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  1. It is an amazing book. He does a great job showing what is necessary for a Christian to take prayer seriously.
  2. The Necessity of Prayer By E. M. Bounds
  3. This evening I'm going to make a stuffed roasted chicken. It will be stuffed with sweet and sour peppers and cannellini beans. I'm probably going to serve it with some broccoli and cauliflower on the side.
  4. Immoral and unethical/criminal are not the same thing. With that in mind, the only thing that you have said about Trump that doesn't apply to the others is that he has had multiple marriages. JFK and Clinton both had known adulterous affairs, and no one knows how many others there are. You don't use your position as a means to gain sexual favors without being guilty of sexual harassment, ergo both JFK and Clinton are undoubtedly guilty of sexual harassment. It could be argued, however that whereas Trump is guilty of much immorality, JFK and Clinton both were guilty of it while in the White House. Look, I have no qualms with someone saying that Trump is a bad person, he is, just don't go and say he was "the MOST immoral person EVER" to be president. On a side note, it is a well known fact that every president for the past 50+ years have been a liar, and 10,000 lies in four years only comes out to about 7 lies a day. I know "Pastors" who lie more than that.
  5. "The most immoral person to EVER run for or be president." REALLY?!?!? There is no doubt that Trump is an immoral person (as most all lost people are), but to say that he is the most immoral is, at best, a guess based off of bias opinion. There have been numerous immoral presidents in the White House. Perhaps the two most notable were JFK and Clinton. I don't generally step into political discussions because for the most part they are a complete waste of time that borders on idolatry for many Christians, but this sets me off. Just because you think something is so, doesn't make it fact.
  6. Yes, this song has always bothered me. I haven't been in a lot of churches where they sing it, but when it is sung I always think, "Really? Are you guys paying attention to what you're singing."
  7. The “doctrine” of kenosis was said to be first taught by Gottfried Thomasius, who was born in 1804. Charles Wesley died in 1788. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what he was perpetuating. Additionally, just because you think a term sounds ridiculous, doesn’t nullify it. On top of that, I repeat that it doesn’t merely say that Christ emptied himself, but rather that he emptied himself of all but love. If God is love, then he couldn’t possibly empty himself of his deity and retain pure love. This is not even mentioning the implication that those who disagree with you about this don’t stick with the KJV, which is an ungrounded basis. I believe at this point it would be safe to assume we won’t be reaching an agreement on this so we’d best just agree to disagree and go on.
  8. I still don't get where you are coming from. If the Bible says that God is love, then isn't emptying himself of all but love still remaining God since God is love. It is in essence saying emptied himself of all but God. You can't arbitrarily pronounce something to be a heresy without establishing the premises whereby you came to such a conclusion. I can promise you that Charles Wesley did not negate the deity of Christ.
  9. I'm a bit confused about number 3. Why do you say Christ emptying himself is heretical? Doesn't Philippians say that he humbled himself and became obedient? Isn't that, in essence, emptying himself? Also, the song doesn't say that he merely emptied himself, but rather that he emptied himself of all but love. Now I know some people say that this isn't true, but you have to consider this from a poetical standpoint. Obviously it isn't saying that there was no other attribute but love left, but rather that he removed from him any potential for an attribute that is opposing of love. Some would argue that because he is God that he didn't have to empty himself of anything, because it wasn't already there, but if that logic were to stand then we would have to also say that he couldn't humble himself because he was already meek. When the author says emptied himself of all but love, he isn't saying that he had unloving things deep within that he had to remove, but rather that he humbled himself as the Bible says.
  10. Can you substantiate your claims? It isn't going to be much of a discussion if everybody gives a list a songs and says they contain bad theology. It would be like saying, "These are bad. Why? Because I said so." Why do you say they contain bad theology?
  11. I agree, PastorMatt. I had read this post in the past and my thoughts were, well I do know that he lives in my heart. I don't even think it's that shallow. I think a lot of Christians discredit this side of the Christian life because it makes them uncomfortable to feel like they are approaching anywhere near to what the Charismatics believe. The things of God are not perceived by logic, therefore it's not really enough to say, "it's this way because I read it". It's all well and good to say, "I know he lives because the Bible tells me so" but that will get you nowhere with someone who doesn't believe the Bible. Do I know he lives because the Bible says so? Yes. Do I know that he lives because he's in my heart and I talked with him this morning? Yes. His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the son's of God. I had hoped that Bouncing Bill would repost the songs he had listed before with a reason for why he feels they contain bad theology. Bouncing Bill, would you do that?
