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What Says "Fall" To You?

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I told dh yesterday that it seems like there are so many interesting and fun things to do in Autumn:

Hay rides



Corn mazes

and in this area, air shows and hOT air balloon festivals.

Also, when I woke up this morning, it felt like "coffee weather". :coffee2: It was a little chilly.

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It was a gorgeous day today! My favorite kind of day: clear, sunny, cool, low humidity.
The things that say Fall to me are:
Brilliant blue skies
Cool days and chilly nights
Crispy leaves crunching underfoOT
Spiders wanting to come in the house!
Crickets chirping
Leaves turning pretty colors
Mists and fogs floating around
Pumpkins and gourds
Indian corn
I could go on!! I love Fall of the year! (Except for the spiders!!!) CJP56

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I could have a long list but I can't resist so allow me some lattitude...please?

Porta-lets in rows at college foOTball games. NOThing says fall more pungently! You know fall is here.

Sorry...couldn't resist:11backtOTopic:

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Coffee on the porch outback in the brisk autumn air is a good start to any fall day.

Colorful leaves.

Corn shocks.

The mists rising and fog.

A large full moon.


College football.

...and many others previously mentioned.

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The smell of burning leaves...and the wood stoves cranking up for the first time on a chilly night...kids jumping in leaf piles....pulling out the apple and fall scented candles...kids going back to school...and starting to think about the holidays!

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Fall is apples galore, pulling out warmer shoes & cute socks, warm skirts and sweaters , hot apple cider, the cooler windy days-crisp air! Homemade chicken soup and bread(GF of course!) Talking about Sweet Potato Pie vs. Pumkin Pie with friends at a doctors apt-as we did today actually! Missing my son because he has only one day off-Thanksgiving Day! Praying how the Lord will provide him with a GF meal. He will I know!!! Wondering what my husband and I will do this year. I don't care as long as I know my son is eating well!!! Layering the bed with comforters and quilts so bedtime is soo warm and cozy!! Russian tea!!! YUUUM! Oh and lot's of cuddling up reading!!!

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Leaf covered grass

Pumpkins and corn shocks

Apple cider and cake donuts (my hubby loves em)

Pretty leaves (did you know that the change in color is due to chlorophyl leaving the leaves...thus, in death, the leaves show their true colors)

Crisp days and cool nights


Wrapping in extra blankets, but not turning on the heat

School starting (used to love it as a child, and when I taught - I really think that is part of the reason I love fall so much)

Shorter days

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Remember, remember,
The fifth of November:
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot.

Lots of good reasons:

NOISE, fire, accidents & deliberate burns; death of an elderly mother from a firework through her letter box ...

Here in Southall, which is 80% immigrant, the Indian new year - Diwali - is celebrated by massive firework displays. One year they closed Heathrow Airport by the number of rockets.

We switch off a light bulb 'cos of glOBal warming - & the rockets & Roman candles go UP! Millions of pounds worth.
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