that many here will say, no Christians cannot support abortions, but at the same time, there are voting for a president that support abortions, I’m a bit confused. How can you support one, and not the other.
  2. Today, Category 4 hurricane, could be reaching Florida, but it is still a tropical storm. 40Mph speed 12 Mph supermarkets and food warehouses, are going crazy selling out here. Can the fake news, be working with our weather channels lately?
  3. WION Climate Tracker | Climate crisis playing vital role towards hunger problem
  4. The weather has been different lately, do you agree. This post is from the past. Any updates out there.
  5. TheGloryLand


    Check here…. http://www.churchchoirmusic.com/
  6. True, maybe the title should’ve been, the modern liberals, that will try to remove,and change God’s Word. During the end times. First they must blind and convince the public crowd, than the harder Christians.
  7. Do you support this type of life styles. That the church should stay out of their personal business.
  8. Here’s a interesting article. https://religionandpolitics.org/2021/08/17/new-research-suggests-christians-see-lgbt-progress-as-threatening/
  9. The LGBTQ and other letters, are on this mission of changing the meaning of marriage. The Bible, is in their way, it’s surprise me, that you can’t see very far. Yes, you are missing something.
  10. I know born again Christians, that voted for a liberal president, that supports abortions, and gay marriages. They hated the president, that supports Christian values. You know who I am talking about. He did have a big mouth, that got in trouble many times. Like many here would say I have.
  11. In the end times, I believe these verses, could be the reason why all Bibles, will be burned to the ground. Gen.2 [24] Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. [25] And they were both naked, the man and hiswife, and were not ashamed
  12. Thanks you for the information given. Regarding your quote, on those that are involved, will be supporting green/climate effort, acceptance of LGBTQ++ agenda, and training their employees to accept it. I believe this is happening every where, all jobs, those that are not Christian jobs. All companies that want tax breaks, or credits, will need to accept it. Sad to say, but Christianity has lost their popularity, even when it comes to hiring new employees, for many have given it is a bad name. We will not fill this pain, those that are over 60 years old, as much as our children will feel it, and Many of our children will except it. This New life style, I called them, the new liberal Christians. These are those that turn their heads when they talk about abortions, or gay marriages, and vote for liberal presidents. We are living in trouble times.
  13. He will continue to carrying the torch, where his dad left off. He knows the do and do not, don’t challenge the IRS or the government. All Christian leaders or members, must follow the laws when it comes to our finances. If we don’t pay our taxes, one day we will get caught. The same applies even to the churches, even if they are non-for profit. I never met a man, that cheated on his wife, and never got caught. I never met a drug dealer, who sold drugs all their life, and never got caught. Even Santa Claus, a nonbeliever knows this, he sees you when you’re sleeping, he sees you when you’re naughty or nice.
  14. I mentioned to make a great Bible. To be used by God, a evil Man, sinner, in the gathering of the English language, the Complete Word of God.
  15. Is the stock market a type of gambling. We Christians, don’t have a saying many times. Our employers, like any government jobs. They make it part of the jobs benefits. It reminds me of Christians that play Lottery. This is a different subject.
  16. The man that stored much, and said, now, I will live, and enjoy my goods. He didn’t have a good ending. Could this mean that we are not to save, for tomorrow?
  17. We, in being born again Christians, we put our trust in Jesus. Living in this World today, we put our life savings in the stock market, hoping for the best, when we are ready for retirement. What does the bible says, regarding this. The stock market… 9.5.2022
  18. How do we know if it is of God, or the devil, the desire to have more.
  19. Small to medium, under 999 members, is a good size church. One pastor, and one assistant pastor.
  20. He keeps attacking my every post. Look at all my past posts, here. BT or big foot, is the first and many times the only one to reply. Attacking
  21. BT, your reply, sounds like a liberal answer to me.
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