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Hey grandpa...what's fer supper?   Sauteed chicken Fryin' in the pan Just a li'l pepper Shook from a can Sliced up purdy A work of art And corn on the cOB Fresh from Walmart   yuuuum yuuuuu

Homemade tacos tonight.  

fried chicken fried squash from my garden mashed potato's and green beans from last years garden with cornbread and iced tea and a whole lot of thanking the lord.

Fresh crab, shrimp, fish, corn, potatoes ----- that was last night. Stir fried vegetables, rice, chicken -- that was tonight.   My marriage is a keeper -- she keeps me spoiled, I keep h

Someone told me today to "stuff it" sooooo...tonight its Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, Cheddar and Pico stuffed Mushrooms, and baked potato with all the stuffings.  After the Strawberry Shortcake for des

My sons are taking me to my favorite steak house for Prime Rib, their super sized baked potato with all the fixings, steamed vegies, and their own in-house brewed sarsaparilla with is out of this worl

First day of school for me today.  So in honor of "school days" again, I will have a "school lunch menu" dinner.  Cheese pizza, though I will use REAL cheese and not that powdered stuff on a shingle I

Picnic for lunch. Roast turkey with sauté potatoes and tomato for dinner.  Black coffee.  

Wild Turkey harvested just this week during the spring turkey season, and wild onions, with lambs quarters (kind of a wild spinach).  By the way, wild turkey doesn't taste anything like the butterball

Had the most incredible homemade "camp style' beef stew tonight with sweet cornbread made in a cast iron skillet that was out of this world.  Iced tea with NO SUGAR in it, and strawberry rhubarb pie f

Sure sign that spring has arrived!  The Spring salmon run has begun.  I am eating super fresh salmon that was swimming up the Umpqua River about 4 hours ago, with Asparagus and Butternut Squash.   B

Lasagna!  Nuff said.  That's the entire meal and dessert rolled into one!

Chicken tikka masala

My son told me a couple of days ago that if I bought hamburger, he'd go out and cook them on the grill for me!  I was like, "Isn't it a little cold?"  (He's tough, you know.......he's a teenager, now)

last night.......sloppy joes and fresh corn on the cOB

We had that last night! Hard shell and soft shell.

I had planned on doing that last night, but my hubby just wanted something that was quick. Hence, pizza.  Tonight we will have hard shell.  I got those shells that have flat bases so they'll stand up.

Thanks for the latest update Mike. It sounds like some good progress, although small. The encouraging thing is that even though the progress is slow, it is positive progress and each little bit adds u

turkey burger with mushrooms and green beans

last night...grilled chicken, blue lake green beans and Mama's pecan pie

baked chicken breast, mushrooms and green beans

Last night we had chicken, noodles, and broccoli.  Leftovers tonight.


Inspired by a cooking program on the Food Channel that has expert chefs in competition to create appetizing meals out of a wide variety of seemingly unrelated random ingredients, I decided to clean ou

Apple Pork Chop, garlic baby reds, grilled asparagus, and cheese bread. A strawberry mouse for dessert.

Pizza for lunch, egg salad for supper.

Took my wife out to celebrate our 26th Anniversary. We had Prime Rib, Baked Potato and a type Three Bean Salad. The restaurant gave us a piece of layer cake that had chocolate frosting and some kind o

Corn on the cOB, beans, BBQ ribs, salad, cornbread.

It's opening day of Baseball!!!  Tonight is Hot Dogs, Garlic Fries, Soda, and Peanuts!  Nacho's for the afternoon game between services.  My favorite local team the Mariners won't be starting until to

Made myself homemade Yorkshire puddings the other day. No meat, no gravy - just the puddings.  Mmmm. Can't wait to try the real deal in York in a few weeks! 

Pickles are nasty! I never liked them. It amazes me that restaurants cannot seem to build a sandwich without pickles. Every time I go for a hamburger I have to specify; NO PICKLES.    And it does

Fried chicken seasoned with ground celery and bay, mushrooms and tomato and asparagus.

Straight cranberry juice.  MMMMMMMMMmmmm    God bless, Larry

That's extra packed protein for you.

KFC for tonight.  Am thankful for buy one/get one coupons! 

Eagle taking an injured fish I had just released at Hemlock Lake, OR.

