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  1. OK, but last night Huckabee made it sound like that they would only continue to be a pro traditional family business but he dodged the question about whether they would continue to give money.
  2. Huckabee was on O'Reilly tonight and O'Reilly asked him if Chick-fil-A was going to stop giving money to pro traditional marriage groups and Huckabee dodged the question.
  3. So according to the sodomite controlled media pro "traditional marriage groups" are the same as "anti-gay groups".
  4. Why would the sodomites lie about this? It would only make them look bad and Chick-fil-A look good. If anything the sex perverts would want to make Chick-fil-A look as mean and bigoted as possible. I think there is some truth to the OP. Chick-fil-A the end of the day is a business and ostracizing any group of people, including sex perverts, is not good for business. They need to figure out how please both sides. I'm still convinced that Chick-fil-a will eventually side with the perverts because the sodomites (like most liberals) will keep at it relentlessly until the opposition caves.
  5. Yeah, you'll always find something that will be off. But you can't argue with the fact that it's free.
  6. Bible believers have always existed, not Baptists. The mistake is made that Baptists have been around since Pentecost (or some say since John the Baptist) because Baptists generally make up the largest block of bible believing Christians. There may come a day where the Baptist label will not be used any more by bible believing Christians because of apostasy among Baptist churches.
  7. They'll eventually cave like everyone else. They'll start feeling bad after enough Christians start quoting bible verses to them about how mean and unloving they are or that they need to sit and have a dialogue with the queers. Their conscience will falsely accuse them then it will be "Celebration Homo Day". (See, even some of you twitched when I used the words "queer" and "homo".)
  8. No, the quote SFIC mentions is definitely brider doctrine. We are automatically baptized in the church at salvation. The author just thinks that water baptism is spiritual baptism. That being said this doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't join the institute. Just don't swallow everything they teach without examining the scripture for yourself.
  9. Me and mom had Arby's. My favorite fast food place.
  10. Is it Baptist Brider? What did they say to make you think this?
  11. Did you ask about this on another website? I tried checking out their curriculum but for some reason I couldn't get their pdf file open with Adobe.
  12. What does the passage of scripture say? If we believe not he abides faithful. He cannot deny himself. If we are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone then we are part of him. If he was to deny us in essence he'd be denying himself. The gifts and calling of God is without repentance.
  13. No. When all the translations contradict each other than they can't all be right. Not if there is such a thing as the plenary, verbal, infallible, inerrant words of God. If you believe that God only preserved his "Message" than, yes, all the translations could be right. Or they could be wrong. Or most likely a combination of both and you have to let the unsaved scholars out of Germany and England figure it out for you. It's clear that Paul was referring to copies of the scriptures in II Timothy 3:15,16 unless Timothy had a copy of the "originals" laying around the house. Which I doubt. They wouldn't even have had the originals down at the local synagogue. So it had to be copies of the originals that Paul was referring to. Now, some of the brethren think that the Greek and Hebrew languages themselves were magical and that the word of God could only reside in them and once translated into a different language they lost all that magic. Others, like Rick Norris, claim that the Greek word for"scriptures" in verse 15 is different than the Greek word for "scripture" in verse 16. The former referring to copies and the latter referring to the originals. These folks always have a way to get around the truth.
  14. Where do you get this from? Do you have a scripture to back this statement? My bible says ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God. The context of the passage is in reference to copies too.
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