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  1. So you have to show your membership card and secret decoder ring to get in the door?
  2. nice try, not buying it. I specifically requested biblical support for your opinions on clothing and how a woman's "immodest dress" directly causes a man (any man) to sin. I requested citations, proper exegesis and looking at the cultural and historical context. You went off on a tangent. That doesn't work with me. Try it again. Modest how? Outwardly, or with a gentle spirit? I can dress in the most "modest" way imaginable and yet be immodest by calling attention to how modest I am. Also, in that quote, where's the idea that men would "stumble"? Hmm....there's that pesky idea of self-control again. I'm currently wearing a scoop neck, short-sleeved top with appropriate underthings, and a skirt that goes to mid-calf. Some random guy might get turned on by the lumps on my chest that can't be hidden unless I wear a tent. Is it my problem he goes nuts? Nope. It's not. My physical attributes do not exist just to make some guy get hormonal. Again, a man's reaction to my clothing is not my problem. HE needs to discover that my existence is not to blame for whatever thoughts go popping into his head. But...men are convinced (by the church) that they're nothing more than meat sacks of uncontrollable hormones. If you're silly enough to buy that, you've just lowered yourself to being an animal. Animals can't control their lusts. Men can. PS...I broke my sons of saying "I couldn't help it" very early in their lives. They were taught they were fully responsible for every word and action in their lives. I broke them of blaming someone or something else too. My response to "He/She made me...." was this: "Was someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do/say whatever it was? No? Then you did it because you wanted to do it." They take full responsibility for everything they do, even if it's something they shouldn't have done.
  3. citations please. From the New Testament, with proper cultural and historical exegesis please.
  4. Yes! It seems that men are given a pass...they just can't help it. I work in a male-dominated industry. Yes, I dress fairly modestly most of the time, yet...it is not my responsibility to keep some man from losing self-control. I see many men wearing things that I might consider inappropriate...like the guys who walk home from the pool in wet swim suits that leave nothing to the imagination. I may notice it, but it doesn't cause me to "lust" after them. There's only ONE man that I go completely ga-ga over...just one. I've been married to him for a long time. This whole thing over pornography, "modesty", etc. is just an excuse for not exercising self-control. Personally, I have NEVER had the urge to look at pornography. It's just not something I'm interested in. I don't watch "chick flicks", I don't read romance novels either. I find them a waste of my time. Now, if there's a good sci-fi movie or series on, or a good drama, or something with lots of explosions and car chases, I'm there. My reason for not being interested in those things is simple...sex is not a spectator sport. I spoke with my husband about this last night and read him some of the posts. Poor guy's eyes rolled so far back into his head I think he saw his own brain. Something about needing to grow up, learning respect, and yes, developing self control were in his comments. We're talking about a retired 24 year sailor here. So, for all you men who are so fragile that the glimpse of a shoulder or a curve can turn you into a boiling pot of lust, it's not the woman's fault, it's your own. Seeing women as human beings that are not property to control will go a long way to resolving your lust issues.
  5. "Unscriptural"...I quoted Galatians 5:22-23. "Ungodly"...saying that a Christian should exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23 "Lacking in compassion"...saying a Christian should endeavor to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23. What I see is a bunch of men refusing to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions...kind of like when Adam blamed Eve.
  6. Ummm....nope. Men need to learn SELF-CONTROL. Seriously. My husband can walk down the Strip and not have a single untoward reaction to any of the lovely ladies hanging out. Men can control their own thoughts. Now, do you think women aren't affected visually? I mean, I'm old, not dead. Yet, I can look at a nice-looking man and not think about anything other than..."gee, nice looking guy". I'm sick and tired of men blaming women for their lack of self control. I would point you to Galatians 5:22-23 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. You do know what "temperance" is, right? It's self-control. Gee...there's that self-control thing again. It is entirely possible to go through life without being tempted by pornography, need some sort of blocking software or controls on your computer. My husband has done it for at least 21 years. No, Christians should be able to develop self-control. Get over it. Women have curves and bumps. Men have certain attributes. That's the way God made us. If it makes you get utterly hormonally irrational, then YOU have the problem. Not me. My husband traveled the world in the Navy. I'm sure he saw all sorts of sights...yet, know what makes him more of a man? SELF-CONTROL. Yes, he went to bars, topless bars...and didn't lose his marbles in them. He came home to me. There has been no pornography in my house for 20+ years. Why? Because he is not interested in other women. Why? SELF-CONTROL. Don't blame women for your inability to control your own thoughts. You're not an animal, driven by hormonal lusts.