Nachos and rice. Quick dinner because we still had lots of preparation for tomorrow's party for our nursing home ministry helpers.

My wife and the family we're staying with are teaching each other different things in the kitchen. They have taught her how to make gallo pinto, she taught true Southern fried chicken. She's learning

Yummy! Looks like marinated chicken breasts! Can't wait!! With mashed taters!! Wee!!

I would love to say that it is for entirely "spiritual" reasons, but by the time I get out of school and off work, I can barely make it to Wednesday services on time.  I simply have no time for supper

Sunny and 90 today and I have a day off of work and school!  Time to head into the gorgeous mountains and fir forests of Southern Oregon and hike to waterfalls, so a family bucket of KFC with all the

Fixed fried chicken, noodles, corn, and biscuits last night. Mmm, mmm good.    Yes, 2bL - pictures would be great!  I love seeing pics of the Pacific Northwest.  I miss it so much.

Yesterday I had red Thai curry and rice.  Today I had green Thai curry and rice.

A Korean friend of mine told me Sunday at church to come by her house last night - she gave me a plate full of delicious homemade egg rolls.  She is famous at our church for her egg rolls...and they a

The only thing better than the lasagna last night is leftover lasagna tonight.  For some reason, lasagna is one of those foods that seems to be better the 2nd day.  Going to try a recipe that says it

Fresh razorback clams dug up by friends this morning who just got back from Vancouver WA.  Those were soooooo good breaded, and for me (the others have no taste) doused in Malt Vinegar  Homemade cornb

I have the soul winners dinner tonight so I have to prepare for 40 people.  Our church is having an "Oregon Trail" promotion/contest this month, so I am making "wagon train" food.  Big pot of Beans, w

I've tried couscous before (from a Moroccan restaurant). Very similar in size to rice, and the taste of the couscous itself was rather bland. However, mixed with the other things that were on the plat

I do something similar to what Invicta posted, only I do it with different kinds of vegetables. I use a flat baking dish with low sides. I try to cut all the vegetables approximately the same size so

We've maintained a family tradition that on your birthday we make the supper you want. One of my granddaughters turned 4 today so we had what she wanted. Fish, shrimp, collard greens with cabbage

My wife doesn't like vinegar in stir fry or sweetness so I just use soy sauce, although I sometimes sneak in a little honey and rice wine vinegar. Not sure what I am doing this evening.  Probably

Ah, I see.  Well, properly cooked fried rice is not greasy at all.  But if you use coconut oil there isn't a greasy feel or taste. I can't stand grease, either. When I cook hamburger for spaghetti or

Well...guess what I'm having... Raw spinach salad with chicken breast.  Shocker! LOL!

I often do a shrimp stir fry, my own recipe. But stir fry is not really fried food in the sense that it is not breaded and fried like chicken. Mine consists of shrimp, various vegetables, and several

I made my stew of potatoes, beets and carrots.  I call it my "Family Tree Stew."  You know, because of all of the roots. I tried German sausage, but they were the wurst.

Grilled chicken breast, served with steamed Jersey Royal new potatoes and asparagus in a cheese and chive sauce, and browned under the grill served with steamed carrot and celery.   

Shrimp Stir Fry.  My very own recipe. Love this stuff!!!

You took the Hawaiian's dinner rolls?  

When you have chicken you have it all, no need for anything else....why? Because once you eat the whole chicken there is no room for anything else. 

your dinner sounded good Invicta   i only ate 1/2 of a Klondike so John n his wife could have the last two

Happy Anniversary Sonday John and Mrs

Our anniversary is Saturday so I took my wife to Ponderosa for the buffet.

Shortly before my wife and I met she had been on a year long course in Paris for teachers.  While there she was introduced to cous cous by th Algerian pastor of the church she went to while she was th

Took my wife out to lunch today to celebrate her birthday, which was yesterday.  So this evening just had a fairly plain salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion, all from the garden.

Fried chicken, cornbread, scalloped taters, butterbeans

I've got an idea Invicta, if you invite me for dinner there will be no more leftover chicken. Matter of fact, there may not be any for you.   

