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Things You Really DON'T Like

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A tight schedule. And Joel, you're crazy! Rainy days are awesome! My favorite! Okay...maybe not my absolute favorite but I really love them. lol

Same here!

IN everything give thanks...not give thanks FOR everything! Which I've been trying to be mindful of. I've been thanking the Lord for bringing us through the heat and drought. :godisgood:

online businesses charging so much for shipping/handling that you either have to not buy the product or spend way more than necessary

All the time and money it costs to see a doctor who then only tells you what you already know.

loud TVs on very worldly TV channels playing obnoxious and objectionable garbage in waiting rooms

"Just say this prayer and you'll go to heaven" evangelism.

How long have you been looking forward to eating it?!? :bigshock:

Young men who don't act like young MEN!

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

First time I've read this thread. Sounds like we're a lot alike in that we "really don't like". Ditto to most of them that have been posted.

Add to the list.....

Wasps (I'm allergic to them)

Power equipment with dead batteries (Battery in the drill dies just before the last hole is made.)

Web sites that play music or other sounds without asking permission first. Especially when everyone else in the house is asleep.

Tamper proof bottles that I can't open.

Cell phones with buttons that I keep accidently activating, even when the phone is in the case.

Estimates for cost of service (DSL, cell phone, TV, etc.) that don't include all the hidden fees, taxes or whatever. Advertised at $39.95 per month when actual cost above base rate is $59.99 per month. Plus usage, when applicable.

Small print that these old eyes can't read without a mangnifying glass, plus glasses. Ever try to read the instructions on a small can of wood stain?

Hard plastic packaging that cuts your fingers when you take xyz off the cardboard, after you've attacked it with a sawsall or an axe.

Lying advertisers, semi-porn advertising, and "New & Improved" means a smaller quantity at a higher unit price.

That's enough for now, or I'll be putting myself in a bad mood for thinking along these lines.

Gotta think about postive things as I thank the Lord for another day, as the sun rises this morning.

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