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  1. If "we" are going to discuss pretrib vs <whatever else> then why not post some scripture or link an old discussion? Pseudo-Ephraim is interesting but I didn't see too much Bible. I was meaning to lurk and when I got to the end of the thread all I recalled was a brief 2 Thess 1 comment by Covenanter. Is this a continuation of a discussion on another thread?
  2. OLD fashioned preacher I noticed Salyan had said "... refrain from questioning mod decisions... " So I asked "Is that site policy?" hence, nothing to do with you. Salyan did not specify that it wasn't site policy but responded that it fell under "8) Be nice to the Moderators" since being nice and respectful is NOT explicit in that statement and I would be a little surprised if this site had a NO QUESTIONS/SILENT OBEDIENCE policy then it seemed to me to be a misrepresentation to not be up front and let the members know about that (if it is the case). I apologize OLD fashioned preacher if I wa
  3. You don't think the rules ought to say what you mean then? Whether or not someone agrees or disagrees with the decision are we saying people don't have a right to ask if the decision was a right decision?
  4. Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat we somehow get from ANY to EVERY. Good one.
  5. So be nice now means people can't question any decision? ... to be honest that sounds like the way the supreme court has been interpreting the constitution
  6. "... refrain from questioning mod decisions... " Is that site policy?
  7. seek first to understand then seek to be understood (if you don't want a persons input then don't expect his participation)

  8. When I was younger I read a lot science fiction and fantasy ... authors often made up their own versions of elves and aliens. Doctor Who and the Star Ship Enterprise often redefined what an alien was. No one said it was confusing but they accepted that the idea of Elves and Aliens has a semantic range to be defined by the film or story. This is true of any other word ... words are only truly contextually defined ... dictionaries and lexicons only provide approximations. Words can be totally redefined by a text. They can be removed from their normal textual range by an author ... in order to in
  9. Wow, great article in the original post link! I admin several facebook groups and have recognized similarities in the accounts of people that later ended up being trolls. They often support people like James White and appear to vehemently hate KJO people like Will Kinney. Some people no doubt think I am paranoid but your article definitely supports my contention that these types of accounts are showing up in various social media ... whether given the Jesuit or the Anon label ... the fact is, this is happening actively.
  10. Repent Part 1: A SERIES OF MEDITATIONS ON THE WORD June 26, 2014 at 9:50am Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. People generally don't read really long articles so we will explore and discuss what it means to repent together, in parts. In the days after creation the number of people grew. Mankind was wicked and God was "angry" that the internal thoughts of man were constantly about doing hurt to other people. So the Bible says that "it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." We see that the word repent in Genesis 6:6 has a prim
  11. from my facebook note: https://www.facebook.com/notes/damon-lee-gang/every-verse-containing-repent-in-some-english-form/10152556451589357 Every Verse Containing Repent In Some English Form June 25, 2014 at 7:14pm (please report any missing verses) Words: Repent, Repented, Repentance, Repenteth, Repenting, Repentest, Repentings Genesis 6:6-7 Exodus 13:17, 32:12, 32:14 Leviticus NONE Numbers 23:19 Deuteronomy 32:36 Joshua NONE Judges 2:18, 21:6, 21:15 Ruth NONE 1 Samuel 15:11, 29, 35 2 Samuel 24:16 1 Kings 8:47 2 Kings NONE 1 Chronicles 21:15 2 Chronicles NONE Ezra NONE Nehemiah NONE Esth
  12. Went out soulwinngin/visiting: (1) some people wouldn't talk at all (guy with black tatoos and no shirt said church people are hypocrites and pointed to a tatoo of a cross and said "this is my religion" and told us to go ... my partner talked to him for a while more) (2) found a house with old bus riders so the bus captain over that area will get an address with about 5 kids that the mother said used to come ... the mother wrote down the address phone and names of the kids (3) several dogs running around the middle of the street ... dogs everywhere (4) spoke with and prayed with some peopl
  13. good jOB, just apis.google.com and av1611.com according to Privacy Badger
  14. here is a video I made on a way to go about writing out the bible one book at a time:
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