Beef roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, green beans for lunch.  For supper, took some friends out for pizza as a good-bye. They are leaving today to head to New York where he is going to be

On Friday we were in Calais and Had lunch in Flunch.  They had and American festival where most dishes we supposed to be American, mostly burgers, which names such as NY, Nevada, Tennessee, and then t

I'm going to have a good old american cheese burger and fries.

Good ol' meatloaf! (with apologies to my diet.)

We are going to have a big salad for supper tonight.  

cranking the grill back up 

NO MORE HOMEWORK, NO MORE BOOKS, NO MORE TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS!  I just finished the last of my finals and its summer break!  In honor of the kid in me that still gets excited about summer break from s

Momma made homemade chicken-n-dumplings tonight. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm. Added a big glass of sweet tea, and now I'm a very gastricly satisfied man. (If "gastricly" aint a word, it oughta be)

A bit late in replying Jim,  but I did roast veggies today served with a chicken  breast portion.  I add salt and pepper a little finely ground Herbes de Provence and a touch of ground garlic with a g

Sounds like a beautiful mix of a dog, HC.  Well, my MIL called me back.  This is quite an extensive recipe.  I have seen her make it, labor over it before, so that is why I have passed in making it.  

This does sound delicious! Will definitely try it this fall/winter (we don't do much baking in the summer because the kitchen gets far too hot). Thanks!

Chicken salad for lunch.    Vegetables for supper.  Potatoes and asparagus in Hollandaise sauce, Brussels sprouts, new carrots, fried mushrooms with onion and tomatoes.  Yummy.  I was intending to h

I really like horseradish with fried chicken. It's good with roast beef, too, but I much prefer it with the chicken.   Jim, my brother is like you in that he doesn't like sauces with his meats be

I never met a chicken that I didn't like.   

Trout at Cracker Barrel

Doesn't Wendy mind?    

Hiking trail to Susan Creek Falls.

Sad to say, no. I do though enjoy all of the fellowship dinners very much, so, I am not too concerned whether or not they have Chinese dishes. If I want a real good Chinese dinner I just ask

Buttermilk fried chicken, collards with pepper juice, blackeyes, corn, buttermilk biscuits w/ butter (not margarine).

Shrimp Tempura, Crab cakes, Japanese vegetables with Ginger and Garlic seasoning, and Custard or Red Bean paste filled Yatsuhashi for desert!  We are entertaining a Japanese exchange student who is an

We had our mother/daughter banquet at church tonight. Chef salad, parmesan chicken breast in butter sauce, roasted veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, and fudge oreo parfait. Dee-licious. The lesson af

That was just the first portion of my meal. I had three more servings of that afterwards.

Invicta - Chicken Tonight used to be sold here in America. I remember seeing it on the shelves, but don't remember ever trying it.     2bL - when our son was younger, he wasn't allowed to say he did

We are in France for a few days,  We wanted somewhere that would do a vegetarian meal for my wife. We tried the hotel restaurant without sucess, then the restaurant at the local hypermarket, but they

Since I just had 14 teeth removed new dentures upper and lower put in on Friday, I am afraid all I can have for supper is a chocolate Protein shake.  It hurts to chew even a piece of bread right now.

Country Ham fried potatoes and green beans. Then fried potatoes, onions, scrambled eggs and chopped ham in a mess for breakfast.

Japanese exchange student is gone.  I am having HAMBURGER with extra BACON and CHEESE on it , FRENCH FRIES with skin still on, a DILL PICKLE, and a COKE.     I did like the Sushi though, but am glad

I'll read the first one, Linda can read the second.  LOL

Homemade chili and cornbread (now that'll make your tongue slap your brains out!)

Church fellowship lunch today.  Ella celebrated her 100th. birthday.   Good number attended. Ella was originally brought to our church coffee morning by Giselle a Belgian member of our church som

I still have half of my pizza dough in the fridge so we will probably have pizza again for one meal. We can't have get togethers as we are in Lockdown.  We are only supposed to have those who we

Thank you for the update Mike, I will surely be in prayer about her and your health problems. Not being able to breath properly is extremely stressful. I hope the docs don't list it as Covid19 be

Thanks for the concern. As of this morning, when she was on just room air for about 10 minutes using the restroom, she came back and checked her oxygen and was at about 89%, so getting better slowly.

