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Sermon Comments posted by WellWithMySoul

  1. Peace in the Midst of the Storm

    I just wanted to make another comment about the sweet peace that we can truly experience even in the midst of a storm.  Even though grievously wounded to the very core of one's being, our precious and beloved Lord Jesus is quite able and longs to grant us that heart-reviving peace that only He can give.  It matters not the depth of the wounds or the "fragile" condition of our shattered hearts...for those are the very conditions in which the blessed gift or fruit from the Prince of Peace is greatly enhanced.  Many a time with tears streaming down my face spilling over from my anguished heart, I've "gritted my very teeth" in thanksgiving regardless of the pain, and it was then that my dear Saviour has lifted me with that glorious peace that passes all understanding!  It isn't easy to be thankful while in the midst of a storm, but if we can direct and discipline our hearts to truly know and trust that HE allows each trial for our sakes and longs to work them for our good - it is then that the door is opened for the Spirit to work peace in the midst.  I long to encourage fellow believers with this truth, and to know that hope and faith will surely grow from the experience of it.

  2. Yes! This is a wonderful and muchly needed message!  Yet again tears of gladness water my eyes because of the truth presented here.  A couple of years ago I memorized John 3:16-21....(I noticed you included John 3:19 in the message)...and I've referred to that passage countless times since then.  What a blessing and encouragement the other scriptures are in this message also!  In and of myself is no good thing, but with my Saviour's indwelling presence...I'm a child of the King!  The more I'm aware of my depravity without Him (including the times that I fail to include Him and attempt to venture at anytime without His leading), the more I can comprehend and know the vastness of His love for me!  O what a Saviour!! 

  3. Peace in the Midst of the Storm

    What a blessing...and a very timely one too!  I had just read this account in Mark 6 this morning!  Yesterday, I had been praying specifically about some trials that I've been struggling with, and so I believe the Lord has comforted, reassured, and encouraged me with this account of Jesus in both Matthew and Mark today!  Truly....praise Him from Whom all blessings flow!  It's so very exciting to me when there is no question that the pecious Saviour has answered my prayers.  Proof positive...AGAIN...that He is ever there for me!  I'm praising Him for working in and thru you, Alan....to put forth this devotional!  I'm blessed beyond words, and greatly encouraged!  Thank you!

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