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Good singing and preaching tonight. After the hymns a woman sung how great thou art. Preaching was on fellowship. I'm thankful for a good church to attend. 

I heard the first are actually going to be last so does that mean the one who started this thread is the real winner? lol

Well, I got this here thing inside me.  One doc calls it a node, one doc calls it a mass, so I don't know what to call it.  So anyways; I got this thing and they did a biopsy yesterday and they won't

Because of personal experience I know that in the days to come you will get plenty of exercise!   Pray & hope all keeps going well.

I was saved 30 years ago today... TO GOD BE ALL OF THE GLORY

My 13 year old grandson shot his first Buck yesterday!  I swear he is walking 5 inches taller now.  

Revival this week!!!  Excellent so far. One more day left.

I set my password as "incorrect", that way if I ever forget it, the computer reminds me..... it says "Your password is incorrect".

Excellent study in the Word last night! We studied how we are to cast aside self and live for Christ. In this, we are not to try and shine light upon ourselves, but rather to reflect the light of Chri

Douglas county forest fire fighters are dancing in the streets.  A good soaking rain the last two days now.  Thank you Lord!

(My coworkers are going to think I'm nuts. I can't stop laughing at that conglomeration of words I just created!)

This turned out to be a pretty good and peaceful day. I had a great time in prayer after dinner. Then I enjoyed some good reading time and even managed a small nap in there.

We've had a lot of Saturday storms this winter. Must be the demon of "keep 'em out of church" at work!   One Sunday after a really bad Saturday winter storm we had 40-some in the first morning servi

Psalm 5:3 (KJV) 3  My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up. 

Our God still works miracles!   We stopped by the doctors office after my wife's physical therapy yesterday to see if they could push back her going back to work. The doctor said no, she must go bac

Thanks for the support friends.

I noticed Warren followed the path many others before him have followed. While not as sound as it should be, his earlier work is more biblically sound, but as he gained in popularity and obviously cra

i count it a privilege to pray for others..

I guess John81 neatly turned it, eh, Song? 

Last time I went skiing, I got very wet. But at least the boat was fast.... :lol:

well lemme tell u a little secret, tv is fibbing to u as i am not rich, now if u r talking spiritual richness they are right

What I thought was such strong, powerful love when I was young is nothing compared to the love I have for my wife now. Love does mature and it's a wonderful experience.

I got to bring my wife home today!!! She's been home for a  couple hours now. Now she's laying down to take a nap, she didn't get much sleep in the hospital.   It will be a challenge for her to get

Well, we try.     Brrrr, that's cold.  She sounds so sweet and thoughful.  I love to surprise my hubby with things like that.  He truly appreciates the little things that I do for him.  

On Saturday December 21, 2013 we had our shortest day, now each day is just a bit longer, & I like the longer days that's coming.  

Happy Birthday!

I fixed it.

Indeed, bless the Lord for good churches and pastors who preach the Word!   Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits!

Maybe, maybe not. Rumour has it that the the, Last one to post in this thread wins,' is not in the original Greek. So, it depends one which manuscript you are reading.  

Thinkin' too deep, there, DaveW. 🤣

There is no deep interpretation needed - there are some passages that are hard to understand, but I wouldn't have thought these would be difficult for someone of your spiritual maturity...….  

That sure is true! I'll be thinking something must have been a couple years ago only to find out it was 10 years ago. Family or friends I may not see for a few years show up and I can't believe

All the cicadas are outside my window at the moment.  I like to take pictures of insects and had put a few on my fb page so a friend from church brought an insect book with them on Wednesday night to

Only if its that good kind of snow.   You know, here today & gone tomorrow!  And that's the 'good kind of snow!'

I had a busy day too. I went out in this extreme wind and cold and did all the grocery shopping by myself.   My wife was really surprised and happy so that makes all the freezing worthwhile!

When I was a kid we often had home made biscuits that were amazing. The recipe is in a very old falling apart Betty Crocker cook book. Next time I go to my parents house I'll try to find the recipe. H

There, I am the first and the last one to put a POST in this thread.  I WIN!

Yes, I think most Catholics do. It's the Mormons I've known who say that if they weren't Mormon (they say LDS), they would join the Catholic church.

Plan no worky........