Sorry about your cold HC. Summer colds are the worst because that is always when all the good stuff goes on that you miss. I'm batching it tonight but have every intention of grilling burgers for myse

Kinda sappy, but got my wife a heart shaped pizza tonight before church.  

Got a Pork Loin Roast in the crock pot on low with baby reds, baby carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers and onion, and onion soup mix.  I have fresh sourdough bread (made from starter began by my grandmot

Just finished preparing TOMORROW nights dinner.  Making the best lasagna recipe I know of, from an expert.  If you are seeking a quick and inexpensive lasagna recipe this is NOT it!  It will take over

Blackened grilled salmon, asparagus, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with CHEESE sauce (that's for candlelight), and crescent rolls. 

Tonight, fried pork chops with fried taters from our own garden, and probably carrots, not from our own garden. Next year.

I was brought up during the war and there was very little meat  so we had to eat vegetables. The only vegetable I remember were potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions and cabbage.  My dad used to grow so

My memory is like that.  Someone once said, "My memory is what I forget with."

Tonight: Baked chicken with an orange chicken sauce, rice a roni fried rice with added peas, corn and green beans.  Last night: beef stir fry with rice night before last: I don't remember. 

Today we had a big lunch with our family.  Our son in law, did roast lamb carrots, runner beans and cauliflower..  I did roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, because I have a timer on my oven and can ge

gnocchi is a small potato dumpling

Now that you said that HC, I think I may have remembered wrong, shooters is the term for raw oysters. Thanks

HC, if my memory serves me I seem to remember that on the east coast sliders are raw shucked oysters. Why are your rolls called sliders?

I had leftover Shepherd's Pie from my daughter's fridge.  Kay had a Mozzarella and Red Pepper Parcel from Aldi. Tomorrow for lunch my daughter is doing hosptallity for church. I supplied salmon w

We rarely have frozen vegetables except peas and broad beans.  My mother in law seemed to be allergic to them.  We discovered this when shje came to us, whenever we used frozen peas, she went absolute

I will try to get asound to putting my recipe for cous cous on here sometime.  It is not like any TV or online recipe I have seen.  I will say now that cous cous is a type of pasta, unline any other t

HC, Herbes de Provence are available on Amazon,com as are many other herbs, The main herbs I use are as above, and Persillade (From the French persil = parsley)  my jar says 40% parsley, 30% garl

I never fry  bacon, just pop it in the microwave an a plate covered with a sheet of kitchen tissue, and it crisps up in a few minutes.  You have to be careful not to overdo it.  There is so much water

We had homemade nachos tonight. We didn't have any refried beans, so I opened a can of chili to put on my hubs' nachos along with his taco meat and other stuff. He ate a few bites and told me from now

I picked 5 beefsteak tomatoes from one plant in the garden over the last few days.  One I stuffed and my wife and I shared it.  One I gave to a neigbour, two I made tomato soup with today (they weighe

We are celebrating me getting a new job at the VA Hospital so it is Elk Backstrap from our hunt this year!  Having it with delicata squash (some call it peanut squash) from our garden and Yukon Gold p

Neither have I.    I like duck but I usually only buy duck breasts.  When I have bought whole duck there seems to be less meat on it.

When my hubs was in college, there were several married students in attendance. We all learned, together, how to stretch our food budgets and pray in supplies. My hubs hit a deer...meat for weeks!  An

When I worked in an office in London We went for our annual Christmas meal.  Very few had turkey most had other options. We once went to an Italian restaurant. I had trout  in a delicious cream sauce

I don't eat pork and when the have Pork at our seniors lunch I usually take my own meat or have the vegetarian option. Next Tuesday we will hold our Christmas lunch, we be having turkey as usual.

Pork steak, potatoes, and salad. I'm not crazy about pork steak, so I'll be having leftover meatloaf.

Raw Spinach salad with grilled chicken. : P

Wise man!

Korma is very mild. It has a lot of coconut milk in it.  It is not my favourite, I prefer something a it more spicy.  I don't know of any Indian restaurants in our town, but we have at least two Nepal

Your potatoes sound very tasty, Invicta! I've never had anything with H de P as available to you. From what I understand, Italian seasoning is quite similar, though.  I have heard that duck and g

Not too good.  I made it to the recipe but it was a very sticky dough and I found it hard to knead.  It tasted alright but I overcooked it,  Went to sleep and didn't hear the timer.  I still have the

There is a lot to be said for knowing how to properly cut meat, it makes all the difference in the world. I was blessed in that I worked as a butcher for many years as a young man. This served me well

Tonight we'll be having fried chicken. 

