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  1. Quick Spanish and Catholic lesson here. All jotas (Js) are pronounced as an H (haches, Hs, are silent). Jesus (pronounced Hay-soos) IS the name Jesus (Gee-sus). Catholics name many of their children after "saints", apostles, prophets and yes -- the Lord. They see it as a blessing instead of blasphemy. In a Spanish Bible Jesus is spelled Jesus, Jesus Christ is Jesucristo,
  2. The fuses on this 3.5hp motor are larger than chart 301-16 allows for your wire size. Don't go to any other portion of the NEC until you explain this WITHOUT referencing other pertainant portions of the code book. This airframe has more mass than the surrounding air. How will it get off the ground. You may deal with gravity but not any other aspect of physics or aerodynamics until you handle the first question to my satisfaction. The steel in this hull is denser than the surrounding water and yet our submersible vessel is suspended 600 feet below the surface and 1500 feet above the seabed. While only dealing ONLY with the water density and the hull weight and density explain how this can be. Sorry, your request is not any more reasonable than the 3 examples above. There are other passages that reflect directly upon the one you give. Another example --- "Thou shalt not kill" Does it mean no eating animals or that there are not any justifiable cases of killing another human? Please do not use other verses dealing with eating meat or Jesus saying "Thou shalt do no murder"
  3. It depends upon the wording of the church bylaws and also the state you are in. Generally, liquidation of assets (including church vehicles, building, land and furnishings) will cover contracted debts (utilities, loans, and such). The government will not count missions obligation as a contracted debt and generally true concerning pastor's severance unless written in either the bylaws or employment contract (even those have exceptions dependent upon the state).
  4. Salvation is free, reward (or loss) is due to faithfulness. How does that relate to preparing for His coming? 1Jn 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. 1Jn 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1Jn 3:3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.
  5. 40 years preaching and I doubt any more than 6 of my sermons have ever been recorded, so you won't find any available from me. Also, the website no longer exists (plus we didn't have any services recorded on there) Sorry
  6. Sure, we're interested. Contact us any time, Thanks. Clifford and Mary Middlebrooks to Nicaragua 785-821-0969 copy and paste into browser: https://sway.com/jyucmVDzBtzgHiDI?ref=Link for our interactive sway which includes our 8 min DVD presentation We are aiming for a departure date early 2020.
  7. Related Qs would be: How does a person manage to get to Heaven when they die? Are you going to Heaven or Hell when you die? If Heaven -- why? If Hell -- why? Please use Scripture when possible.
  8. Why do you feel you need to be baptized? IOW, what is the purpose and intent of baptism? I guess what I'm asking is, what exactly is baptism and what does it do for a person?
  9. 5 years as a Southern Baptist and 41 years as an Independent Baptist and I ain't NEVER heard such ---------- and I glad I haven't.
  10. There is a wealth of Scripture showing that a Christian is to be of a lucid mind that they might think soberly and with the ability to properly discern right and wrong. Even if marijuana is not addictive, and all the other pro-pot arguments, you can not be buzzed and fit the Biblical admonishments to be diligent etc. Therefore it is absolutely OFF LIMITS for a child of God! Side note: a guy recently told the Kentucky legislature that he knows that pot is not addictive, he says he knows because, said he, "I've been smoking it for 30 years!"
  11. It is possible for a member to think they have the best and strongest church in existence and not think that it's because of their presence in it. Ditto for a pastor. If "Pastor A" and "Pastor B" were both equally able in teaching but Pastor A's church search the Scriptures themselves and are doers and not merely hearers. Pastor B has a church that simply absorbs and parrots what they like of the Scripture. Pastor A has a reason for believing his church is spiritually advanced without it taking a level of boasting in his "ability".
  12. I'm familiar with the "recognizing the years of ministry and amount of effort in obtaining the degree" rationale behind "Dr Such an one.... "as an introduction or form of address. I have preached with a few WELL known preachers (some are in glory, some are still here). Not said as a "Well ... check me out" but as a background to my next statement. I referred to them (whether in their presence, away from their presence or to their face) as Brother __________ . I have "been corrected" with, DR __________ . I must confess, however, that it was never by the "Esteemed Dr". All young preachers that I have had a part in training have all been taught the following by me. "Whatever diplomas or degrees you obtain have a place ----- in the same place you keep your important papers (birth certificate, DD - 214, passport, etc.) NOT framed and on display". The apostle Paul had AT LEAST equivalent to a Ph.D. if not a D.D and Th.D in addition. The title brother was sufficient for him so dare we think that it is not an adequate title for us??????? When dealing on the subjects of King James defense, Biblical Archaeology, or the refutation of Evolution then I can see placing your highest degree on your book to lend validity to your text. Highest degree, not the educational prerequisites to that degree! I hate seeing Dr Doodlebug B.A., M.A., D.D. or worse A.A., ThG., B.A., B.R.Ed, M.R.Ed, M. Div., D.D., D.Min (a bit of hyperbole but I have seen some that came close). But in referring to the man outside of his authorship of that given book? Spare us. Heads up --- NO, I WILL NOT be baited into stating my education.
  13. Making contacts now in Central FL for meetings in Jan and Feb 2019, how about sending me a PM with church name and city (unless you don't mind it being in a post instead). Thanks
  14. The founder's dad started the church I pastored in KS. We ran a chapter there for 10 years

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