No - they both believe they are the true church. Mormonism teaches that the truth was lost by the Catholic church and re-found by Joseph Smith via the "angel" Moroni.

That's a pretty big thing, calling for our Heavenly Father to help those in need.

1 John 5:13 King James Version   13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name o

Cheer up, John.  Next election, they will all be good guys, all telling you the truth and no lies, no negative ads, nothing but honest John's and honest Pilgrim's just like you and I.  So relax every

thank you for praying. i check the national weather several times a day n pray for storms to be calmed and people etc to be protected..

Amen!   Good morning everyone!!!   I was feeling a bit tired when I first got up so was expecting maybe a bit of trouble with my morning Bible reading and prayer time but glory to God He granted m

wish I could always say the right thing the first time

Cool but beautiful morning here. Already good things from the Lord this morning. A little after 4 this morning I read a devotional from Spurgeon that led to some great time in praise, worship and than

Each new year in Christ is such a blessing! I'm thankful for all my brothers and sisters in Christ here!!

I can remember things from over 40 years ago, I just have trouble remembering what I walked into the next room for!

There it is! Bubbles and all!

John you just got me to thinking and remembering my past.  My forst memory is when I fell out of my parents car at the age of four.  Hmmmmmm.  That would explain a lot.

What is "natural path" and who is "he"?   Due to my wife having a lot of medical expenses this year I had to live off of very cheap, which equals unhealthy, foods for several months and I can sure t

Happy Belated Birthday to You!

I like rain. I even like storms, as long as they don't include tornadoes. 

we are getting rain here.. the roses are loving it...

Date night tonight.  It's nice just spending time with my hubby.

Very interesting! I can certainly relate to much of what was said by some of those folks. My mind often seems to think I'm still in my 20s or early 30s but my body rarely agrees. I took one of those t

I read an interesting story along with comments by people who also read it today. Found it by accident. If I can find I will try to post the link. It was on The Guardian, english paper, article about

when I got home from Christmas shopping the electricity was off so i had to wait a few hours before fixing supper.... got it almost done... no Christmas rush here...I bought a Citizen watch from Kohl'

Tornado didn't hit, thankfully. It's raining right now, but it's not lashing. Just steady. Kind of comforting.  It's going to be raining for 3 days.

We is the OB praying for the sisters and brethren type o'site!

1 John 5:13!

Is that my satisfaction or the garbage man's satisfaction? Here recycling is insane, if you put recyclables in the trash bag and the garbage man notices, he hands you the garbage back. In front of eve

We will share the Lord's Supper tomorrow and our pastor is starting a series from Hebrews.   May the Lord bless our pastors and His Word be boldly preached tomorrow.

Ummmmmmm. ...... wrong thread..... Twice.....

We had hamburgers last night, but with two adult boys and two teenage girls in our house there is no way we have leftovers. .......

Best biscuits in the world are TimTams - basically chocky bikkies coated in chocolate. Best way to eat them? TimTam Slam! Bite a hole in the chocolate coating at both ends and suck coffee through i

You can start an all out bar room brawl if you ask a room full of Aussies if these should be very crispy or soft and chewy.  Adjust cooking time to your taste...I prefer them softer.  I also prefer to

Ah so this is the reason for the other post..... The ANZACs go right back to WW1. PrOBably the most famous was the attack on Gallipoli - The Pommy (British) commanders fluffed the whole operation a

I think I'd rather have some of the apple butter instead of the used meals on wheels!

Fall is a 'neekalator' type o'season! Always a 'neekin' around and de-leafing da' trees.

In some way the Lord will put it to good use. Better than just keeping it around or tossing in the trash.

We were given a partial set of china to sell in thanks for watching over someone's house.  Well, it won't go on ebay because of the weight; the resale shop won't take it because it won't sell...she su

glad your a/c is working again... can't imagine life without it in this heat

I don't expect to find it hard to get used to heaven, having lived in Oregon most of my life. 

I could go for the low humidity and cool nighttime temps but not interested in 8 months of  

In my school days they had had just developed pencil and paper.  

I love waking in the morning and saying "good morning" to our Lord and beginning the day in prayer.

I had been praying over a pending financial need and shortly before crisis time the need was met.

