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  1. Yes. That is exactly why I responded to the OP only. I probably shouldn't have replied to the question of what I would do as far as translating to a foreign language...I have no knowledge overall on the process. Please forgive me for responding inaccurately. I'm just a lil ole lady, striving to love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  2. I was responding to the OP, but it still stands for me that though I am not a linguist, I would still use a KJV (not "updated") to translate to the foreign language.
  3. My response to the OP: without question or doubt, no...to any "update". "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Heb. 4:12). "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it" (Is. 55:11). A thoughtful quote is: "Teachers may put good things into our heads, but it is God that can put them into our hearts, that can work in us both to will and to do."
  4. Dear man, when the Lord Jesus Christ gives opportunity to share Him, there's nothing that can "compare" to the work of the blessed Spirit! There are many, many ways to shine Him on aside from face to face!
  5. Aw...but if it were my appointed time, to have my body 6 feet under is nothing compared to being present with my Saviour! In the meantime, I shall do all I can to redeem the time desiring to glorify Him and to share the glory and grace of His gift of salvation with others.
  6. For maybe two or three days we had clear blue skies over the valley minus a "ribbon" of smoke coming from the south. It was wonderful to see sky again and be able to breathe fresh air. Then...as I left home to head to the place where I do volunteer work the sky was clear overhead--but a short while later that ribbon of smoke was once again beginning to blow in and saturate the valley with a thick, almost choking cloud. Visibility was less than a mile. I can't imagine what Jim_Alaska is going through. We surely ought to pray for him. One of the fires is due west of his location, though it is maybe about 30-40 miles or so from him (I think. Jim, you'll have to correct me if I have it incorrectly.) As a little girl I used to be proud to be from the "Golden" state, even though I live up in the north end of the state in the "boonies". My own kiddos were born and raised here, but have refused to come back to the state to live because of the many issues that plague it. Sadly, California just sets a "precedent" and so it seems that it's not long before other states slowly start following suit. It's not just California that is in trouble. The whole world seems to be reeling on its axis because of the wickedness of mankind. My heart is heavily burdened, but I am so glad that I have the Lord Jesus to help me bear the weight of it. My heart goes out to HIM because of how mankind is so greatly grieving Him. He has been so, soooo full of love and longsuffering and He has gifted us with so very many things. He gives us our breath to breathe and keeps the pulse of our hearts. He has created everything that we could ever need on this earth, and yet people don't believe that He IS...that He is Almighty and most Holy and Sovereign God! They are so lost. Heaven or hell are only one breath or one heartbeat away from us all...O how can they not see? Tears are flowing even as I type this...O that people would turn to Him, the Saviour, as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I think of all of the fires that are burning up California, and now burning in Oregon and Washington as well as other west coast areas--and I cry out to my Lord that the people that are facing the raging fires would understand that though devastating--are nothing compared to an eternity in the fire and brimstone of hell. Are all of these fires both warning AND opportunity from our most merciful God desiring that none would perish? Indeed, I cry out to the Lord that people would seek the Lord--and that I myself would everyday, every hour of every day, be a living and breathing testimony of God's love and grace and "Ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear..." (I Peter 3:15b). Though my heart is heavy with burden and grief, I've been hiding in my heart Ps 70:4, "Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified". I am so glad that He is my stay and that He will keep me. Continuing to pray.... WWMS
  7. Sigh! Please consider the title of this thread, and ALL of my posts! Godly counsel for the heart is what I've been seeking; WISE counsel! Thank you to SureWord for your last post...I appreciate that you shared your own personal experience. It is time now for this thread to close. In a previous post I expressed that this matter has since been dealt with. One last request that I have is Proverbs 18:13 - "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him".
  8. Good morning to the last two posters! Indeed, it is a glorious morning in my neck of the woods! If you would please take your discussion concerning versions to another thread with that subject, it would be greatly appreciated. As I stated in the OP and then another time, this thread was started with the sincere desire asking for wise counsel about heart matters. Again I will say that I am fully persuaded about the versions issues...it' s not knowledge that I'm seeking, but rather wisdom (James 1:5) and counsel ("...multitude of counsellors...). Please see my last post. May you both have a blessed day; "praying without ceasing", praising Him all the day long, and seeking to bring glory to Him in all things.
  9. I would rather know the Word, than just to know about it. I would rather know the Lord Jesus Christ, than just to know about Him. I would rather seek knowledge followed by understanding, spiritual discernment, and wisdom...than just to count on Biblical intellect. I would rather not give precedence to time spent in the Word, but rather focus on a walk of faithfulness with a spirit of meekness in obedience to it. I would rather shew myself approved unto God, than to put on an air and a show for mankind. I would rather come to the light and have error exposed and reproved by His loving chastening, than to compromise with sin in the darkness. I would rather that the Lord's workmanship within me shine outwardly, than to "spit-shine" my appearance. I would rather follow after charity with the truth, than to sully it with contentiousness and unrighteous anger. I would rather face my needs head-on looking to Him for provision, than to attempt to compete with Him by looking to my own belly. I would rather that I feared and loved the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength keeping Him as the "apple of my eye"...hoping to hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant"...rather than to ever hear the words or to know that there is anything hindering my personal fellowship with my LORD that He could say, "I have somewhat against thee" (though He is referring to the churches in Revelation). I would rather to be continually and progressively conforming to His image, transformed by the renewing of my mind, and growing more and more into His likeness as His child. I would rather be fruitful to His glory as I learn and apply more and more of His ways and thoughts in my life, rather than to become stuck and stagnant and lukewarm. I would rather be peculiar, than to be common. I would rather measure, examine, and judge myself rightly and honestly by His Holiness, remembering that in and of myself I can do no good thing without Him. WWMS - O how I need Him....
