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Our Standing by Faith (In Christ With God, Romans 5:1-11)

John Young



In Saving Faith our standing before God is no longer based on our merit or law keeping, but rather on Christ. In Christ we can stand secure for we stand or fall by His merit before God. Scripture is clear. The only way we can fall from salvation is if Christ falls first. And that can never happen! Therefore we have an eternally secure standing (Eternal Security) in Christ!

In this message we deal with our standing before God. Before being placed in Christ by faith we stood alone before God and must maintain our own righteousness before him. After being placed in Christ we no longer stand alone in our righteousness but rather partake in the Righteousness of Christ, which Christ keeps. We now move from falling on our own abilities to a place of standing secure in Christ. We show how the believer then partakes in all benefits that Christ enjoys with God without the danger of losing God's favor.

In addition to an eternally secure standing we also have other benefits by being in Christ which we deal with in this message; such as peace with God (as a son and not an enemy), free access to God by grace (instead of law), and the continual receiving of strength (to grow in Spiritual grace of Christ's Life, rather than struggling in fleshly fear, as if trying to maintain our own feeble standing).

(Preached Sunday morning, 12-5-2021, by Pastor John Young, at Maranatha Bible Baptist Church, 16990 S 38th St, Mendon, MI 49072, Between Fulton and Menden in Wakeshma Township, Near Kalamazoo and Battle Creek in South West Michigan, https://www.facebook.com/MbbcFulton)




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