John 3:16

Praying for you, Larry.

let us IFB make the difference

very much so

The Mods jOB isn't censorship but to keep civility and keep a few simple rules.   Rather than leave, better to ignore certain threads and/or certain posters, while reaping the benefits of the rest o

isn't it HC????

Saw some of the eclipse this a.m. on my way to work. God is great to show us something so 'simple' yet massive. Wonders never do cease in knowing him.

after I rejoiced over the elections the Lord spoke to my heart and said but he is still president.. so keep praying Saints of God

Cut the table in half, put it back together and escape through the (w)hole.

Ah, cookie connoisseur lessons.  Love it.   

Yeah, don't leave us hanging Brother. We care for our OB family.

You and me both!

And today is my 9th anniversary joining OB!!!

I have such a hard time keeping track of days anymore! Anyway, as of last Saturday I'm 33 years old in Christ!   In 1981 I turned 18 on a Sunday and the following Sunday I was born again!   Praise

I wish that were so Jim, then there would be NO OBstructions if played between my ears.  

Well, I have my textbooks, and I see one of my classes has its syllabus and first weeks homework on our campus site.  I supposed I should read chapter 1 and start on my homework to get a jump on this

Me want cookie!!!  

What a glorious day that will be!  But, no John I didn't.  Unfortunately I have never had a vision . . . . but I do have hope.

What a wonderful God we have! I had an exceptionally blessed afternoon in study and prayer today, Praise God!!

While I'm glad the elections took a Republican turn rather than Democrat, when I look to what sort of Republicans were elected and where the Republican Party is heading, and listened to what so many s

I'm working on a final post for our heretic battle...stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. It'll be a few days yet...

I am actually beginning to wonder if BroMatt has somehow rigged it so that it doesn't do pages from here on......... Joke would seriously be on us then!

I want more videos, @No Nicolaitans....you sure got DaveW on that one!  But do me a favor and post them in a different thread so I can finally win this. Ok?

Hello, hope everyone's day is going well.

Good morning everyone

I tried my best to match the words with the sounds the cats were making.  I was torn between that video and a video of two koala bears fighting. Just for fun though, I might still make one with th

Oh that's hilarious............. Benny Hinn!!!!!!!!! 

here am I . I am sick, just a bug though... 

Okay...this has taken longer than I thought it would.   Trying to time everything perfectly, and it's still not perfect. LOL! Without further ado, here's the Online Baptist Epic Heretic Battle.

The mere mention of the name has me shaking, although I am not sure if it is fear or anger at the subtle deceit of that man, quietly leading many into the ditch..... No laughter, no chuckles....

¡ɹǝpu∩ uʍop ˙˙˙˙ʍouʞ noʎ - ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉʇsod ɯɐ I 'ʇǝƃɹoɟ no⅄

Friend, you win on that comment alone!   Ah, but then, when I ponder this all again. Of all the women and men, which have so cunningly been, brought to light for their va

This.... is ... the ... best... I... can... do... (Rises to knees weakly and post a local only...., then collapses back to the floor).    

Well to be honest the only thing I left in my arsenal is this:   And I fully admit to feeling a little underpowered after you Crefloed me......   I think am done in. To

Oh... so it's like that is it? Time to bring out the big guns......      

Oh no - you can't get out of this THAT easily...... Take that!   And this!

I'd say this man humbled himself indeed...........

So now..... it has come to this then.....   With your diabolical JO attacks, and with no forthcoming defense or interjection from the forum officials, I feel I have no other options left to

Uhmmm...what kind of black-magic did you use to make that face turn upside down? Probably the same kind you used to be the first on page 1003! Heresy I say!

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ʇɐɥM pᴉp ¡ǝɹǝɥ uʍop lɐɯɹou sʞool ʇI

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Please! Make it stop!!!!!!   (Oh and congrats on page 1001 first post....)

Someone had asked Joel Osteen as to how long he had been a Christian, and he replied, "I don't know . . . I guess I was always a Christian." His answer should have been, "I guess I was never saved to

😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

Thanks Matt! I'm jumping for joy!

Yes. lol  

Romans 8:28

No, but they taste great cooked. 

The penguin is saying "hello". Yes I can  speak penguin!   🐧  

Never been tortured...   ...until now.

