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  1. Saved41199

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    Are you calling me a liar? You think women are too "physically weak"? Sir, before I got hurt, I could bench press 225lbs, leg lift over 400lbs. I was a competitive swimmer. Athletically I could take on the boys and beat them in just about anything including wrestling. My father taught judo and taught me well. It seems to me YOU have an issue with women. I invite you into the 21st century where women excel in many careers from firefighter to astronaut. I double dog dare you to walk up to a veteran like Senator Tammy Duckworth and tell HER that you think she was too weak to pilot that Apache. Go ahead.
  2. Saved41199

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    If you claim you "can't help" looking then I think you need to develop some SERIOUS self-control. And, if you think a woman in pants looks like a man, then you've obviously not understood part of this conversation. Women's pants are cut MUCH differently than men's pants. That's funny! I know a few female medics, firemen and police officers who could take down a man in a minute. A friend of mine is a retired officer from my hometown. She's 5'-nothing and 110lbs on a good day. She had NO problems taking down men twice her size. But, I get it...you want to control women...because YOU can't control YOUR OWN thoughts...Ok...my advice on that is grow up and get you some of that fruit of the spirit...that self-control fruit. I have a husband and two sons who don't turn into slobbering fountains of testosterone around women.
  3. Saved41199

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    Construction sites, certain workplaces like warehouses, EMT, Firefighter, Police officer. Working on a car. Up on a ladder. Nurses. Doctors. Or do you believe that women also should not work? I don't need to worry about what my husband is looking at. I can tell you he only has eyes for one woman...ME.
  4. Saved41199

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    The way I'm built, they're ALL form-fitting. If I want to try to hide what's in front, I might as well wear a tent. I don't wear low cut but there's absolutely NO question I am a woman. Yes, men wear pants...however, in certain situations, it's a safety matter. And, if I AM wearing pants, it's still pretty obvious I am a woman. Women's pants are cut quite differently from men's pants. I cannot wear pants that are cut for men. They just do not fit right. I'm short, on the chubby side, and it isn't hard to figure out I'm female from the back or the front. For the record, I wear dresses/skirts and tops most of the time. I will not swim in a public pool or a beach. Any time I'm wearing shorts/tank tops, I'm inside my home. I get dressed for church. I don't normally wear make up or jewelry other than my wedding rings. My hair is to my waist. However, in the days when I was walking around construction sites, I wore the appropriate personal protective equipment including jeans, workboots, reflective vest, hard hat, etc
  5. Saved41199

    Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    How? Increasing racial crimes, a president who paid off hookers, who lies every time he opens his mouth, the "tax bill" that funnels money to the 1%, the flagrant waste of our money on his endless golfing trips. Under Clinton and Obama, the economy was strong, the deficit was reduced, the ACA saved many lives (including mine and my husband's). Trump is a disaster for the USA
  6. Saved41199

    The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants

    As a woman, I don't think it's a sin...there are times when wearing pants/jeans is appropriate. I had to wear them for years for safety reasons...construction sites are NOT set up for someone in a dress or skirt. I think modesty is more a state of mind rather than what's on your body. Its an attitude that doesn't call attention to self. That said, since I no longer have to deal with construction sites, I wear skirts/dresses much more often now. I think the idea is that women should look like women and men should look like men. I think each woman should pray about what the Lord would have her do when it comes to wardrobe.
  7. Saved41199

    Where are most IFB located?

    There's a website fundamental dot org that has a directory of all IFB churches worldwide
  8. Saved41199

    mental health and other things

    well, the good news is that I was able to get into a doctor and start back on meds. The better news is that I was referred to a CHRISTIAN therapist. I'm currently on some pretty heavy duty meds but the doctor is coordinating with the pain specialist to try to find the right combination that will help both the mental and physical issues. About SSDI...I am hoping to be able to find a job. If I can't, then I'll apply for SSDI. We'll see what happens. I'd much rather work...
  9. Saved41199

