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  1. DaveW

    The beauty of creation

    There were roos all over the park. Not at all scared. If you look closely at this young lady roo you will see that she has a Joey in her pouch - legs sticking out.....
  2. DaveW

    The beauty of creation

    I have some great kids. They sent my wife and I for a short break 'down south' to a town on the south coast called Denmark. The view is to the Southern Ocean.
  3. DaveW

    The Synagogue of Satan

    These facts that you suggest "anyone can verify" are quite simply lies...... You have been listening to the wrong people.
  4. DaveW

    Steven Anderson

    Keep in mind that their doorknocking involves a repeated prayer and marking down on a list without any follow-up...... I know someone who used be an Anderson disciple, but realised that the majority of their doorway confessions are likely not saved at all. And that is not hear-say but direct testimony of what he was taught to do and what he saw practiced. And we have seen plenty of ungodly attitude and false doctrine from his disciples on this site. And I thoughtfully use the term "his disciples" because by their own testimony the are unlikely disciples of Christ.
  5. I stand by my assessment: it is not right to post a video of someone presenting their view and then attacking that view when that person has nothing to do with this site in any way. You have posted for the SOLE purpose of promoting Calvinism, which is not a theological position that is embraced on this site. If you wish to discuss Calvinsim then do it outright and on your own two feet, not deceitfully as you have done here by pretending you are answering something that no one here has asked. As has been mentioned, the majority here are neither Arminian nor calvinist. I for one have studied Calvin's Intsitutes to some extent and find his position utterly anti Biblical. For one, under Calvin's own words one cannot truly know if one is saved. John differed from Calvin and I will follow the Word of God over any catholic based man's ideas. 1Jn 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. Just one of many places where Calvin strays from God's Word.
  6. It looks to me like poor form. Is the guy in the video a member here? Is he ever likely to visit here? It appears as though you are attacking someone who is unlikely to ever visit and therefore unable to respond or defend himself. In my book that is called cowardice. And I think there is something in the board rules against bringing a fight from somewhere else to this board......
  7. DaveW


    Actually, the forum rules state very clearly that only the KJV is to be used when quoting the Bible on this site. It is not the Mormon Bible - the KJV was around long before the Mormons - they do use it, but it is not theirs. Their books are pure false fantasy, but they do use the right Bible. They use it wrongly.......
  8. DaveW

    The Altar

    We call it an invitation, but it is not every week. One thing has always bugged me is when the invitation goes on and on and you eventually get the feeling that someone has gone forward just to satisfy the preacher. Make a call to invitation, if no one comes forward, close it. But allow the Lord to lead you - if you really feel as though the Lord would have you continue, then do so.
  9. DaveW

    The Altar

    As I said:
  10. DaveW

    Regarding the "You got my Vote!" poll...

    I just want to point out that no one is banned from this site for promoting Jesus Christ in truth. People such as this man are banned for being argumentative, for disrespecting the moderators in particular, members in general, for teaching falsely, and for being decievers. As has been discovered, in spite of continual questioning as to his affiliation, and even being questioned directly about his association with the SDA cult, this member refused to divulge any affiliation. But he is absolutely associated with the SDA and in fact came on here with apparent purpose of promoting the SDA and their doctrines on a site that is VERY CLEARLY an Independent Baptist Site. Therefore he arrived with the purpose of teaching his false doctrine here attempting to pervert the members. It is this deceitful purpose and poor attitude that are reasons for his banning.
  11. DaveW

    Recommendations for KJV Ladies Bible Study

    Unfortunately we also have found virtually nothing that is sound enough doctrinally to be handed out for self study. My wife has used various studies in our ladies' meetings, but she controls the doctrinal issues - has discussed certain things with me prior to the lessons. I personally would be very wary of online content for individual study. There are so many false teachers..... Does your church not have a ladies group to accommodate such study?
  12. DaveW

    The Altar

    The altar in IB churches is a totally different thing to Catholic church altars, as I think most of understand (not all apparently....). There are two streams of Anglican churches - the High Anglican Church is Catholic without the Pope - as you described; the other stream is sometimes called the low Anglican church, most often known as evangelical Anglican - they are closer to us in general form, not as ritualistic as High Anglican/Catholic. Some of them even preach the Gospel. But in general they hold to the same basic doctrines as the high Anglican - in other words, false doctrines.
  13. DaveW

    New car!

    Nah, we are all just servants to the British Empire, the Canadians just decided they don't want to be good servants......😁 They stopped doing what they were told but still get to play games with the rest of us.... This - and after I noted particularly that the Canadians are polite...…..😋 And by the way, "a little wrong" was all it took to get transported in those days......😁 By the way, the Aussies have NEVER done what we were told by the British - especially if that Brit had a uniform on......😁 (To the best of my knowledge, my ancestors were all free settlers by the way, not transported convicts.)
  14. DaveW

    New car!

    I was thinking about this whole subject and Salyan piping in at this point, and I wondered why it is exactly that the Canadians, who are a part of the Commonwealth (even though they aren't, but they still are....) drive their cars on the wrong side? Then it occurred to me - the Americans (the US of A Americans) drive on the wrong side and the Canadians are simply too polite to point that out to them, so in order not to offend the (US of A) Americans, the Canadians instead just decided to drive on the wrong side of the road as well. A bit strange 'eh...……... Yeah, but nice 'eh! And folks - I really appreciate that we can still have a bit of fun and silliness - it is necessary sometimes.....😁 Oh yeah - is it strange to anyone else that my "New car" is 15 years younger than my "for ever car", but still 18 years old? I think the old Cruiser is now classified as a "Modern classic"....😂
  15. DaveW

    New car!

    I don't know.... THIRD BASE!🤣