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  1. Well done, Brother Alan. I enjoyed this.
  2. Amen. Who are the Giants, the mighty men of old? That part still puzzles me.
  3. That’s what I am thinking. God uses the word “angels “ in other places in Genesis, so wouldn’t He have done the same if that’s what He meant in Genesis 6. ”sons of God” throughout the Bible always referred to saved people, and I think the people who are telling me they are angels are getting that info from outside of Scripture, and turning it into a false doctrine. thx!
  4. Genesis 6: 1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they werefair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. 5And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. People (including Christians) use these verses to teach that fallen angels mated with human women, resulting in some half-human/half-demon hybrids. This doesn’t sit well with my spirit, and I think there is a simple explanation of this passage that is being overlooked. I just do NOT believe it is saying demons mated with women. Angels are not human & cannot create offspring with us. I do not think God would even allow that to be POSSIBLE.
  5. There are actually Baptist churches that teach about Gaia now?! What on earth...how can the congregation stomach such blatant paganism without walking out? Those ministers of darkness will split Hell wide open.
  6. Thank you SO much, HappyChristian! Yes, that makes complete sense & I totally agree with everything you said and it is all biblically sound. Sounds like the homos just did the '123 repeat after me' nonsense. Their verbal profession meant absolutely nothing if they first did not believe on Christ in their heart, which it doesn't sound like it. Whoever gave them the Gospel didn't do a thorough job, and should have questioned & made sure that they really UNDERSTOOD AND BELIEVED the Gospel instead of allowing them to think that just saying the prayer could save them. At any rate, I was starting to worry because I am saved but I still struggle with an old habit: smoking cigarettes. (I know, it is a disgusting, expensive & unhealthy habit, and I am ashamed & even embarrassed to reveal that I will be 40 in a few years & still struggle with it ) I started (stupidly) as a teenager, not thinking I'd get hooked since I was young, and so of course I thought I knew everything But then, After getting saved and wanting to get sin out of my life, that seemed to really be the one I kept going back to. I hate it & it is frustrating, because I know it's wrong & I will manage to quit for a year or two & then temptation strikes out of nowhere & I'll slip up, buy a pack and smoke one, feel guilty, throw the rest away and start all over again. It's a vicious cycle & sometimes it takes every ounce of willpower just to get through an hour without giving in. I heard it is supposed to get easier with time, and while there is some truth in that, I have still battled it for over a decade. I pray one day that I abstain completely & never smoke again. So, since that technically makes me a "habitual" sinner, I got confused, because my spirit testifies that I am genuinely saved. Thank you again for your kindness, patience & clarification. :)
  7. Evolution is so far-fetched I suspect even the "scientists" that cling to the idea have trouble believing it. It flies in the face of common sense, and you don't need a PhD to see that. All anyone needs to do is take a look around at Creation and it becomes evident that the earth has a Creator. To illustrate: Imagine you walk into an art gallery. You see a beautiful gouache on canvas painting of sweet Violets blooming en masse on a patch of woody acreage. You gaze at the painting, admiring its artistry & likeness, and acknowledge the talent of the artist who painted it. Is it necessary to actually SEE the artist in order to come to the conclusion that it was, without doubt, painted by someone? Of course not----that would be absurd! After all, paint cannot just fly onto the canvas and arrange itself into an accurate rendition of nature. Even a child could confidently declare that SOMEONE intentionally painted it. No further proof is required; the painting itself is proof that there was, indeed, a painter who painted it. And so it is with our earth, in all its beauty & splendor. The flora & fauna, the diverse animals which do not have to learn to survive...they exhibit natural instincts which compel them to survive, and most importantly, us---humans. When we stop & really think about it, our bodies alone are wonderfully & marvelously made. Just the fact that we breathe involuntarily, our wounds heal on their own, our eyes automatically focus & adjust to the amount of light that enters them, & how our bodies reproduce life with little involvement (relatively speaking) on our part....it is beyond amazing! Plus, we have emotion, logic, complex thought, a Spirit & soul within ourselves. Cosmologists even like to deny our deeply ingrained drive to seek out & know this Creator (perhaps since it cannot be explained apart from recognizing that this drive to search for our Creator must have been instilled by the same omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient God who created us to begin with). This "drive" to find God (which some people call "the meaning of life"), reasonably substantiates