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  1. Do you know that I am starving and waiting for pizza?
  2. Ban John because this is the first time I have been on here in like a week.
  3. How was everyone's christmas eve?
  4. Ban John because I headed home thursday night after work and drove through the night and got here and surprised my family.
  5. I never was a pepsi or coke fan. not much into the colas.
  6. Ban John each one of these books is 6 inches thick and are made up of two books.... its a bit intimidating.
  7. Is that what you iferred from that question
  8. Ban John cause the thought crossed my mind but I am doing my work.
  9. It is amazing how we can learn to like or dislike something.
  10. Shouldn't you be asking yourself that?
  11. Ban John because this is a think change. I could very easily leave it for my counter part to get on tuesday...
  12. My dad has started drinking diet mountain dew. now any time he tries to drink regular he gets this nasty look on his face because it is so much sweeter. I laughed at him when he did that last time we went golfing. But he had to give up the real stuff cause he has diabiets (sp) now.
  13. I cannot say that I have ever had snow ice cream.
  14. Ban John because I really don't want to work on these TOs.
  15. Wouldn't that mean I would need to own one to let you borrow it?
  16. LOL I am not fond of diet anything. lol although I have heard diet IBC is really good.
  17. Ban John for making me think something then claming that isn't what he thinks.
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