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  1. Do you know that I am starving and waiting for pizza?
  2. Ban John because this is the first time I have been on here in like a week.
  3. How was everyone's christmas eve?
  4. Ban John because I headed home thursday night after work and drove through the night and got here and surprised my family.
  5. I never was a pepsi or coke fan. not much into the colas.
  6. Ban John each one of these books is 6 inches thick and are made up of two books.... its a bit intimidating.
  7. Is that what you iferred from that question
  8. Ban John cause the thought crossed my mind but I am doing my work.
  9. It is amazing how we can learn to like or dislike something.
  10. Shouldn't you be asking yourself that?
  11. Ban John because this is a think change. I could very easily leave it for my counter part to get on tuesday...
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