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Where to start? Born, raised and educated Roman Catholic...by the time I finished high school I was basically an atheist. I went through the motions to make my parents happy. Made many, many mistakes, lived a life of sin. On 4/11/99 I accepted Christ as my savior, but well...the hold the world had on me was still so strong. To shorten the story a whole lot, my husband saw something on the news about a Baptist church that had done a Christmas outreach and incidentally the name of the church was the same as a church we had attended in our hometown. Hubby wanted to check it out...so we did. It turns out that it is an IFB church and the minute we walked in my soul felt like it was "home". 3 weeks ago, my husband stood up and accepted Christ (he'd been dancing on the edges for awhile before then, his story is MUCH longer than mine and not mine to tell). We will be going forward for baptism and church membership soon, as soon as we both get rid of this winter cold. 

I'm a part time technical instructor and will eventually go back and finish my degree in Biblical Studies...

Anything else you want to know? Just ask! 

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