@Ukulelemike, please let your wife know I'm praying for her. I hope she gets back on her feet and feeling better soon. Today we had our monthly potluck, so tonight was leftovers. Three cheese zit

Ahh, but Taco Bell doesn't have a lot of Mexican food -- it's Tex-Mex ---- which is English for Americans faking Mexican for the purpose of satisfying the American palate.

Thank you, I will do that. Its been a long road and we're still walking it, but its getting better, just a slooow process. 

OK, the key to perfection is uniformity. In this case uniformity is in the form of every vegetable, except one, cut to as close to the same size as possible. Size depends of personal preference, but i

This evening I had grilled tomatoes, bacon and fried eggs. We have a surfeit of tomatoes from the garden, I took a lot to church yesterday for people but still have lots,  

It is a mild curry,  I got the sauce from a jar.   I had the same today, still some left in the jar which I will probably use on Monday.

Not only Cajun, but CHICKEN! LOL - that just makes our son shake his head every time. Going to a SEAFOOD place and ordering FOWL. heheheh   It's like going to a steak place and ordering hamburger (whi

We can buy a packet of lamb gravy with a hint of mint I used lamb gravy powder and added some dried mint to it.  Here it is traditional to have mint sauce with lamb, but I prefer to add it to the grav

Orange peel chicken stir fry.

Chicken, Broccoli & Rice

I love chicken also, but never in place of seafood. My ancestral roots are tied to the sea and seafood. Born in Gloucester Mass., oldest fishing port in the U.S.

Tomorrow is our potluck at church. I'm bringing onion burgers and sloppy joes. I made low carb buns for Randy. Mom mad a pineapple upside down cake. I made an individual one for Randy that's low carb.

(is he laughing or is he munching nachos....?)

We bought 2 packs of stir fry vegetables.  One was labelled Chinese vegetables,  The other just said stir fry vegetables with noodles.  I fry them in a little oil and add some toasted sesame oil to gi

Well, no tacos. My hubs had to go to work tonight. So we just had hamburger patties and macaroni and cheese. Tacos sometime.

It's Cinco de Maya today, so tacos, of course. =D  As if we need an excuse to eat Mexican. Especially the homemade stuff!

Asparagus has a short season here in S.E. Ohio too. We used to eat it with a white cream sauce over it. There are so many great ways to fix asparagus. My daughter-in-law introduced me to asparagus wit

Tomato omelette with asparaus.  My asparagus is growing well.  It has the shortest season of any British vegetable so I will make the most of it.

We had Chez Cordon Grabwhatchacan.

Love potluck at church, lots of good different foods and great fellowship.

Soupe au Pistou with French bread.

That's what the generator was for. I think it needs a new voltage regulator.  

My wife used to make a recipe called Boston Baked Beans.  She has not done it for years and I cannot remember what it was like. She also did a Napolean Bean Salad. Since she was ill 20 years ago I hav

I never thought of cream cheese, I'll have to try it. I have tried a mixture of medium cheddar and pepper jack, that was pretty good too.

Sorry about the beans Invicta. When I think of beans I always think of dry beans that we usually make baked beans out of. usually if I mention beans in the context of a green vegetable I will say "gre

Sounds very much like my kind of mac and cheese LuAnne. If we were not so far apart I might try to wheedle an invite from you and Randy. Do you have a preference in cheese?

Pork, beef, lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, duck, goose, rabbit, et al, it's ALL gooood.  We even named one of our new kittens Ham. Granted, it is because we named them Ham, Shem and Japheth. But Ham loo

Somehow I have never developed a taste for Mexican food. I think it may have to do with my upbringing on the east coast. I am old enough to remember that when I was growing up I never heard of Mexican

Now your talking my language. Like Emeril says: "Pork Fat Rules!" Nothing better than a pork roast with pork gravy. To me side pork is better than bacon, although I love both.

I should have joined you for supper!

