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  1. Well, John, why don't you ever add anything to this subject except your complaining about the meanies all the time? You never seem to come to defend the truth but only attack those whom you find mean. You don't seem to mind someone whose teachings led to the slaughter of millions of Jews and who himself wants the Jews kicked out of their rightful land yet you have a big problem with calling someone "blind" or saying they are mangling the scripture (Peter called it "wresting" which is just as bad) when they are. To me this is "straining at a gnat yet swallowing a camel". It wouldn't matter how I would respond, John, you would still find fault with it like you did in the thread about the identity of the Antichrist (yeah, man, I remember that one). Invicta and Covenator say without a doubt it's the Pope yet you attacked premillennialists (which would include me) in the thread for trying to figure out who the Antichrist is when were the ones who said we don't know who he is while Invicta and Covenator say without a doubt it the Pope! Kind of a contradiction wouldn't you say. Go ahead and locked this thread because I'm personally sick and tired of hearing this conceited teaching against Israel (Romans 9) and the spineless Christians afraid to say anything against it. If I was a Jew browsing some of these threads by Invicta and Covenantor I would think "typical Jew bashing Christians".
  2. The People's Republic of Delaware. I think even in communist China you are allowed to spank you kids. This sounds like something that will only be illegal in America, Canada, Sweden and France.
  3. I'm sure that 99% of Christians would send there kids to a Christian school, or even homeschool them, if they could. I had to share a bedroom with my mom up until I was 13. She would have a big temporary divider built down the middle of the bedroom. My brother's bedroom would be in the basement or utility room.
  4. What?! I have to admit. I don't respond to many of your posts because they never seem to make that much sense to me. This even proves it more.
  5. The feminists love this stuff. This could be the break they are hoping for to help them completely take over the churches as they are taking over the government, schools, businesses, etc. If they can "prove" that Jesus was married then they can claim that Jesus passed the headship of the church over to Mary Magdalene. If this papyrus is real it is nothing but Gnostic rubbish that was meant to remain buried. The apostle John dealt with these blasphemous heretics in I John. It seems that this heresy will rear it's ugly head again during the last days of the church as it did in the beginning days. Oh, and Jesus is married. He is married to the church. (II Cor 11:2)
  6. What? The prince isn't the subject? Again, according to your thinking the "people of the prince" (i.e. the Messiah) are the ones who destroyed the city. This would make it born again believers according to your thinking. You cannot get around this nor explain it with your heresy. You have born again Christians destroying the temple and sanctuary. I don't know, maybe this is how Christians in Europe justified persecuting Jews for the last 1500 years. Maybe they thought it was commanded by Jesus himself. If you want to know who the prince is who destroys the temple you need to read the next chapter but I realize neither you nor Covenantor will grasp it's truth because you are both blinded by your hatred for the nation of Israel.
  7. "Futurism"? That's right, preterists love keeping the bible relegated to the dead past. I know boat loads of "futurists" who teach that the Pope is the Antichrist. Again, you don't know what you are talking about. Your mind seems to be locked on a belief about premillennialists that just isn't true.
  8. I see that one of Covenator's buddies has joined the fray.
  9. Only the tribes of Israel pierced him? The future people did not pierce him? I pretty sure that the whole world pierced Christ. If I remember Paul made this clear in Romans and Corinthians. Romans 3:19- Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. I Cor. 2:8- Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. Brother, you are completely mangling the bible as I said before. I'm pretty sure that nobody in your congregation believes what you are saying. At least nobody who is reading the passages before them.
  10. The covenant was broken when the prince cause the sacrifices to cease. You do know that there is a difference between "Messiah the Prince" and "people of the prince"? Don't cha? Or do you actually think that the "people of the prince" are born again believers who razed the temple, sacked the city and caused the sacrifice and oblation to cease? You still can't explain what the confirmation for a week is with the interpretation you come up with. So Jesus confirmed a covenant for seven years than in the midst of those seven years caused the sacrifices to cease? It clear from the cross reference I gave you that the "covenant" is the Mosaic Law.