  7. What disturbs me greatly here is the idea of "my church" or "your church". The church does not belong to men...It belongs to Christ. A person can wear the "right" clothes, say the "right" things and still have a heart blacker than the night. Yet, that person would be welcomed and accepted in IFB-world over someone who isn't wearing the "right" clothes or saying the "right" things, yet DOES the things that Jesus tells us to do "love one another as I have loved you". We, as people, cannot judge hearts. So what if someone shows up in a bikini or speedos? Shouldn't you just thank God that they came to church to hear the Gospel? Give it a rest folks...clothing is the LEAST of things we should worry about...
  8. I live in Las Vegas...there are times when you're happy with the bare legal minimum (which ain't much in Sin City). In terms of "allowing"...it ain't your church, it ain't my church, it's God's church. Now...quit it.
  9. Exactly. I know if I had been spoken to about my clothing the first time I set foot in a church, I'd have never returned. In my pre-IFB days, my primary wardrobe was jeans, concert t-shirts or tank tops and tennis shoes. If I had gone into a church and someone decided to pick on my wardrobe rather than being happy I was at least there, well...my mouth would have gotten the best of me and I'd have never returned. It would have also reinforced the idea I had that Christianity was some exclusive club that only took those who walked, talked, lived a certain way. Fortunately, we were blessed to find a church that did not look down on us because of our situation (pretty much dirt poor and on welfare). We were immediately surrounded by love...and that is what made the difference. So, the next time someone shows up at church in raggedy clothing or revealing clothing, understand, they don't know any better and it's not YOUR job to point that out in their first visit. Love them, pray for and with them, and let GOD do what He's good at. Years ago there was a t-shirt that was very popular among the Christian crowd. It said "Fisher of men, I catch them, HE cleans them". There's a lot of profound wisdom in that short, pithy saying.
  10. If a lost person shows up at church, they should be shown the love of Christ, not slammed for their clothing...they're lost, they don't know any better. Perhaps instead of singling out that person or immediately talking trash about their wardrobe, maybe have a member of the congregation reach out to them in love and disciple them. No, I no longer wear pants most of the time, I wear dresses and skirts. BUT...if I had walked into a church wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was immediately run off, whatever spark of faith I had would have been quenched and I would have had my opinion of Christians reinforced. DO not be a stumbling block to these searchers...if they show up at church, their hearts are tender towards the Lord. Foster that, nurture that. In discipling them, they can learn the other standards. Remember, Jesus didn't toss anyone out for their clothing (or lack thereof)...why should we be any different?
  11. Look Jordan, I don't have to justify anything to you. You can continue on your merry way and do your thing. I'm not under authority to you and have no reason to answer your interrogations. Have a great day
  12. and you have the audacity to speak for God? It's your word. spend some time researching the historical and cultural context of what was written. It's a whole lot deeper than your interpretation. Spend some time doing it. Consult reference works. This is the sort of thing that will take you months to research. Trust me, I've done it. I think I spent upwards of 100 hours researching it. I wrote a paper on it in college (Liberty University class of 2013, Bachelor's of Biblical Studies).
  13. @Jordan Kurecki how about you just don't worry about it. Your interpretations are YOUR interpretations. Thank you I'll take the word of my pastor over yours any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Have a great weekend.
  14. Now...for a few questions...the marriage covenant is defined in Ephesians 5, correct? There's quite a few verses that define the husband's duty to the wife, right? Jesus also said "except for fornication", right? So...husband is abusive...violates the marriage covenant in Ephesians 5, correct? Especially the part about loving his wife as he loves his own body, right? Then there's the fornication aspect...someone who watched hard core porn while his wife and children were 800 miles away taking care of her parents. Last, but not least, he was NOT a Christian and it is written that if the non-believing spouse wishes to leave, let them leave, right? So...don't expend energy jumping to conclusions when you don't know the full story. Have a great weekend.
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