Sure.  1 1/2 large heads of broccoli; 1/2 c butter; 1 small onion; 1/2 c. flour; 2 c. milk; 1 c. grated cheddar cheese; 2 cans chicken broth (homemade is best if you have it) Cook cut up bro

With my wife sick again, I am doing the cooking. Last night has thin steaks and baked potatoes. Not sure about tonight, because I forgot to take anything out to thaw, but I will think of something! 

Care to give an update on Delia, Mike. I will be in prayer for her and the situation.

This is probably not something that many like, or will even eat; but I made breaded and fried chicken livers. Broccoli florets as a veggie. I like all liver, but am really partial to chicken liver.

Homemade chili, and, if my wife is able to make it, cornbread. I used to think Spaghetti Bolognese was spaghetti with bologna in it. lol. Also, blech!

I've eaten both chicken and beef liver. I like them both, but I prefer chicken livers and could eat it all day long! I also like chicken gizzards! 

Not part of the topic, but since I was asked, While she was in the hospital a year ago, one of the things they didn't tell her about was that she had ARDS, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which i

pad thai , crab wantons and raspberry ice cream   oh no John, I'll send ya a couple more

Had a good lunch.  Chicken in sage and onion gravy, steamed carrots, green beans and  baked potatoes ( we call them jacket potatoes, The French call them  potatoes in their robes of the earth.)  All v

They must have melted before they got this far

i'll send ya a couple thru cyber space...

Thanks.  Yes I am feeling better.  I have not been feeling good for weeks.  I went to the doctor on Monday. I had a pain in my upper right arm and couldn't lift my coffee cup or even raise my arm to t

14 oz T-Bone steak, grilled asparagus, grilled mushrooms and onions, baked potato loaded, sweet cornbread made in an iron skillet, and sun tea (a rarity in Oregon in April)! Homemade strawberry c

Smoked Haddock fish cake with sautéed potatoes done in butter with parsley and garlic, green beans in a cream sauce with parsley an garlic.  Apricot and mixed berry crumble with Cornish dairy ice crea

Salmon with brown rice followed by a banana for dessert.

Fresh Dungeness Crab caught in Bandon, OR during our Father/Son camping trip!  Eaten with a wide variety of cheeses from Face Rock Creamery in Bandon we toured, along with steaks we brought not knowin

I just found out that I have never had Jambalaya before in my life.  I just thought I had had it lots of times...Well, tonight some new members who have lived in Louisiana all their lives just made so

glad you are feeling better. take care

Dinner tonight I can 100% guarantee you no one will want to share.  All I get to have for dinner tonight is Colonoscopy liquid (see not even the sites spell checker wants to accept that it tells me th

I love pork chops any way they are cooked. Did I ever give you my own special recipe for them HC?

My recipe has eggs and ham in it.  I usually use rendered pork fat as well.  Nice recipe for when we want something different.  

We had a family dinner this evening in Everest Inn, Ashford, to celebrate our eldest grandson's engagement, His sister's 18th birthday (2 months late) Their youngest sister's 5th birthday, today.  The

We had a big lunch as our former foster son came with his wife and three children.  We had a salad starter, then I did Poulet comptoise, gratin de pomme de terre a la Dijonaise, roast parsnips, mushro

​Thanks, My wife says it is 47 years.  She remembers these things.

That sounds really tasty, Invicta! I had a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal. Sometimes a bowl of cereal for supper is just right.

I had meatball subs minus the subs cause I was too tired to toast the bread and blt macaroni salad.

Ah, Jim - it's so tasty! =D  As to the west coast/Mexican food, actually when I was growing up, Mexican food was predominantly Taco Bell (in WA...probably the real stuff in CA, TX, etc). I don't care

Chicken and noodles. These are homemade noodles. My wife saves and freezes leftover chicken, including the bones and juices. She then slow cooks the chicken stuff overnight and makes a thick broth to

Yes, I understand Invicta. To my mind water injection of meat is totally deceptive and its only purpose is increased profit. Ham has long been known as one of the easiest meats to be injected and is n

We have had much higher temperatures this winter.  Heavy rain almost every day  high winds for the last few days.  I had Thai style king prawn and lemon grass fish cakes with chips and peas for l

I went with the vanilla for the fact that it was liquid.

Rub it in, huh?

Slow cooked beef with baked potatoes, green beans, carrots and brocolli.