what we Christians have tried to relay to atheists & humanists all along....that our Creator, God, having fashioned man in His Own likeness, (and woman from man's) deems our lives as human beings to be exceedingly more valuable than all other living creatures He placed upon the earth. And since our lives ARE more valuable than four-footed beasts & creeping things, then they must have greater purpose & significantly deeper meaning as well. The be holding of a spirit alone points to a spiritual meaning that God intends for us as human beings. While this is common sense to the believer, it is something the humanists still reject. It once baffled me that evolutionists refuse to admit this plain & evident truth. At least, until I began to study WHY they reject the obvious. Then, it dawned on me that, BECAUSE God HAS impressed His existence upon the hearts & minds of all men, it is much more feasible that the cosmologists, professors, atheist/evolutionist/science-worshiping crowd is NOT as ignorant to the existence of the living God as they would like us to think. They, like Lucifer, are actually SO prideful, arrogant & puffed up, that they wish to exalt their OWN selves ABOVE God, and seek to try (but will surely fail) to usurp for themselves, the glory given to God for His creation. It kind of brings new meaning to the verse in Romans 1: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"
  8. Ok, I took HappyChristian's advice. (Which was helpful, btw, thank you HC) Just so we're clear, I am not trolling, instigating debate or attempting to sow discord amongst brethren. I tend to be a very straightforward woman & I hope that does not come off as being abrasive because I really do not mean it that way. I apologize if I have rubbed anyone here the wrong way, including you, Daniel. I am struggling to understand this teaching, because I have not heard it before, and have never even met anyone who believes in eternal security that does NOT believe OSAS. It just doesn't make sense to me, so I'm trying to see what I'm missing, and hoping someone more seasoned in this particular subject can help fill in the missing pieces. So, here's where I am at with this.....From what I've studied, & what I've heard preached, OSAS IS the doctrine referring to the eternal security of the Believer. if anyone else understands this differently, please feel free to let me know. Kind Regards, Claire
  9. This is what I'm having trouble with: the last paragraph above. You say a person isn't really saved if they are living in "habitual sin". That simply is NOT true. ONLY Jesus Christ was without sin. YOU ARE a sinner. I am a sinner. Salvation does NOT make you perfect whilst still dwelling in our body of flesh. Our SPIRIT is regenerated, yes, but our human flesh is sinful. Indeed, we war against our flesh. You realize that we probably sin everyday & even sin without realizing it, right? The Bible says even the THOUGHT of foolishness is sin. Just having a foolish thought is a sin. Even though we aren't committing major sins like adultery, fornication, murder, stealing, etc., committing one single sin , one little lie (and we've ALL told a lie before) is all it takes to condemn a person to Hell. ONE sin. So, why do you keep saying "habitual", as if that somehow makes someone MORE guilty than one single sin? You said : "Living in habitual sin and claiming to be Christian, and yet not FOLLOWING him proves you are NOT His sheep." Do you see how that statement (which you have changed from original Scripture & inserted your own theories into) vaguely, yet positively, implies a works-based salvation? The original did not. So let's examine it, because it is vague, ambiguous & can be interpreted in various ways, a couple of which I have listed below, one of the most troubling being *When someone keeps Committing sin , (despite testifying that they BELIEVE on the Gospel of Jesus the Christ & ALL their faith & trust is in HIS righteousness--as they have none of their own--moving them to ask for & thereby receiving God's FREE gift of salvation & are now already saved) and are not out publicly doing Christian work, that is proof that He has NOT saved you.* ~~~~~~OR~~~~~~~~ *As long as you do NOT sin, & follow all of God's commandments, and make sure everyone knows about it, then you have proven yourself worthy of being accepted as a Christian & proclaiming yourself His sheep.* Whether you realize it or not, you keep trying to add works to grace for salvation. It cannot be both. It is either faith or works, and the Bible says it is by FAITH ALONE..I believe the Bible. i read a post of yours in another thread where you attack easy believism. I guess you must think it is hard getting saved. That's not what the Bible says. Believing on Christ IS easy. HE did the work. He KNEW we could NOT. But many will not BELIEVE because they want to work their way there. They'll never make it that way. I suppose you will think I must not be saved because I embrace OSAS & easy believism.. but I am. That's a fact. It has nothing to do with my goodness , but rather it is the perfect goodness of Jesus, who bore my sins on the cross, and shed His innocent, precious blood in my place & on my behalf over 2,000 years ago, then was raised bodily, proving I will also be raised up....THAT is WHY I will not endure Hell. I hope I see you in Heaven. God Bless.