  10. I have a few "tears" in my heart, yet a joyous smile on my face. First, I received some very godly counsel from my sister in Missouri concerning this matter. She goes to a little baptist church there that uses the KJV. Her suggestions were very simple, but also quite wise. Considering the things shared in this thread along with her thoughts truly gave me a peace. I have continued to pray about it all, but also truly cast the burden of it to the Lord, and have been waiting upon Him. (I just wanted to clarify that in the previous post that I made when speaking of James 1:4, I said a couple of times "TO ME..." because that is the way I take it - to me, why change a word that is easy to understand as is, to another word that is supposedly synonymous? Again, I'm very thankful to be fully persuaded about the KJV.) Just today, my husband was able to kindly and respectfully address the question to our pastor. There is no way that I can verbalize our pastor's response, but that is why I started this post as I did. I have a joyous smile because the Lord answered my prayers, but I am saddened by the pastor's response. Perhaps we are "marked and viewed" as "more staunch" about the KJV now, but we will not be contentious or divisive about it. Is this just the beginning of a "downward slide" (as Ukulelemike referred to it as)? O how I love the folks in our little church... I am so glad that the Lord knows my heart. James 1:5
  11. Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I appreciate it. I have a lot to learn! Bunches! I am, though, already fully persuaded concerning the version issues. I started this thread, however, seeking some godly and wise counsel concerning a right attitude and that which is pleasing and glorifying to the Lord - concerning heart matters. Thank you again to those who have made wise suggestions!
  12. Thank you, NN, it was kind of you to apologize and to be considerate - even though I was not at all offended. I certainly understand the passion behind standing on God's Word. I am always aware of John 1:1! Truly, if we were physically face to face with the Saviour would we have the audacity to basically "correct" His words to make them easier to understand? Perhaps that's not the best of illustrations because of the translation to English, but to me concerning the KJV, it is. Aren't people just trying to "bring God down to their level of understanding" rather than to trust and to be continually growing up in Him? Anyway, yes, I could go on and on for I too have a passion about fearing Him and desiring to be transformed more and more to His likeness, His way, His timing, and by His workmanship. My KJV has never failed me, and when I don't understand verses or passages, I ask Him to teach me what He wants me to understand and know; "...Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, sayeth the LORD of hosts" (Zech. 4:6b). We are still praying about our response to our pastor first seeking meekness (II Tim. 2:25). I know that the Lord will bring right thoughts and all utterance according to His purpose as we seek His will and way and avail ourselves to Him. Even as I sit here thinking of all of this, I'm just so saddened. Perhaps if the Lord leads any to post some scripture about how to handle compromise with a right heart, it would truly be helpful. Thank you again, NN.
  13. Alan, Thank you so very much for the suggestion of the book! It sounds like a good one. I would have to look, but we may even have that book. We have several books about the differences in versions. It's amazing the subtleties and changes that are made. It's all so very "crafty" and sly and deceitful. In my heart, I want to focus so much on what my KJV says, that it's so much easier to recognize what it does not say. That is how over the months I was able to at least get "red flags" especially on the verses I had memorized. That Sunday that it finally grabbed my attention, I recognized a verse that the Pastor read that I had memorized among many back in the 80's when I was homeschooling our kiddos. That particular verse was James 1:4 - "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." The NKJV uses the word "lacking" (or a form of that) instead of "wanting". To me, that was a significant difference. "Lacking nothing" to me, means there could be more - while "wanting nothing" means that it's "perfect and entire"! Again, Alan, thank you so very much for suggesting the book!! I truly appreciate it. To the others discussing the differences in versions, it's all good - but what I really need is counsel on - is how to have godly integrity/attitude in my heart first, in my mind/thoughts, and in my words/behaviours concerning a response to our pastor. I am accountable to God first for every word that proceeds out of my mouth for He knows every thought and intent in my heart. I greatly desire to be pleasing to Him, and that whatsoever I do, that I do it to His glory! We love our pastor and each member of the congregation and so anything that we should say or do, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal" (I Cor. 13:1). I respect our pastor greatly, for it's easy to see that He loves the Lord. I'm hurt and disappointed, but I love him as my brother in the Lord, as well as the others. I don't want to in turn hurt or disappoint them by my response. Overall, I am looking to the Author and Finisher of my faith...WWMS
  14. Thank you for your comment. I'm so very delighted in my KJV, and indeed the blessed Spirit is the most Holy and perfect teacher of it. Truly, it leaves me "wanting nothing".
  15. Thank you Alan, Ukulelemike, and gracelife for your responses. We are incorporating your thoughts into our prayers as we continue to seek the Lord's guidance. I gave a somewhat shortened version of the situation...I would venture to say that probably the majority of the congregation uses a different version other than the KJV. A few years ago, a fellow was chosen to teach Sunday School who uses another version. We have yet to see an updated copy of the church's statement of faith, and we usually don't attend the business meetings, so we don't know if it was decided that the NKJV was deemed acceptable. Sigh...I just can't help but to rehearse Jeremiah 17:9 in my heart and mind as I am seeing that "sliding down the slope slowly" as you mentioned, Mike. Many years ago a lawyer friend of ours was adamant about our church using the KJV. This friend also worked with the CLA traveling around the country defending churches. There's just such a history there that we truly want to tread very wisely...and to respond in our hearts first with what is glorifying to our precious God. Yes...we certainly will consider all of your suggestions, and again I thank you for them. (Gracelife, thank you for suggesting listening to other preachers, and indeed we already listen to several.)
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