Sorry I didn't see this until now. He works for Home Instead as a home health aid. He no longer works til 9:45 on Fridays. Clients come and go in this business. He is able to work part-time, so he can

We're going to have pork chops tonight. 

Now that might be an acceptable compromise.

Scrambled egg with cream and chives, served with Lea and Perrin's  Worcestershire sauce.  With steamed Asparagus .My wife whois vegetarian ahd Hederson's Sauce instead of L & Ps

For Home Ec, the girls fixed tacos for supper. They did a good job.

We are on  holiday in France at the moment.  We are a bit skint so I  brought my rice cooker with us.  Had a meal a couple of days ago in the hotel, and the portions were small nd not very warm.  Went

I made my famous shrimp stir fry. It was simly wonderful if I do say so myself.  

Well, after finding out that my blood-pressure is dangerously high, I've made a lot of changes to try and correct it naturally first. Now I eat throughout the day, and my meals (other than breakfast)

I made spaghetti today.   I did a vegetarian one for Kay and a meat one for myself.  I made enough for a few days, but when I served, I accidentelly served both vegetarian. I will freeze some. I

My uncle took us out for Mexican tonight.

The one I bought was 25% of the price for quick sale or it would have been out of my price range.  Most steaks are.  The one I bought was Black Angus sirloin and was very tender and tasty,  They also

Invicta, it may have something to do with price. American beef prices have skyrocketed in the past year or two. I look in the meat department of our store and just move on when it comes to beef. A dec

I suppose if I am going to show a Salmon picture if I am having fish, it's only fair.... Black Angus steaks tonight!  

No I was not well several days before that.  Had leftovers today.  Still some left for tomorrow.  I will probably top the sauce with mashed potato and call in shepherds pie. We usually eat with m

Baked is good, if you do it right. As is fried.   We're eclectic that way. 


Today, dinner was.....


We had potluck at church yesterday for lunch. Last night we took leftover roast and made hash. Good stuff.

My wife and I are always amazed (and not in a good way) at the size of chicken breasts at Wal Mart. Some of them look like they should be turkey breasts. It's kind of scary thinking what all they are

I never met a chicken I didn't like.   

Boudeaux style fish,  with Alaskan pollock filets, Jim.  Served with Steamed Charlotte potatoes, green beans and muti coloured carrrots.  

Well, it's breakfast instead of supper but: gallo pinto, fried plantain, scrambled eggs with onion and pablanos, curds. We're headed for San Ramon to investigate another area of a potential base

LOL! Reminds me of the time I opened a can of beans, poured them in the pot, and what appeared to be a Palmetto bug poured out with them. Yuck! 

I had a BIG BLACK SPIDER with beef stroganoff. I ordered delivery because I was too tired to cook. Apparently the chef added a secret ingredient to it. Not bad...not bad at all.

We're just picking tonight (sandwich/salad for me, soup/salad/sandwich for my hubs). Even though it isn't supper, I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Or brunch, actually. The men of our church

My younger daughter, when she was very young used to do herself eggs in the oven.  I think she got it from a book called "Cooking is a game you can eat."   It gave several fillings you could use but s

It is very simple.  Whisk and season a couple of eggs.  I put a tablespoon of cream in the bottom of a dish a bit larger than a ramekin then the eggs.  You can add any flavourings.  I added chives, an

Cheeseburger and sweet tea. (That's all one word. "Sweettea". 'Cuz if it ain' sweet, it ain't tea).

Yes she is still staying with two of our members.   I understand she is probably fit to return home.  We don't know why she fell, she was standing next to my wife who was booking everyone in and 

Here in northern California we have had a month of 100F or over. We also have  lot of smoke from forest fires. It never goes away because of the great number of fires. It does vary some depending on w

You will find it here.  http://www.amuse-your-bouche.com/?s=crisp+bakes Maybe mine collapsed because I steamed the potatoes rather than boiled them, but I think I may add some oats next time to m

Ugh to the smoke! We are experiencing it, too. The smoke that is blanketing us is coming from the Canadian fires. There is a fire about an hour from us, but it is heading a different direction. The fi

I love meatloaf, it's wonderful for sandwiches too. We have it fairly often, but when it is cooler. We don't do any cooking that requires and oven in this heat. One exception is that sometimes we will

We had our first crop from the garden yesterday.  Asparagus.  Very tasty,

Ugh - back when we had our first garden, the first product was lettuce. We were so excited about having fresh salad. I loved it...until I found HALF a cabbage worm in my half-eaten salad. Yes. Half. T

Last night we had our traditional New Year's Day supper - Lasagna. It was the first time in 4 years that our son was able to join us.  Tonight we'll be having homemade enchiladas.

