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God is So Good

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I did not write this poem, but it is one of my favorites

God is So Good

There is a word for God I know
And speak I often should

It is a word our world must hear
That God is always good

He's good when things are going well
The lost can even say

But it takes a child with tested faith
to say it everyday

The crowd proclaims how good He is
When there is money in their banks

The trusting soul in poverty
Still bows and gives Him thanks

It's easy to sing "God is good"
When things are always right

But real faith shines when we can sing
On a dark and stormy night

Some days are dark I also know
But hear me if you would

No matter how dark and rough the way
Our God is always good!

Evangelist John Bishop

After hearing his testimony with his fight with Bacterial Menigitis, it made me weep.

God is Always Good!!!!

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Thank you for this reminder of God's goodness. I am not familiar with this person - do you have a link that might give further information about his battle with this affliction?

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sorry I don't have a link But from my understanding he is a well known pastor/evangelist that ran a summer ranch/camp for kids from arkansa that had caught bacterial menigitis and it it took away his memory his ability to walk and he struggled very much. I heard him preach twice at the Fairhaven Baptist Preaching conference and I know if you go to sermonaudio.com under Fairhaven Baptist Church you can find a few of his sermons. I highly recommend listening to the one "The patience of Job" cause it very heartwrenching. I believe it is that one that goes into his testimony. Let me say this is an excellant sermon and reminder of how God is good to us.

But as for a lnk I have none.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Dr. Bishop just spoke at the Pastor's Conference at North Valley Baptist Church. In fact my wife and I just finished watching his message from there just about a half an hour ago. What an awesome message. Long story short, as a pastor of a church he contracted spinal menengitis which erased his entire memory of everything. He had to learn how to do everything again. Just watch the service. It was preached on Sept. 14th. Here's the link.

Also, I will be hearing him in person in Nov. at a men's retreat that we are going to. I posted the link to it in the Men's Forum, but here's the link for it for your convenience.

Because of the Cross,
Bob Wilson

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Hello all, I just joined this forum, although I have used the RU forum almost since it's start. I hope that I can be a blessing now.

I have known Bro John and his family for going on four years now. His oldest son, is a Pastor in Heber Springs, AR and actually Baptised my entire family. We just recently moved from there to Hot Springs, but still visit up there often and keep in touch with many from there.

Bro John does have a website. It is www.godissogood.net This will link you to his God Is So Good website in addition to Triple S Christian Ranch. He also does Yes Clubs International and the link to that is www.yesclubintl.com

You will be blessed by going there. He is such an enourmous man of God and a blessing to anyone whose live he touches. You can purchase many of his books from his website and if I can put in a 'ad' here, purchase some. They literally will change your lives! Infact, my husband and I are part of one of his books! We have helped at the church camp Brp John hosts, we have laughed and cried with him and for him. My boys go to Triple S Christian Ranch for summer camp and my youngest son preached his first sermon there last summer! He is by far one of the biggest influences in my Christian life. He is simply amazing and if any of you ever get the chance to hear him speak, even if it takes some drive time, it will more than be worth it, I promise you! He has an amazing testimony with this health, but even more amazing is his love for the Lord.

Please visit his websites, I know it will be a blessing to you and to him. And pray for him, he continues to struggle with health issues, (there are updates in his website) I have so many wonderful memories of times with him and many, many pages of sermon notes from when he would preach at Church. He will be a blessing.

One saying that I have kind of adopted in my life, that Bro John said one night when he was preaching is "Did it ever occur to you, that nothing ever occurs to God?"

In Christ
Becky Foster

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