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Every Verse That Has The Word Repent In English



from my facebook note: https://www.facebook.com/notes/damon-lee-gang/every-verse-containing-repent-in-some-english-form/10152556451589357
Every Verse Containing Repent In Some English Form
June 25, 2014 at 7:14pm
(please report any missing verses)
Words: Repent, Repented, Repentance, Repenteth, Repenting, Repentest, Repentings

  1. Genesis 6:6-7
  2. Exodus 13:17, 32:12, 32:14
  3. Leviticus NONE
  4. Numbers 23:19
  5. Deuteronomy 32:36
  6. Joshua NONE
  7. Judges 2:18, 21:6, 21:15
  8. Ruth NONE
  9. 1 Samuel 15:11, 29, 35
  10. 2 Samuel 24:16
  11. 1 Kings 8:47
  12. 2 Kings NONE
  13. 1 Chronicles 21:15
  14. 2 Chronicles NONE
  15. Ezra NONE
  16. Nehemiah NONE
  17. Esther NONE
  18. JOB 42:6
  19. Psalm 90:13, 110:4, 106:45, 135:14
  20. Proverbs NONE
  21. Ecclesiastes NONE
  22. Song of Solomon NONE
  23. Isaiah NONE
  24. Jeremiah 4:28, 8:6, 15:6, 18:8,10, 20:16, 26:3,13,19 , 31:19, 42:10
  25. Lamentations NONE
  26. Ezekiel 14:6, 18:30, 24:14
  27. Daniel NONE
  28. Hosea 11:8, 13:14
  29. Joel 2:13-14
  30. Amos 7:3,6
  31. OBadiah NONE
  32. Jonah 3:10, 4:2
  33. Micah NONE
  34. Nahum NONE
  35. Habakkuk NONE
  36. Zephaniah NONE
  37. Haggai NONE
  38. Zechariah 8:14
  39. Malachi NONE
  40. Matthew 3:2,8,11, 4:17, 9:13, 11:20-21, 12:41, 21:29,32, 27:3
  41. Mark 1:4,15, 2:17, 6:12,
  42. Luke 3:3,8, 5:32, 10:13, 11:32, 13:3,5 , 15:7,10, 16:30, 17:3-4, 24:47
  43. John NONE
  44. Acts 2:38, 3:19, 5:31, 8:22, 17:30, 11:18, 13:24, 19:4, 20:21, 26:20
  45. Romans 2:4, 11:29,
  46. 1 Corinthians NONE
  47. 2 Corinthians 7:8-10, 12:21
  48. Galatians NONE
  49. Ephesians NONE
  50. Philippians NONE
  51. Colossians NONE
  52. 1 Thessalonians NONE
  53. 2 Thessalonians NONE
  54. 1 Timothy NONE
  55. 2 Timothy 2:25
  56. Titus NONE
  57. Philemon NONE
  58. Hebrews 6;1-6, 7:21, 12:17
  59. James NONE
  60. 1 Peter NONE
  61. 2 Peter 3:9
  62. 1 John NONE
  63. 2 John NONE
  64. 3 John NONE
  65. Jude NONE
  66. Revelation 2:5,16,21,22, 3:3,19, 9:20-21, 16:9,11,


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Some people are simply emotional creatures and their sorrow towards sin is in actuality more of a worldly sorrow which almost all non-believers possess . . . unless their conscience's are seared with a hot iron.

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but [the sorrow of the world] worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10)

I once heard a preacher (Paul Washer) explained how he had felt as if he "murdered" someone because he traded books with his friend because his (Paul Washer) book had a small fold or crease on the inside. Nothing he had said suggested any *godly* sorrow -- i.e, a broken and contrite spirit TOWARDS God to whom he had sinned against. Those who fail to submit and repent from their sins are only storing up wrath because of the stubbornness of their own heart (Rom. 2:5).

Thanks for the devotional, Bro!

God Bless!



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    • The content of the sermon was really good and put together well. Aside from delivery and presentation, which will improve with practice, its important to remember that a sermon is not just to convey content but also to move the hearer to action of some sort. So with each point in a sermon, the effort needs to be made in getting the hearer from thinking "that's some nice information", to thinking, "I need to do that". For example, after your message, your pastor got up and gave them a call t
    • I thought that the content of the message, the scripture references, the doctrine within the message that you presented, were all fine. Unless I missed something, I could not find any errors. All in all, it was a fine message on Romans 1:16-17. Your comments on Habakkuk 2:4 were real good. The way you presented the doctrine of repentance was noteworthy. I especially appreciated how you mentioned that, after his conversion experience, Paul had, "... the fruit of repentance..."  As far as upl
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