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  1. Squash casserole, zipper cream peas, collard greens with smoked ham hocks, baked sweet taters. All aforementioned veggies are fresh from garden. My wife’s been canning tomatoes, making pickles, chow-chow, hot pepper relish, 3 dozen tamales, on so on. On the “dog box” in the cab of the motorhome are two laundry baskets of yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeños, sweet Italian peppers, zipper peas, bi-color corn, onions, and honeydew melons.
  2. Happy Birthday my friend. Trust you had a great day

  3. Simple - a loaf of leavened bread is more aesthetically pleasing and identifiable in painting, drawing or photo than unleavened. It's not right, I don't like it - but that's why (according to a family with 2 photographers and 2 artists). Personally, my wife and I don't like ANY attempts to portray the visage of our Lord (they're all going to get it wrong anyway). The actual use of leavened bread? Ignorance, just like the Philippino pastor who used soda crackers and Coca-Cola for the Lord's supper observance.
  4. So, the question still wasn’t answered. If there is not a difference between the KJV originally posted and the HCSB you posted and now the NKJV you posted - then why post them without other comments?
  5. That was answered in my first post, the rules for posting on Online Baptist stipulated that ALL Scripture is to be King James (irregardless of what you generally use)
  6. The OP has 2 Sam 21:20 in the posting. He utilized the King James, as is within the forum guidelines. Any particular reason for putting the passage up (as an entire post, no less) in the HCSB, in violation of site rules?
  7. Due to equipment limitations, we're a little beyond that decision.
  8. Even if one holds to a "tithe principle", $0 x 10% = $0. So, at $0 you've still tithed. Offerings and alms - there's another story. If the Lord leads - it doesn't matter what financial wisdom dictates (just like pre-COVID or mid-employment times) This post is intended to approach from the side of any who may hold to a NT "tithe" in an effort to avoid the thread from being sidetracked into a tithe fight.
  9. I hope DeBlassio and the State of New York gets hit with 20-40 law suits PLUS a class action suit with at least 200 named complaintants.
  10. Okay, thanks. I was told the above by a preacher in Alaska. The other states my wife read, DiBlassio I heard personally.
  11. South Carolina has stated no groups over 3 people, Alaska has said no gatherings in any locations (including the woods) for religious activities, Bill DeBlassio (NY) has said the police will stop services in churches and synagogues and has threatened to close offending places PERMANENTLY (even after COVID elimination). DeBlassio is also using police to enforce distances between people in public (he didn't say if that included couples or parent/child combos walking together). Kansas declared church and religious services as essential business just as grocery stores, and Georgia declared alcohol
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