Ha… How about that… In China they really must walk on their heads. And Australia too, for that matter... Now if I could only dig a hole deep enough, I could see it. ;-)

For shame Bro. That is downright sneaky.    

He arose a Victor from the dark domain, And He lives forever with His saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose! 

I figure about the second month into the Tribulation period, just before all of the electricity is cut off as the government decreed private individuals have to live without electricity, and the solar

Keep dreaming Brother...

Oh congrats to you then........ Lurking around to steal the first post of the new page.........   

Rydych chi'n ddoniol! Nos da...

I don't take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.........

Now c'mon mods......... surely this kind of obscene imagery is against forum rules???????? (And thanks NoNics - you can't 'unsee' that smile.........)

praying for a change of heart for our leaders, citizens and back slidden Christians

So, a question to the other mods and admins: Ever tempted to post something here, then close the thread off? Maybe it is time to start a new one?

The true and most accurate representation of Calvinization would involve the significant and profuse invocation of a multi-syllabic vocabulary, whether accurate or developmental. Your initial attempt

Okay...I'm pulling out the big guns. I'm going to Calvinize it... Take this! Suprasneakyism! If that doesn't win me this game, nothin' will!

0!   Wait... wrong game... 

Oh yes you will....


Funny how threads like this go through cycles - it was months since anyone posted prior to my first post of this recent round, and now even Pastor Markle has posted this time........ What is OLB

Now see...a few posts back I tried to sneak one in by not posting anything. I tried to be sneaky, so I quoted Pastor Markle without actually quoting him. I then proceeded not to post anything below hi

This is my very FIRST posting in this thread. Am I supposed to win something?

I have to admit...it was quite impressive and puts my pitiful Supracalvinizationoftermisms to shame...

These days it's wise to have something on hand that can be used as defense, to make a loud noise, or otherwise help confuse, scare and hopefully stop an attacker. It's almost as if millions have

yes Alan, you can but you may want to ask him......the tropical storm passed by us, we got wind and rain in my area but nothing serious that I know of.. God answers prayer praise Him   sorry

That's awesome that's happened to me too.

How are you doing Rosie?

This is what insomnia does to me. I put random Bible verses on photos I've taken. 

Church service and Sunday school were such great blessings today. The fellowship and friendship before, between and after was also a real blessing. Thanks be to God for our home church!

The older I get and the more times I go to the doctor or hospital, the more afraid my veins get.  They just keep going deeper every time I get a blood draw.  Cowards!

It especially saddens me to think of those who really do believe they are good Christians, really do think they are trying to live for God, who are sincere, yet sincerely wrong and as lost as anyone e


Don't count your turtles before they are hatched........

Hmmmmmmm - methinketh that thou is possibly jesting......

Miracles never cease! Now that I think about it, I'm going to contact the Administrator of this forum and voice my complaint. You have lain in wait and connived your way into reaching this platea

Unfortunately, no....... 

where oh where is my duster

So basically...you've run out of gas...   

To be honest, all the pressure has been a bit much for me - I just don't think I have the strength for another new page first post battle........

congrats Dave, you did it. now lets see who can get to 1001 first

Thanks for being such a great sport about it!   Made my day better... supraconnivetivity: From No Nicolaitans' Dictionary of Reformededish Wordisms... pronunciation: soopra-kohnive-ah-t

I figured, but I couldn't help myself.   Oh and: I tried pronouncing it and just ended up laughing........

My wife NEVER burns buscuits - or anything else for that matter - I  have had a bit of gas lately, but I think that needs to be left right there, but the last one!!!!!!!! Due to time differences, I am

Hey......... YAY it really was me!

I'll take it for awhile

But if you can do that then several of us could all get first post of page 1000.......... Or even possibly one person could get first post on page 1000 several times by changing then posting agai

Ifn I wuz a smart guy I woulda counted how many posts theere is to a page.........   But I juz ain't too full a smarts, so I will juz keep guessing.......

Keep dreaming buddy...this one could be it!

Turns out it wasn't....... But this one might be?????

I wonder if this will be page 1000?  


here is another post

Ok then..... I won't......

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Rhyming is hard, Bacon.

I think he wants us to keep on posting till Jesus comes ..

