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Hey grandpa...what's fer supper?   Sauteed chicken Fryin' in the pan Just a li'l pepper Shook from a can Sliced up purdy A work of art And corn on the cOB Fresh from Walmart   yuuuum yuuuuu

Homemade tacos tonight.  

fried chicken fried squash from my garden mashed potato's and green beans from last years garden with cornbread and iced tea and a whole lot of thanking the lord.

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Paid a visit to Macknade and so. had a bit of everything. Well not everything, but it seemed so.


So if you are in England, in Kent, in North Kent, in Faversham visit Mackenade.

But if you do a Google search, be sure to spell it Macknade, as it is spelled Macknade on the south side of the A2 and Mackenade on the North side. For a feast to your eyes, go to http://www.macknade.com/gallery.html and select "Autoplay" Bon Apetit.

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Today we are having "surf and turf". I will be heading down to the local market...the fish and meat are great, there. Salad, of course...hubby loves it. Baked potato, fresh beans, biscuits, and juice and/or sun tea to drink. I will pick up something for dessert, too...I am thinking pie. Maybe...blueberry or peach?


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Freshwater fish. The rain has been bringing in lots of various kinds of fish from Lake Erie. People are fishing at the pier like crazy...between the raindrops. :clap: We are known for trout, bass, and walleye...among others.


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