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  1. Due to equipment limitations, we're a little beyond that decision.
  2. Even if one holds to a "tithe principle", $0 x 10% = $0. So, at $0 you've still tithed. Offerings and alms - there's another story. If the Lord leads - it doesn't matter what financial wisdom dictates (just like pre-COVID or mid-employment times) This post is intended to approach from the side of any who may hold to a NT "tithe" in an effort to avoid the thread from being sidetracked into a tithe fight.
  3. I hope DeBlassio and the State of New York gets hit with 20-40 law suits PLUS a class action suit with at least 200 named complaintants.
  4. Okay, thanks. I was told the above by a preacher in Alaska. The other states my wife read, DiBlassio I heard personally.
  5. South Carolina has stated no groups over 3 people, Alaska has said no gatherings in any locations (including the woods) for religious activities, Bill DeBlassio (NY) has said the police will stop services in churches and synagogues and has threatened to close offending places PERMANENTLY (even after COVID elimination). DeBlassio is also using police to enforce distances between people in public (he didn't say if that included couples or parent/child combos walking together). Kansas declared church and religious services as essential business just as grocery stores, and Georgia declared alcohol dealers as non-essential (unlike most states).
  6. CDC approved mask DIY The pattern is in above link. Instructions are about as clear as mud but can be figured out. My wife said she can answer questions if needed.
  7. My daughter and her husband work at a hospital in Jacksonville, Fl that has run out of masks. She sent a CDC approved pattern to my wife. It involves cotton and elastic. If anyone would be willing to make and mail them I can try to get the pattern to you (maybe she and I can figure out how to get it from her phone to a link in this post) and the shipping address. If a hospital near you needs masks and will authorize the use of these, you and your churches or friends might be able to help health care workers in your area. Anyone interested can let me know (this thread or PM) and I'll try to get the info on here (my wife is making some, I'll later tell 'x' # for 'y' yards - approx $ per qty - # of masks that fit a small USPS flat rate box or envelope, etc),
  8. I know of 2 churches who set up the sound system and pulpit on the porch and people sat in their cars in the parking lot (still at the service and still practicing 6+ feet of distancing)for the service. I know of another who is getting small, short range FM receivers for people in the parking lot to be able to hear better (hmmn, church a la drive in theater?lol)
  9. That can get you labeled Anti-government, anti-public safety, paranoid, extremist, cultist, anti- Rom 13, rebel, etc. btw - not only do I understand that none of the above would be an accurate assessment——-my wife and I also agree with you!!!!!!!!
  10. Well now, you managed to push my button. No, it is not for the pastor to relegate the job to an evangelist to preach what he won't!!!!! If there is a topic or passage that a given evangelist does a better job of conveying Bible truth to folks than the pastor can, I don't have a problem with him getting a guest preacher for it. HOWEVER, if the pastor's is worried about being rebuked or voted out due to preaching Bible -- he needs to grow up, determine whether he is called of God to preach, and if so then preach because your final accountability is to God and His Word!!!!!!! NOT to give someone else the task of doing your job that you're afraid will get you "fired". The pulpit is NO place for games, church politics or "career building"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. NO NO NO -- when things need to be done, the energy is to be MUSTARD that no KETCHUP be required..
  12. My wife, upon hearing all this, said, "Hast thou considered that thou mayest just be a picky old man?"
  13. Mustard? YES - yellow, not brown. Mayo? NO. Ketchup? DOUBLE NO!! And whose depraved mind decided to put whipped cream on top of a milkshake???? Scapping it off still leaves a contaminated shake. I also despise letting my ice cream get soft.
  14. One of my brothers used to make a sandwich with pickle, peanut butter, banana and ketchup. Our dog even turned his nose up at those sandwiches.

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