Well...if the patch fits...LOL. No!  Heheh   2b - I will likely sit in a different spot, anyway, because it'll be Thursday night and my seat is always taken then. Can you believe it?  I prOBably nee

Mowed the yard this morning. Wife started dinner as soon as she heard the mower shut off. I took a quick shower, enjoyed a bacon cheeseburger and glass of sun tea. Praise God for the wonderful weather

We would probably be better off if he would stay on vacation.

Father & mother did not get & indoor washing machine & dryer until after I left home for the air force. We had a wringer type outside, two wash tubs, & a clothes line.   Until our da

I'm going to hide in here where's it's sunny... it's thundering far too hard on the other threads!  

This isn't our 16th - our anniversary is the 16th of August.  This is our 27th.  Not as long as you, true...but not young, either!     We were in our late 20s when we married.  Our son followed suit -

Had a great day at church picnic today. Must have been good - I'm aching all over! Think it was all the rifle shooting. :wink

Yes, a blessed time today, one by letter, an a 15 year-old by profession of faith.

No way, Salyan - we're keeping it (I hope!).

Pole turtle..... never heard that before... but I like it. :D

That's wonderful, John!

That's why it needs ot be sent by fast express! 

Be sure Dave sends his by fast express!

Now that my mom is alone, she cuts her own lawn most of the time.  I could see her in one of those! 

Where is the cutting deck? I have a blue one.

Yeah, John, I raised that point with someone who was mad at me because I called Trayvon Martin a thug.  Why all the blather about him, and yet silence on what's going on in Chicago, with thugs killing

Thankfully the Lord provided us with some cloud cover and a good breeze during most of the time the electricity was off.

My granddaughter calls corn on the cob "fixed" corn!

What LONG day at the hospital but so much to be thankful for!   The surgery actually took less time than they thought it might and it all went very good. My wife recovered faster and was looking and

My son and I did some rearranging earlier so things will be ready when my wife comes home. We moved the love seat and put a chair in its place of the sort they said she should sit in. Moved some thing

If a potential employer who has a sign in his window saying "Equal Opportunity Employer" tells me that it is too late to apply for a job, can I get a lawyer involved?  After all, that is discriminatio

I recall in October 1993, in the month of October I had two houses full of chickens that were just past a 7 pound average each & just before noon time I was at my chickens houses staying with them

Tonight is our all-church visitation.  We meet at church and then go out all over inviting people to church, witnessing, etc.  Normally we do this two times a year - spring and fall.  We've done it tw

Swimming, would that not speed up the rust & take away years?

It amazes me that most of these people who can figure out all this computer stuff and make their devices do almost anything they want, claim the KJB is just too hard to understand!   By the grace of

I don't think I have to wait a few years. All these new fangled gadgets they have these days that even little kids play with and I have no clue about them.

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold.  

We had a huge blast of snow a few years ago. I don't want to dig out from another of those!

A light, pretty snowfall late Christmas Eve which begins to melt away the day after Christmas would be fine.

It's lovely here too. We've had a few chilly fall-ish days already - nice to have some sun again before autumn sets in!

It's certainly nice to have her back home. The house just didn't feel right while she was gone.

My son and daughter-in-law have been haunting the thrift store near them, as well as yard sales, finding bargains as they set up housekeeping in their new place. They've been able to find some real go

Last week I was out to our local Value Village (second hand store).....by the way, I love these stores, so many useful items that can be re-purposed,  re-cycled and re-used!!  Anyway, I was in the ele

That's fabulous news!!  Our GOD is definitely able to do what man believes to be impossible!!!  

I was looking for a little charcoal grille for my emergency supplies - and found one yesterday being offered for free! Just had to go pick it up.  Thankful for God's provision!

Such good news! She should be able to heal 100% before heading back to work.

Sorta like the song that never ends..... it just goes on and on my friends.... Some people started singing it not knowing what it was.... now they keep on singing it forever just because... this is

John, Please PM me your telephone number, I need to talk with your wife & tell her to be sure & keep that whistle whistling constantly!        

It could get worse, I gave her a whistle to blow any time she wants me. It's so hot, and we don't have A/C, so with several fans blowing it's hard to hear her when she calls for me.   I got her brea

Right - there was apparently a tree branch or something like it that allowed the pocket.  The boy did get some sand in his lungs, but not like he would have.  Six years old!  Scary!

