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Faith is a Marriage (Christ is our Head, Romans 7)

John Young



Many treat the issues of sin and corrupt flesh as something they must handle in their own power and think they are still obligated to "maintain their own salvation" by . In Romans 7 Paul the Apostle shows that Salvation by Faith in Christ is not something we have on our own but is marital in nature. The moment we are Saved by Christ we become one Spirit with him and and become part of His household. No longer do we struggle alone with our sin and corruption, while bound by our "old husband", the Law of God, by ourselves but our "head of household", Jesus Christ takes our burdens upon Himself to deal with. No longer do we maintain our own selves but Christ maintains OUR salvation. We no longer stand or fall by our works but rather by His standing before God OUR father.

In this message we compare and contrast Salvation by Faith with that of a person before marriage with that of a person after marriage and how that even in our earthly marriages relationships change. So too we should learn to understand how things change by Spiritual marriage by faith in Christ. 

(Preached Sunday morning, 1-16-2022, by Pastor John Young, at Maranatha Bible Baptist Church, 16990 S 38th St, Mendon, MI 49072, Between Fulton and Menden in Wakeshma Township, Near Kalamazoo and Battle Creek in South West Michigan, https://www.facebook.com/MbbcFulton)




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