    mental health and other things

    How do I know? Certain brain chemicals are used when one is coping with certain situations and there can come a time when the body's ability to secrete these chemicals falls long behind the brain's need for them. Use of fMRI (functional MRI with certain radionucleotide tagging) shows what parts of the brain are deficient in certain neurotransmitters. Now, in the last 10 years I have been through the following: #1 son - 2 tours in Iraq my husband becoming very ill my mother's strokes and death my husband's extensive and life altering surgery Job changes having custody of my grandchildren losing my job and becoming homeless (living in a SUV with 2 cats is NOT fun) You can be as skeptical as you want, that's fine, you're not living in my skull. Why did I start on them? Something about actively looking for a semi to run in front of, thinking about running my car off overpasses, you know, little things like that. How do we "justify" the use of psychotropic drugs...would you rather I became completely non-functional and end up completing a suicide attempt? I DO NOT advocate the use of semi-legal and illegal drugs. The medications I take are prescribed by a psychiatrist and I am followed by the psychiatrist and therapist. This isn't something you just jump into. I'll forgive your ignorance and/or narrow-mindedness regarding real physical/biochemical issues that manifest as mental health issues. What Proof? Really? fMRI studies have been done for years regarding the use of anti-depressants, particularly SSRIs in the treatment of long-term chronic and major depression. I'm not stupid, nor am I ignorant, nor am I looking for a "quick fix". I have a PHYSICAL problem that manifests as mental illness. It is comorbid with my other neurological issues, ones that I was born with that you probably don't "believe" in either. That's fine, you don't live in my skull. Without appropriate medication and treatment, I would be dead. I have 4 separate diagnoses...2 I was born with and 2 that developed later (trying to be "normal" and certain life events that knocked me down further than I ever thought I'd be). Now, by the Grace of my Lord I have made it this far. Did you ever think that the researchers that developed these medications were guided by the Lord, to bring relief of suffering? Or are you just of the opinion that I can't possibly be saved and/or faithful to my Lord because I take certain medications? Now, this is the one and only time I will answer these questions. If you have anything negative to say, please keep it to yourself. Thank You.
  10. Saved41199

    mental health and other things

    I will probably need medication for a lifetime. Part of what's going on is a biochemical issue. Its funny that people think that psychiatric medications are just until you can "cope" but they'd never ask a diabetic to stop insulin. I've tried stopping medication and well...it got me looking for a semi to walk in front of.
  11. Saved41199

    mental health and other things

    Thank you all! I found a clinic that does sliding scale fees. They're still a little steep but my husband hasn't raised a fuss at all. I got my meds today and a referral to a Christian therapist who charges very little for referrals from this clinic. I'm looking forward to feeling more like me again. Please keep me in your prayers. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
  12. Saved41199

    mental health and other things

    Please pray for me. I've had depression issues for many years, usually well controlled with medication. Unfortunately, I lost my health insurance last summer and along with that, access to doctors and medication. The walls are starting to really close in again and I feel that my entire existence is useless and a burden to my husband, who has to support me because I don't have a job. I also was in a car accident about a year ago and the daily pain from it isn't helping any. There are so many things I can't do as a result of my accident and it's not helping me feel any better about anything. ***Please don't tell me that medication is baloney. You don't know what I've dealt with and how much strength it took to get through it all. I have a brain/biochemical problem, not a spiritual problem.
  13. Saved41199

    CUBA bans non-KJV Bibles

    here's some info that I found https://www.christianpost.com/news/cuba-blocks-distribution-17000-niv-bibles-despite-lifting-bible-ban-222315/ https://www.premier.org.uk/News/World/Bible-publisher-complains-after-Cuba-returns-NIV-Bibles https://babalublog.com/2018/03/31/happy-easter-castro-regime-blocks-distribution-of-bibles-in-cuba/ It seems that the reason they are preferring the KJV is the "antiquated" English which is harder for non-English speaking people to understand. The third article also states "The Castro regime does NOT favor the King James translation, which is in English, but rather the Reina Valera Spanish translation, which dates back to the early 17th century and is therefore nearly as antiquated as the King James." But it's still an older Spanish dialect...and I'm not sure if they speak pure Castillian (major dialect) Spanish in Cuba anymore. Anyway, I'm just glad they're allowing Bibles into Cuba. It's where my family is from and someday I want to go back there. Maybe on a missions trip...that'd be the best!
  14. Saved41199

    CUBA bans non-KJV Bibles

    I doubt it. IF they had once certain bible, it would probably be Reina Valeria. However, there are many missionary groups that go to Cuba and not all of them are IFB.
  15. Saved41199

    A Newly Purchased Bible!

    Where did you find it? Thanks in advance