No doubt the vast majority of youth start dating way to early and with way to little supervision.

I'm optimistic, every day is a pretty day, some days are just not as pretty as others, & other days are prettier than other days, yet they're all pretty!   Once there was a song that had words s

What a blessing that the Lord is with us each and every day and every day His mercies are new!

Not going to find any of that in my church, while the pastor does not shun anyone, he will make sure that the church knows where he and God stands on the matter. We have had lesbians come to our churc

I've never told a single soul, when I was about that age I had a pump BB rifle, I held my thumb over the end of the barrel, pulled the trigger, never had the urge to do that again, wonder why? My

Thanks, All seems to have gone well, was able to do it with a scope, makes things much better, & she can already tell a difference, & we are back home.

Eating monkey brains is considered a delicacy in China! I'll pass!

Eat all the tacos you like, that's fine with me, that is eat what you like, & enjoy it, them I will eat what I like, & enjoy it. And this is true, even if you want to eat goat heads as I saw

It means at this moment one couldn't pick a "better" team. Of course we are talking baseball and a team that wins six games in a row against decent teams could turn around and lose the next six to les

Absolutely wonderful Lord's Day yesterday! A powerful sermon followed by a very meaty Sunday school!!!

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth but the word of our God shall stand forever!

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ..."

Cheer up! The Lord's Day is near!!! :clapping:

If I decide to go eco-friendly I'll just fence off the yard and buy some goats!

John, are you using a eco-friendly mower? Here is one for you. This mover will cut and fertilize your lawn at the same time.

Hey, they passed it, yet still they do not know what is in it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow myself! Sunday is my very favorite day! :clapping:

You know it! Looking forward to pastors message and Sunday school :clapping:

I wish they would leave the time alone. Just pick one system and stick with it. Hopefully losing an hour won't be a damper on church attendance...and paying attention!

Yes, most of it seems to be to be a bunch of loud noise that will harm ones ears, along with a few filthy words no human ought to let enter their ears.

Jesus is all the world to me, my life, my joy, my all; He is my strength from day to day, without Him I would fall. When I am sad, to Him I go, no other one can cheer me so; When I am sad, He makes

I've said, "If I had another daughter that I would not let her date until she was 21, & them only one a double date with her mother & I!  

You actually drive on roads????????????????

Oh yes it will, it will end at Jesus' coming.

Snow is good, that is as long as you get that nice snow, you know, here today & gone tomorrow! 

The strange neighbor boy to our south is mowing their yard barefoot. It almost hurts to see that.

If not, get your son out there...wrap your toe well, and sit and sip some lemonade or iced tea while you watch.  

If I was wealthy I would live right here. It home to me & there's nothing like home! Except for my permanent home which will be in Heaven which I'm looking forward to. They tell me it will be very

I'm feeling ready to move to a non-humid State!

Actually, I Just looked at The time stamps and it was 6 mins not 2. I apologise for misrepresenting The situation. I guessed rather than checking. It was a genuine mistake. ....

Well a Glock 45 would certainly be appreciated if the varmits were bigger and more dangerous!


1116 pages....... UN-Bu-leev-uh-bul. ;)

I try to be mindful to crush the cans and carry them upside down so someone doesn't see me walking along holding a beer can and think I'm out having a morning beer for breakfast!

You could have some of our summer - I've had enough of 100°F + days.......... :D

Had a great 4th. Proud to be American.

I know what you mean. You don't know how bad I wish I could mow this whole yard with a push mower like I used to!

The other day on a Christian radio talk show, several that called in stated, "If it comes down between Mr. Obama & Mr Romney, them I cannot support either one of them," that I can respect, yet man

Don't worry - if there was a contest, I just won! :P

Had a great service yesterday morning.  My hubby was able to lead someone else to the Lord.  I was able to deal with a young lady who had a serious problem and was able to help her scripturally.  God

Would it not be nice if everyone had met Christ & truly been enlightened by Him. Yet one day we will be in  'Wonderful Place' surrounded only by people who have been truly enlighten by Him. I cann

Does liking a post after someone posts the last post make the liker of that post the last poster? 

We'll have the Lord's Supper tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a good attendance.

The "Likes" button is rather new. Those who had many posts before the "Likes" feature was added but haven't posted much since then would have few "Likes" for that reason.

