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  1. The first century Jesus followers were Christian Jews - they continued to observe the sabbath as the Jews have always done. However the task of preaching and teaching seemed to be breaking the sabbath (the Pharisees even chastised Jesus for healing the sick on a sabbath.) The new Jesus Followers made the first day of the week the day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ - and to separate itself from the Jewish sabbath day customs. Remember the jews have a lot of strict religious laws regarding how the sabbath is to be kept (you can only travel so far, etc.). I take the whole weekend off m
  2. Istanbul was Constantinople :Green [tube]vsQrKZcYtqg[/tube]
  3. :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco :loco Ruckman holds many peculiar doctrines and has a proud, cultic attitude that he alone has truths that no one else in church history has known In bragging up his book The Salient Verses, Mr. Ruckman makes these comments: "If you are able to obtain a copy [of Ruckman's proposed new book] you will have, in your hands, a minimum of 200 advanced revelations that came from the inerrant English text, that were completely overlooked (or ignored) by every major Christian scholar since 90 A.D. This would include all of the modern
  4. According to Ruckman the CIA flies space ships developed from technology garnered from aliens after they were permitted to kidnap and eat children. :loco :loco :loco
  5. I prefer toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! The warm toast makes the peanut butter spread better. Okay now I am hungry - I am going to need a bedtime snack! :bed:
  6. I think I am coming down with a cold! :wvlf"
  7. don't forget those carbon credits we will have to buy! :badday:
  8. Can you believe I have played this game for 2 1/2 years and it is still going strong?
  9. Do you Know I have been trying t o win this game ever since I joined OB? :lol:
  10. Hasn't anyone won this game yet? :face:
  11. kevin when I was in Belize I went to a couple of services - they were great, but they were in Kriole! That is a mixture of Indian, Spanish, french, and just enough English so that you might understand every other word that is said. Rather than sit there and goof off during the sermon, I read my Bible. I can understand that better than I can understand the preacher. Then after the service was over we were invited to a family dinner - it was all simply wonderful! The food was Kriole/native foods, but I learned about beans and rice cooked in coconut milk, and how to make fried plaintains - yummy!
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