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  1. For maybe two or three days we had clear blue skies over the valley minus a "ribbon" of smoke coming from the south. It was wonderful to see sky again and be able to breathe fresh air. Then...as I left home to head to the place where I do volunteer work the sky was clear overhead--but a short while later that ribbon of smoke was once again beginning to blow in and saturate the valley with a thick, almost choking cloud. Visibility was less than a mile. I can't imagine what Jim_Alaska is going through. We surely ought to pray for him. One of the fires is due west of his location, though it
  2. Sigh! Please consider the title of this thread, and ALL of my posts! Godly counsel for the heart is what I've been seeking; WISE counsel! Thank you to SureWord for your last post...I appreciate that you shared your own personal experience. It is time now for this thread to close. In a previous post I expressed that this matter has since been dealt with. One last request that I have is Proverbs 18:13 - "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him".
  3. Good morning to the last two posters! Indeed, it is a glorious morning in my neck of the woods! If you would please take your discussion concerning versions to another thread with that subject, it would be greatly appreciated. As I stated in the OP and then another time, this thread was started with the sincere desire asking for wise counsel about heart matters. Again I will say that I am fully persuaded about the versions issues...it' s not knowledge that I'm seeking, but rather wisdom (James 1:5) and counsel ("...multitude of counsellors...). Please see my last post. May you both have
  4. I would rather know the Word, than just to know about it. I would rather know the Lord Jesus Christ, than just to know about Him. I would rather seek knowledge followed by understanding, spiritual discernment, and wisdom...than just to count on Biblical intellect. I would rather not give precedence to time spent in the Word, but rather focus on a walk of faithfulness with a spirit of meekness in obedience to it. I would rather shew myself approved unto God, than to put on an air and a show for mankind. I would rather come to the light and have error exposed and reproved by His loving chas
  5. I have a few "tears" in my heart, yet a joyous smile on my face. First, I received some very godly counsel from my sister in Missouri concerning this matter. She goes to a little baptist church there that uses the KJV. Her suggestions were very simple, but also quite wise. Considering the things shared in this thread along with her thoughts truly gave me a peace. I have continued to pray about it all, but also truly cast the burden of it to the Lord, and have been waiting upon Him. (I just wanted to clarify that in the previous post that I made when speaking of James 1:4, I said a co
  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I appreciate it. I have a lot to learn! Bunches! I am, though, already fully persuaded concerning the version issues. I started this thread, however, seeking some godly and wise counsel concerning a right attitude and that which is pleasing and glorifying to the Lord - concerning heart matters. Thank you again to those who have made wise suggestions!
  7. Thank you, NN, it was kind of you to apologize and to be considerate - even though I was not at all offended. I certainly understand the passion behind standing on God's Word. I am always aware of John 1:1! Truly, if we were physically face to face with the Saviour would we have the audacity to basically "correct" His words to make them easier to understand? Perhaps that's not the best of illustrations because of the translation to English, but to me concerning the KJV, it is. Aren't people just trying to "bring God down to their level of understanding" rather than to trust and to be cont
  8. Alan, Thank you so very much for the suggestion of the book! It sounds like a good one. I would have to look, but we may even have that book. We have several books about the differences in versions. It's amazing the subtleties and changes that are made. It's all so very "crafty" and sly and deceitful. In my heart, I want to focus so much on what my KJV says, that it's so much easier to recognize what it does not say. That is how over the months I was able to at least get "red flags" especially on the verses I had memorized. That Sunday that it finally grabbed my attention, I recog
  9. Thank you for your comment. I'm so very delighted in my KJV, and indeed the blessed Spirit is the most Holy and perfect teacher of it. Truly, it leaves me "wanting nothing".
  10. Thank you Alan, Ukulelemike, and gracelife for your responses. We are incorporating your thoughts into our prayers as we continue to seek the Lord's guidance. I gave a somewhat shortened version of the situation...I would venture to say that probably the majority of the congregation uses a different version other than the KJV. A few years ago, a fellow was chosen to teach Sunday School who uses another version. We have yet to see an updated copy of the church's statement of faith, and we usually don't attend the business meetings, so we don't know if it was decided that the NKJV was deemed
  11. For a number of months during the messages at our little local church, I've been silently quoting a verse here and there that I'd memorized and found that I was off a word or two; so I thought. I didn't think that much about it because I figured that the Pastor was just quoting only part of the verse and continuing on with the message. It didn't even cross my mind until this morning as we were listening to our pastor giving the message on our church's radio station. He read a verse....one that I know very well...and I was flabberghasted! I quickly got on the cell and for some reason chose
  12. Dear Any Godly Pastor Dear Pastor... I am old enough to be your mom! However! I'm NOT too old and I don't have so much more experience in life that I cannot continue to learn. What a blessing it is to hear the instruction of the Word. I have not grown so strong, so knowledgeable, or so wise that I no longer need comfort, encouragement, edification, exhortation, admonition, reproof, rebuke, and correction in righteousness. You see - it never gets old or tiresome to hear the Word with listening ears, ready to receive with an open heart, a message that the Lord has filled your
  13. Still on the other side of Mt. Shasta from you, Jim....the same area that UkuleleMike used to live years ago. We're pretty close to being right in the middle between where Mike is now, and where you are.
  14. PastorMatt and Jim...we were members of Shasta Baptist Church in the late '80's. We drove over 80 miles one way to faithfully attend through the heat of summer and the snow and freezing cold of winter. If I remember rightly, the church had been established only two years prior to our joining them. Pastor J baptized a couple of our kiddos before they even had their own building. He also used to call us, "The people that live on the mountain". We still have good friends that attend there.
  15. Thank you both for your responses! Both of you referred to the book of Proverbs, which I also referred my friend to. Even though this gal is a bit younger in the Lord than I am, she has an amazing love for Him. She greatly desires to not only be in obedience to the Lord and His will, but also to glorify and please Him with her whole situation. It was such a blessing to literally watch the Spirit working in her heart. At the beginning of our conversation her voice was wavering and there were tears in her eyes from fresh hurt. She does not use a KJV, but watching the transformation in her
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