A friend said recently that they would give me a "Christian rap' cd for my birthday. I was greatful that he would even think of me and I added if he could make sure the disc was of good quality so tha

LOL, DaveW. They didn't change my life either, John.  It would be so nice if Christians would get as passionate about the gospel as they do about football, and all sports for that matter.

I used a regular bowl. While the Seahawks played very well, they didn't change my life.

In a regular bowl or a superbowl?

I didn't watch it either, HC.  It is nice to know that Seattle won their first super bowl, though.

Amen, John!  We so desperately need the gospel in these countries b/c "christendom" has been deluded in these areas and the world for that matter. That is so sad to hear that, John.  While I do not

We have only had one Sunday that was almost too bad to go. It was bad enough we didnt run any busses, but thete were a lot tnhere. Yhat night, ee had a whole lot more snow, and my hubby didn't start

looking forward to church tonight

It certainly is, HC.  Aaak, is right!  Well, I am home for today.  I wonder what the roads will be like tomorrow morning for church?  My first pastor is preaching, b/c his son (my pastor) is out of to

If that's 7-9 inches of layered cake that might not be bad but if it's snow--YIKES!!!

Ours are humid, too. I love storms that break the humidity. ..as long as there are no tornadoes. I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise.

The humidity didn't really bother me when I was younger but it sure does now. High humidity seems to sap be really bad and just thinking is enough to make me sweat!

Heat wave, Lynnie.    I was a bit surprised when I got up this morning, and it was snowing pretty steady.  It's been like this all day.  It is beautiful as long as you don't drive in it.  If the youth

SKIING! In northern Canada, it's known as 'the only way to get anywhere'. I am mostly kidding of course.

New joke! How do you know you're an IFB lady? When it takes you fifteen minutes and checking every corner of your room to remember where you stored your solitary pair of pants for skiing. :rolle

IM4given- 10,977 posts, 0 Neutral. Ashlee- 3,287 posts, 0 Neutral. mafie-k- 5,997 posts, 0 Neutral.   Oh. Thanks John81, that makes sense now.   Never mind DaveW.

On Tuesday night our revival message was from Jeremiah and Lamentations. COOL!!

After we are married for awhile we find out it's all those little things that mean a lot over the years. It's good to have someone wonderful to grow old with.


yes i just did it... yippeeeee

i think I stuttered..

Gonna go read.

This is the thread that never ends, Yes it goes on and on my friends, Some people started commenting in it not knowing what it was, And they'll continue commenting just because, This is the thread

A bird singing in my windowsill. How pleasant.

Some people have all the fun!

I was saved in September 1981. It's amazing to look back over the years and notice the hand of God in my life.

No fins!

Sounds interesting.

In my experience it's the RLDS who say they're not Mormon and the LDS don't shy away from the admission.

He went to the †   He was buried ◙   ...but the stone was rolled away! ◘○    o/


Sure, candle. I'll get the info together and share it with you.

Nearly all the Catholics I know are heavy drinkers. It's sad to see former "protestants" who join the RCC follow the same lifestyle choices of so many Catholics...cursing, drinking, smoking and such.

Sounds like a great sermon to hear and learn from!   It's a real shame there are so many folks who talk good of Jesus, say they love God, sometimes even attend church, most often think they are goin

fish jokes are hard... they always flounder.

Exactly.  It doesn't take much to please old married couples.  I truly believe that love grows over time, too.  I love being married.  Even in an abusive first marriage, I still loved having a husband

Nice job, John!  My hubby takes care of me like that, too!

The Weather had been just GGGRRRRREEEEEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT the past two to three days!     Strange, when its hot, its to hot to work, when it rains its to wet to work, when its real cold its t

One thing I've noticed when asking someone else if I can use their fingers & toes so that I can count past 20 they give me a very strange look them seem to get as far away from me as quickly as po

Why, thank you, sir!   Hmm... maybe I'll reopen that Cameroon thread and tell some stories as I remember them.

Happy day, Happy Christian!   Seems to be a lot of cold air across the country and snow, ice and rain too.

You may very well be on a winner with that - surely no-one would dare to post after that. ;)

That was bad in Illinois.