  12. Actually, sensual is restricted to the flesh. The definition of sensual is, "pertaining to the senses, as distinct from the mind or soul" (Webster's 1828). If it is distinct from the mind or soul, it's of the flesh. I would identify that your trouble in perceiving this subject is summed up in the phrase you keep repeating, "to me". When it comes to truth, opinions do not matter. "To me" doesn't come into play.
  13. Well, let's start with what I would surely hope would be the most obvious: The Battle Hymn of the Republic. This song really has nothing to do with Christianity at all, and if you try to make it fit, it puts us in the battle of Armageddon, sort of, I think. It's very unclear. Verse 3 says this: I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnish'd rows of steel As ye deal with my condemners so with you my grace shall deal Let the hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel His truth is marching on Basically if you want the grace of God, kill the condemners.
  14. I do not sing hymns that contain bad theology. That being said, many people disagree about what theology is and isn't sound. I look forward to seeing a separate thread about this, because I'm curious to know what about some of these you say is bad theology. It's really baffling.
  15. Ok, where to begin.... This absolutely nothing like meat offered to idols. Music is one of the most important things in the Christian life. Consider Ephesians 5:18-21 where he says, "And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God." When we look at it without the verse separations we see that this is all one sentence, and as such it is one thought. From this we can learn that being filled with the Spirit is directly linked with things like submission, thankfulness, and Godly music. It is an undeniable truth that music is an integral part of the Spirit-filled life, and the last time I checked, the things of God are not dependent on our opinion about them. When it comes to music, our opinion about it does not matter. When we talk about the structure of music, it is an undeniable fact that the way music is structured as an effect on our body and our mind. Anyone who has spent any amount of time honestly looking at it will know that the mind effects the body and spirit, the spirit effects the body and mind, and the body effects the spirit and mind. If you are physically sick, you are at a higher risk of depression, and the depressed person will nearly always be unsuccessful in walking with God. That is just one example of how the three are intertwined. When we look at music, the first effect we see is the beat. That's because it's the most obvious. This effects are body. Even lost, secular, rock 'n roll artist knew (and know) the the beat drives the body. What most Christians teaching about music don't tell you, is that the beat is also the easiest part of the music to correct. This is why you have so many churches taking CCM music and "fixing" it. If the only issue with CCM was the beat, I would agree with them. The more subtle structure of music is the melody. CCM tends you use a repetitive, almost monotonous form of melody. What we see from this (there was an excellent study on this done called "Music and the mind" but I don't remember the man's name) is that it will do one of two things depending on the person. For some people it will irritate them and make them want to shut it up. For other's, it will set them in a semi hypnotic state. This is how CCM, and other forms of music, introduce false doctrine into their songs without people rejecting it. There can also be harmonies which are wrong. This is a working premise of blues, jazz, rag, and such like that has worked itself into "Gospel" music. There are two forms of harmony, consonance and dissonance. Consonance resolves itself and is "pleasant", dissonance does not resolve itself and is "unpleasant" on it's own. There is a lot of music the works off of unresolved dissonance, or dissonance that "resolves" into something that doesn't really resolve it. This adversely effects the emotions. And lastly there is lyrics. If any song is unscriptural, it should not be sung. I don't care if it's a "precious old hymn" or a brand new single. Do many young people think that we are being Pharisees with our music? Probably, but that's because many Christians, and a lot of preachers do. One of the most prevalent responses I get when talking to preachers about music is "I don't really know anything about music". Well, if you don't know anything about music, learn. We wouldn't take that attitude with submission, we would learn about submission. We wouldn't take that attitude about thankfulness, we would learn about thankfulness. We shouldn't take that attitude about music, it's necessary in living a Spirit-filled life. In reference to Country and Rock music... I love apples, but I'm not digging through the dump to find one.
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