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Great, the election is over!!


Oh, wait a minute, now they'll be trying to tell us what all this does and doesn't mean and then we'll have to deal with a virtual two year run for president.



Cheer up, John.  Next election, they will all be good guys, all telling you the truth and no lies, no negative ads, nothing but honest John's and honest Pilgrim's just like you and I.  So relax every thing is fine.  :smug:

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Cheer up, John.  Next election, they will all be good guys, all telling you the truth and no lies, no negative ads, nothing but honest John's and honest Pilgrim's just like you and I.  So relax every thing is fine.  :smug:

Did you have a prophetic vision of the coming reign of Christ occurring before the next election?

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after I rejoiced over the elections the Lord spoke to my heart and said but he is still president.. so keep praying Saints of God

While I'm glad the elections took a Republican turn rather than Democrat, when I look to what sort of Republicans were elected and where the Republican Party is heading, and listened to what so many said, I didn't find anything to rejoice in.


Many are already pointing out it wasn't conservatives that won elections, but the "moderate" Republicans. The Republican Party leadership has been pushing for a "more diverse offering of candidates", by which they mean more "moderates", more women, more blacks, more hispanics, more "gays", so they can claim the Republican Party "truly represents America".


I've heard many Republicans now calling even somewhat conservative Republicans "far Right conservatives". Most of the Republican Party doesn't want to restore the government to its constitutional bounds, they don't want to work to reestablish the more traditional and Christian based nation. Instead there are calls and plans for tinkering around the edges in order to "fix" those things they should be opposed to and working to eliminate.


A few still use the old catch phrases of "limited government" or "smaller government" but if we listen carefully to what they are saying, their idea of both isn't a matter of literally eliminating unconstitutional programs, agencies, regulations and laws, it's only a matter of tweaks in the tax code.


Meanwhile, most Republicans have already made up their mind they won't present any real challenge to OBama when he goes against them because they are afraid of the media backlash and afraid doing so will hurt them in 2016.


Indeed, we need to be in much, continual prayer.

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  • Lady Administrators

John, while there were a number of the old guard of the GOP re-elected, there were a number of really good people elected, too.  Mia Love (I don't like her Mormonism, but I like her politics...she believes in the Constitution and that We the People are to be heard and that counts for a lot).


David Brat - knows economics (is a prof) and can be a real asset to budget discussions.


David Perdue - a businessman who is successful. I don't care if he's got a lot of money (I'm kinda tired of successful people being sullied by the press. progressives, and even Christians...money in itself is not wrong, and if God has given someone the ability to make it by creating jOBs I say go for it!); he's got that money because he's good at what he does. Unlike folk like BO and his ilk who get their money by bilking the populace...


Joni Ernst, IA, shocked progressives by winning...they knew that if IA went, so, too, would their majority in the US Senate.  Joni has been in politics for a while, but I wouldn't class her as a politician.  She embodies much that we need in Congress: She wants the IRS, the DEA, and the EPA eliminated. Something that anyone who believes the Constitution should favor. She is pro-gun and she, as a state senator, so-sponsored bills to nullify bad federal law - something that so many people don't understand that states have not only the power but the responsibility to do. So that makes her a states' rights person not by speech, but by action.


Chris McDaniel would have won MO, I believe, had Thad Cochran not cheated in their runoff (by pushing the idea that McDaniel was racist, and having black Democrats - who had already voted in the primary - vote in the GOP runoff...of course, he wasn't brought to bear about it and a number of old guard GOP [including IN Sen. Dan Coats -grrr ] donated thousands of dollars to help Thad win).  We would have been rid of McConnell as well had Rand Paul endorsed his opponent - a good guy - in the KY primary.  The idea for many of them is pragmatic: gotta get the Senate into GOP hands. They just didn't understand the mood of the electorate. Tired of progressive garbage, they would have elected more Tea Party candidates had they been offered.


Now we need to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they do what they should have been doing all along.  That is We the People - we are who God ordained to be in control in this country when He allowed this form of representative government and we are wrong to let the ball drop.

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We already let the ball drop by allowing a powerful Two-Party system to develop and take over much of the voting process. To a large degree, they control who can seriously run for office, and who can't. They control the rules for getting on the ballot, they control the rules for who gets to participate in debates.


So, out of a nation of 300,000,000, each election cycle we are presented with their very limited offering of candidates as our "choice" to represent us.


Then, after each election the same two Parties are in control playing the same game they've been playing for decades.


McConnell, right after winning the election, caves to OBama as he gives up two key powers of congress by declaring he won't allow a government shut-down or allow the nation to hit the debt ceiling. That automatically hands the balance of budget power into the hands of OBama and the Dems.


Boehner talks tough and then gives in. He's been opposed to the Tea Party and those in congress who are aligned with them. He's claimed he could get something done if it wasn't for the Tea Party congressmen which refuse to vote as he wants them to.


I would certainly love to be surprised and see some real, positive changes take place, but neither the current political climate nor recent history shows any signs of that happening.


In any event, history does show us that no matter the government, Christianity sometimes thrives even under terribly adverse conditions, but even when it doesn't, God always saves a remnant. Followers of Christ made it through the Roman Empire, Catholic hegemony over Europe, Bloody Mary, communism and a host of other wicked oppressions over the past 2,000 years.

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      Havent been on for years, but have been studying with Jews for Jesus weekly Bible Study which has been wonderful.  Not sure any of your views on that group, but if you are from a Jewish background a great place to be grounded in the word and to learn.
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      I am a researcher and writer at Watch Unto Prayer which I started 25 years ago. On this website there are many well-documented articles and audio programs by myself and other researchers whose ministry is to expose the endtime apostasy of the Church. Now more than ever Christians need information in order to identify and avoid the various deceptions that are in nearly all the churches.
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      Brother Tony, I read your reply on Anderson, I know you all think I'm argumentative but, when you don't agree.....the first thought I had is, I wish you would introduce me to the guy that hasn't sinned, maybe David, that had a man killed so he could commit adultery, yet, he was & is a man after Gods own heart, or maybe Paul the guy that persecuted and had Christians killed, or maybe Richg or Kent H, or even you ! I used to listen to personalities also when I was younger but today and for some time, my only concern is, does it line up with scripture & to me its hilarious that you think "I'm in a fix" LOL, I interpreted what we've discussed perfectly, not because I'm smart, but because with an open mind to things of God, its an easy read.
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