When we are young we want time to go faster so we can reach this age, then that age, then another, and then be all grown up so "we can do whatever we want!" Well, by the time we are really grown up we

Yep. Spring and Autumn are the best here. Cool nights, beautiful clear sunny days - but not too hot. Winter here is great - not too cold, not too grey, not too wet. Summer here is just hot - but at

So it's not just me then?..... :D

Thank you, the more & more I read my Bible, & meditate on it, the more & more I look forward to that wonderful "Homegoing," that will be so much greater than any Homecoming event that we m

What a joy to have perfect weather forever!

So true, but a feather duster, if things there are like they are here, it would be very usable almost daily. Of course you might not be around to see her use it!    Think about this, there will be

Happy birthday to her.....

The trouble is, I don't get my way to often! Yet, once in a while I can say this to someone, "Arkansas weather never gets better than it is today."   And today is one of those days! 

I love it when everything is just right, not to hot, nor to cold!   As my age grows the more I feel that way! 

Our oldest son, the rebellious one, after he moved out called back home to ask his mom how she made her firecracker casserole. It seems he had mentioned liking that to a friend so his mom made them a

We went to a Youth Rally Friday and had one of my teenager's friends go with us. He got saved at 2:00 Saturday Morning.  

Right, it looks about right for Fall. What comes after Fall is what I really do not care for, cold weather! For some reason I neither care for cold nor hot weather! More so as I get older!

How about this, 'Its hard to ignore it when things aren't just right!"   And one day in the future in Heaven, "Everything will be just right!"

It is snowing in Jerusalem today.  Isn't it awesome how HE controls the weather!

We plan to have round steak, taters and carrots cooking in our crock pot sometime Saturday so it will be ready when we get home from church Sunday.

Chicken breast cooking in the crock pot today.  I'm going to make sandwiches out of some of it tonight and then soup tomorrow.

Who's worrying about summer yet? We still have to get through 3 more months of winter.

Amen!!! From your lips to God's ear!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yes, it's awesome, awesomely watered down! Rick Warren is spot on trying to appease the world while trying to be a Christian leader.   May the one become dusty and the other set his feet firmly on t

Anyone who posts after me thinks the New Living Translation is awesome and Rick Warren is spot on.

The thread's going to close? Never! Where would we go to talk about absolutely nothing?  

I read about that this evening. And in Cairo. Global warming...bwahahaha!

Bless your heart!! Stay warm up there!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yippee, bring on the longer days. 

It will be nice to have more daylight and less darkness.

Praise God for His divine protection!   I try to stay in on New Years Eve. When I was younger I had to be out more often, but not now so I stay put.   I never did get how it could seem fun to get

We got all the way up to 63º today, they say we might hit 70º tomorrow!   I spent the afternoon trying to get rid of some of the pecan tree leaves, I only made a very small dent in them, & I tol

Ah, but wait, Dave...if it snows in Egypt, could Perth be far behind?  

It's really just a matter of gravity, the same as with rain

In the late 1800's ROBert Louis Stevenson wrote a book,(1 among many), called "Dynamiter", and in it he details some interesting details on the 'horror' of Mormonism. Imaginary story, but I think som

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There is a bald eagle here in the Pasadena and Glen Burnie area of Maryland. His area goes from the Chesapeake Bay to Marley creek, about a 10 mile area. I have seen him real close once. It was pretty scary . He was huge.

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I wasn't all that far from the Mississippi River when I saw all these eagles.

It used to be very rare to see eagles around here but these days they are thick. I've seen upwards of about 50 at one time the past couple of winters.

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I was at a restaurant here in Florida awhile back and they had "Snow Bird Special" listed on the menu. I asked them what does Snow Bird taste like, anyways, as I have never eaten a Snow Bird before! Without missing a beat the waitress said "Tastes like chicken!"

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Where all will you be going?

Well, I have no idea of what travel plans will come up and surprise us. We're planning to head home to Minnesota in June, and we'll have to atleast make a trip to Indiana sometime and perhaps do a little more traveling, but hopefully not too far and wide. We plan to stay in the states until after our baby is born, and then head back to China in mid-September. (all as the Lord wills/directs, of course!)
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The warmer weather woke up our resident squishy bugs and sent them out for a stroll across our floor this morning. :gross: I saw 3 and killed the 2 that I could get. Ugh, I need to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them for good!

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