  10. I certainly am not trying to waste your time, I merely wish to clarify what it means to believe OSAS, because we seem to have very different understandings of what it means & I am attempting to perceive your perspective on the subject. Firstly, I want to ask you: Are you 100% CERTAIN that if you died today you would go to Heaven/Are YOU saved? OSAS simply teaches that once you are saved you cannot lose your salvation; your eternity is secure---yes--REGARDLESS of how you live your life. But does that mean I am saying once we are saved, that we SHOULD sin without a care & turn grace into lasciviousness? God Forbid. I can't think of a single saved person who would suggest such a thing or say, "Hey, no worries! You're saved...now you are free to go out and REALLY sin it up & transgress God to your heart's delight!" ......No saved person would encourage sin, because when you are saved you are born-again, indwelled with the Holy Spirit which causes you to hate sin, not embrace it. And from what I gather, you seem to equate that when someone claims that, once you are saved, you are always saved(cannot lose salvation) it is like granting the person who is saved a license to sin, so to speak. But that isn't what OSAS means. Also, getting out of Hell IS FREE, at least, for us. It is a FREE GIFT. It doesn't cost us ANYTHING, because JESUS CHRIST is the one who paid for the gift. HE already did all the work to buy the gift for us & purchase our souls from the Hell we deserve. Once you believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you receive the gift of salvation He purchased for you with His own blood. The instant you receive it you KNOW you just received salvation & that you are, from that point forward, SAVED. The very word "Saved" is past tense, because once you get saved, it's a done deal. The Holy Spirit testifies to your spirit that you are, indeed, saved, and that NEVER goes away. Not even when you sin (you should still resist sin with all your might ). Not sure about Charles Stanley, as I'm not a big fan of TV preachers,(most are heretics), but I am not sure if he's saved. If he was saved he wouldn't have said something like that because when you genuinely believe on Jesus Christ, you KNOW it's true; you won't arbitrarily STOP believing the truth once you really believe. I don't think I could "stop" believing on Christ even if I tried. When you are saved, God KNOWS you, and you KNOW Him. He holds you in His Hand, which is stronger than any other hand. Even if you tried to let go of His Hand, He is still holding on to yours & won't let you perish, and nobody is strong enough to pull you from His Hand. "My sheep hear my voice and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. 30I and my Father are one.".....John 10:27-30
  11. Brother Stafford, I think this is an excellent question & I wish more members would respond. Here are my thoughts: Since I am already saved, I go to church because we are not to forsake the assembling of saints. IOW, because God says to. I want to obey Him to the very best of my ability, because He is my Father. i know I cannot be perfect, & that I will be a sinner as long as I am in this sinful suit of flesh (Praise Jesus for His righteousness, by which I am saved), and that I am already sealed unto the day of redemption, being born again from God. Therefore, since I am now a child of God, He treats me as a daughter, and chastens & scourges me as one. I am not a glutton for pain & punishment, nor do I want to foster a life of misery by my own hand.. I WANT to live a life that is pleasing to God, and not just sin with reckless abandon. That is exactly WHY I believe that hard preaching is vital to the believer! Simply put, it is essential because it helps you get the sin out of your life. (And sometimes even helps you identify sins you didn't even realize you were committing!). Here in America, the preaching is so watered down & people are so easily offended that you start to wonder if even some of the regulars are saved. Maybe I am just thick-skinned, but I want to know where I'm messing up so I can correct it. I couldn't find a church when I first got saved that had a Pastor that wasn't afraid to rip face. And upon examining their fruit I discovered the congregation was ripe with drunkenness, fornication, sodomy, divorce, adultery, gossip, etc. Why? Because the Pastors were too afraid of offending the congregation to preach against it! I guess they were more concerned with having their fancy house & overflowing offering plates & rubbing elbows with politicians than the spiritual health of their congregations. There was zero accountability in those churches & people's lives were a mess. It got to where I saw no difference between lives of those of the world & the churches. I wanted to go soul winning, see people get saved, see sin being squashed from lives(including my own). I told one Pastor once, "I will TELL you what I'm doing wrong if you'll preach against it!" Not a peep. Sadly, MOST churches are like this, which is why they are so lame & falling away. Anyhow, that's my two cents.
  12. So you do not believe that once you are saved you will always be saved? Once you receive the FREE GIFT of salvation that comes from BELIEVING the Gospel of Jesus Christ you are saved. OSAS simply means Once you are saved you WILL ALWAYS be saved; and that IS the eternal security of the believer. Even when a believer sins AFTER being saved, YES—-the believer IS STILL saved. ANY saved person can tell you that because EVERY saved person has committed sin after being saved, yet they still KNOW they are saved.
  13. Ok, so he is “fully aware” of the Gospel, has read the Bible “hundreds” of times & yet, he still isn’t saved? Clearly, he doesn’t believe the Gospel. If he really understands it, yet repeatedly rejects it, at some point God will give him over to a reprobate mind & harden his heart so he will never believe. Then it will be too late. I pray that he does not reach that point.
  14. My advice to you is to give your friend the Gospel. Hopefully he will believe it and get saved. Otherwise, he's in grave danger, as his mom sounds like she's trying to demonize him and/or give him over to Satan. It's no surprise that she would try perverse acts with him, as that is the very nature of satanic worship. She will always try to attack you because satanists loathe Christians. If he refuses to hear the Gospel, then do not be his friend. Yoking with unbelievers only brings trouble eventually, and since his mom is a satanist, that's just asking for trouble.
  15. Eternal security IS the same as Once saved, always saved. You are teaching a works-based false doctrine. Salvation is NOT a "process", it is an occurrence which happens the moment you BELIEVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a GIFT, given by the grace (because we do not deserve it) of God, paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ, received the moment you BELIEVE, and once you receive it you will KNOW that you have just passed from death unto life everlasting, and once you receive it you CANNOT lose it. Salvation absolutely means we are saved from Hell. Committing a sin after salvation does NOT mean one "loses" their salvation. Jesus PAID for ALL sins committed on this earth...past, present AND future. Backsliding does NOT mean you lose your salvation. If you really think you can lose your salvation, then it's probably because you Were not saved to begin with.
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