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  1. Hi there, I cannot find the prayer request site to implement my prayer request.... Can you please help me? Thank you....

    Dear One,

    I would like prayer for two urgent needs: 


    1. That my son, Bobby, get sober and clean free from alcohol and drug addiction and may his beautiful projects come to manifest in his highest and best interest. 
    2. That my daughter, Jennifer, keep her daughter, Eleanor, 100% custody and receive the restraining order and win her case against Rob Madrid. His family has a history of sexual addiction and abuse.


    Thank you so much for this. With a heartfelt thank you, Corinne

    I will be sending a donation next week with a grateful heart.... 

    1. BroMatt


      Hello Corrine, I see you found the Prayer Request section. Your request is here. 


  2. OLD fashioned preacher

    Major changes

    The QR should read in spite of your screen. Or click this link: https://sway.com/jyucmVDzBtzgHiDI?ref=Link The sway isn't complete yet (9 Jun 2018) but is only missing some photos. You find more info there including reference letters + more. If you ask your pastor to visit our sway (the video is on it) he can type into his browser the address in the link above (that is an upper case I not a lower case L before the question mark).
  3. OLD fashioned preacher

    Major changes

    Our video presentation:
  4. OLD fashioned preacher

    Huntsville, AL

    Eventually, at least the panhandle. Was in briefly North FL earlier (saw Heartstrings as we passed through)
  5. OLD fashioned preacher

    Huntsville, AL

    Redemption Baptist Church 2300 Gordon Terry Pkwy Decatur, AL Pastor: Michael Price (my sending church) (the church is in a week long meeting right now 29 May - 1 Jun, my wife and I are leaving on Sat to continue deputation -- next stop is Rossville, GA)
  6. OLD fashioned preacher

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    My wife said "AMEN!"
  7. OLD fashioned preacher

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    Addressing the above scenario only: I have a friend who is a missionary in Saint Mary, AK. His wife wears dresses. I have a son working with the Russian speakers near Delta Junction, AK - his wife and daughter wears dresses. One of my daughters-in-law lived in Magadan and Krasnoyarsk Russia (both in Siberia) - she, her mother and both her sisters wore dresses. My wife and daughters-in-law wore (or wear) dresses in Kansas -- but it only dipped to a balmy 14 below zero with winds that seldom drop below 10mph.
  8. OLD fashioned preacher

    Whats for Supper...

    Ahh, but Taco Bell doesn't have a lot of Mexican food -- it's Tex-Mex ---- which is English for Americans faking Mexican for the purpose of satisfying the American palate.
  9. OLD fashioned preacher

    CUBA bans non-KJV Bibles

    IF they allowed only one, it would probably be the RVR (1960)
  10. OLD fashioned preacher

    Major changes

    Have motorhome, currently moving into it. Had MANY loose ends to tie up, last day at my secular job is this coming Thursday. Have some things to take to our youngest (Musician4God 1611) and see grandkids, other things to deliver to a church in Arkansas. Our middle son is working on our A/V presentation but has had two major snags -- One) his f-i-l's final days on earth. Two) his computer now won't come up for him.
  11. OLD fashioned preacher

    Superbowl Church Services - I'm NOT a fan

    The "worship team" must have quite the dilemma. I mean, think about it: If I turn the screen off at halftime, how do I know when to stop the service? If I leave the screen on with the sound off, will folks be distracted by the halftime show? If I leave the screen on AND the sound on, do I have conflicting songs from the "praise band" and halftime marching band? If I turn the screen off, will people be watching the halftime show on their personal devices? If I allot time for bathroom and drink breaks at the beginning and end of the service, how much time do I have without missing 3rd Qtr kick-off? If I skip the service, these people could be at home. If I skip the game, these people may very well be at home. I think I need a raise, will someone make such a motion?
  12. OLD fashioned preacher

    The beauty of creation

    We're in blizzard conditions right now, scheduled an afternoon service instead of evening to get everyone home before it hit.
  13. OLD fashioned preacher

    Whats for Supper...

    I'm not LuAnne but I can answer that one ----- the same as what you called a bring and share meal.
  14. OLD fashioned preacher

    Major changes

    There's no postal delivery here, the local city post office usually doesn't receive your mail (especially packages), and Amazon, Fed - Ex, and UPS don't come here. This is in reference to the whole country.
  15. OLD fashioned preacher

    Major changes

    A couple of days ago the propane ( for the stove ) ran out in the midst of fried chicken and biscuit cooking, while washing dishes the water quit ( if the city works on the system, they don't give a head's up ) and we had a 7 hour power shortage. Our host's son says, "No gas, no water, no electricity --- Welcome to Nicaragua!" Due to the holiday, weather ( all clothes are hung outside to dry )and power outage we were in the same outfit for 3 days. Oh, we have 5 days worth of clothes here and this was 2 separate clothing runs ---- at the laundromat. You drop the clothes off, you can't use the equipment. The sink here is too small to be practical for washing and the is no such thing as a bathtub, it's a shower --- most Nicaraguans don't have hot water unless they boil it.