  11. Before I was saved my parents split time raising me. When I lived with my mom it was a struggle. At times I would come home and there was nothing to eat. And my mom worked too. I remember one time I came home and the only thing to eat was honey. Unfortunately I fell asleep in the chair with an open jar of honey I was eating which ran down me, the chair and onto the shag rug. I tried blaming my brother for it. Anyway, I'm sure there are saved people in this situation. A single mom who hardly makes any money, living in an area where there are no Christian schools, who can't homeschool herself because of circumstances. Maybe this is a good ministry for Christians with loads of money. Sponsor poor families who want a Christian education for their children. Or maybe the church itself running a Christian school supported by congregation. I do believe some churches do this. I know I spent six years on a Christian camp for troubled kids (sort of like Lester Roloff's ministry or Freedom Village in NY) which was supported primarily by two rich Christians in Pittsburgh, Pa as well as the offerings of other churches. We had a school on the camp too. There was one kid at the camp, who was 17 when he first arrived and whom only had a 5th grade education level. He graduated in two years with a college level reading ability using A.C.E. PACEs and became a counsellor himself at the camp. 'Nuff of the rambling.
  12. Marilyn Manson, the rock singer, who was buddies with Anton LaVey (the author of the Satanic Bible) and has an album entitled Antichrist Superstar, went to a Christian school. Aleister Crowley (aka the Beast), whose parents were Plymouth Brethren, was homeschooled then sent to a private school run by evangelicals. Interestingly, my brother was saved at school. Some guy was going around to the schools and giving karate demonstrations in the auditorium then afterward he would give a gospel presentation and invitation. If I remember right my brother said about 14 kids raised their hands for salvation. Whether or not the school knew that the karate dude was going to do this I'm not sure. This was in New Jersey too. Being fair though, this was many years ago and the schools are probably much worse now. Although from my brother's stories they weren't too great then either.
  13. People don't know it but you can be a registered sex offender for urinating in public. Even if it's not near children or a school. This has happened where someone busted for indecent exposure, (i.e. peeing outside) was charged and had to register as a sex offender.
  14. I see you used the NIV in this sermon. Also, all the tribes of the earth watched Jesus ascend to the Father and the coming of the Son of man is really the going of the Son of man?
  15. So all this started when he was counselling her for abuse?! That may be another reason the Feds came down hard on him.
  16. It's interesting that when my nephew was being accepted as a cop in Roanoke, VA that one of the questions on the lie detector test he had to take was if he ever had sex with anyone under 12. My first thought was why they picked that age and not 18 which is the age of consent here in VA. My only conclusion was because my nephew was only 20 at the time.
  17. I don't know, I've been hitting the "Like This" button more than ever lately.
  18. So 57 distress signals were sent out and they considered them all bogus?
  19. OK, John, I'm sure you can sponsor some Christian family who can't afford to send their children to private school or don't have the brains to homeschool them. Maybe you can bring over a family from China or Europe who would love to get their children into a Christian school. If it's sin for a believer here not to send their kids to a Christian school or homeschool them then it is over there also. So why don't you help them out. The Pharisees were good at creating man made laws and then not lifting a finger to help anyone carry them out.
  20. My nephew went to a Christian school that taught evolution. He would argue with the teacher all the time about it.
  21. Legally speaking I believe your wife may be right even though we know the maturity of some 14 year olds. I agree with you that if everyone followed God's method that life would be so much easier. Yet we know this is never going to happen until Christ returns.
  22. How do you come up with the responses being from the "old man"? Maybe he didn't get right and she did? Then what? People are responding to the information given. My response is strictly by what most likely will happen. The judge will not care whether he go right with God or not.
  23. I thought a parachurch was when a bunch of sky divers held services together before jumping.
  24. He'll probably get it. Especially in Massachusetts. The circumstances behind it make it sound like it was consensual sex even though it's legally statutory rape. If he has to pay child support and he's not in the clink they'll have to let him have visitation rights unless they deem him a threat to the child's welfare. If he is really only interested in avoiding child support payments than the parents should seek to adopt the child. If it's his only concern most likely he'll agree to it then they won't have to be bothered anymore with him until the child becomes 18 and wants to know who his father is. But even this can be avoided. Hey, did you all know that the child rapist Mary Kay Letourneau ended up marrying that kid she had two children with?
  25. Yes, I believe those are the ones listed in red letters.

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