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  1. Very good.Though flash flooding can be an issue as roads become impassable.
  2. We had 200mm rainfall two days ago up Lake Eyre area.
  3. Often when I visit this thread I have no idea whats being talked about I might have to nibble on a witchetty grub
  4. ...and ponder...I will ponder how deep the ocean would be without sponges...
  5. Then I continued with my three sided Rubic's Cube and...
  6. As my fascination with pondering and burping subsided a little...
  7. ...for pizza with loads of anchovies...
  8. In a panic of hearing voices and sounds a Rubic's Cube...
  9. I pondered more ( I do like pondering ) and wondered how to continue my story following my previous burp...I will continue with my ponder...
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