We have to figure the breading in to his carb count. He does not always keep within the limits he should for weight loss, but he's well under the range that is bad. I drive him crazy with "you can't e

Prime Rib and Ham?  A meat eater's delight:    

Today we had our carol service followed by a buffet meal.   During the service we had a number of bible readings from the youngest a girl of 5, and the eldest a lady of about 90, all were perfect

We live about 1 mile from the sea.  When we were children we used to wish we lived by the sea. When on outings we always looked to see who was first to see the sea.  Now we live near the sea, we rarel

Egg salad. The sale of our house went through today so we have a lot less stress now.

Silly me....I thought it was a special Christmas dish.:)

It was our seniors  Christmas lunch today.  We usually have a suggested minimum donation of £2.50 which just about covers the cost of the food. Today it was free as one of our members, Edith died and

You are exactly right.  That canned stuff is "mystery fish" because it sure doesn't taste like fresh caught tuna.  

Enjoy your celebration. We know a US missionary pastor in France who tries to introduce thanksgiving  to those who attend his church.   I receive recipes each day from a French company

Tonight is pork loin, veggies, salad.  

We grilled again tonight. Hubs cooked burgers, keilbasa, and fish. He enjoyed his supper. =D And our beef is at the butcher's. We'll be getting it on Monday. So, more grilling. =D

I think I'm gonna hurl...

I agree HC, meatloaf sandwiches are one of the great things about meatloaf.

I understand it was from the past when they high tea and low tea.  They were meals which tea was also served.  Not sure what the difference is.  I did look it up once but have forgotten now.

Bleu in France refers to steak, Blue in English.  The categories of steak are@ Bien fait,  Well done. a Point  or moyen,    Medium Saignant, bloody,    Rare  (Shown the pan each side)

I hear you. On Tuesdays Papa Murphy's has a large multi-topping for $12. We have gotten that in the past. It still requires baking, but it's nice to have everything all prepped. Plus it's a truly larg

See, when mods eat pickles they forget to moderate. Meanwhile those that abhor pickles get the job done.  SPAM post deleted and user banned.        Pickles    

Happy belated birthday, @Invicta. I hope you had a great day. We had a hankering for french fries tonight, so we had those with, of course, hamburgers. With...wait for it...PICKLES! 

Today I did crudities as a starter, Tomato, grated celeriac in dressing, grated purple carrot in dressing, with baby leaf lettuce. Smoked trout with French fries, green beans and Chantenay carrot

This! Yes!  

No...sweet pickles are nasty! Whoever invented sweet pickles was an agent of satan...

I don'tave an appetite at the moment.  Food that I used to love seems unappetising.  Saw the Dr today and I have to have a camera down to my stomach which I am not looking forward to.  I did spaghetti

Pickles are tasty. 

When my wife was on a course in Paris.  Someone offered her some more food, and she declined saying she was full (in French)  Thy reacted with shock telling her she shouldn't say that as it means she

We met up with a young man whom we've known since birth (in Indiana). He lives here in the state now, and this is the second time we've been able to get together. He lives about 3 hours away, but he's

I drink more coffee than tea.  But we don't like instant coffee,  We only buy pure arabica,  which we buy when we go to France.  It is own brand from Auchan hypermarket (hypermarché)  They do two vers

Ham, mashed potatoes, homemade biscuits, gravy and probably some vegetable I wont eat. Big dinner celebrating my twin daughters' 18th birthday.

My uncle has been visiting us this week, so we've gone out to eat a few times. Tonight hubs and I picked up some grub at Taco Bell since we were out shopping - and I got my new glasses! Yay! No scratc

You certainly all know how to cook a good meal! Here in sunny, (hot) Aussie land we, (hubby and I) are having for tea, (evening meal) trout - caught by hubby on fishing trip, and chips, which I w

Thanks Alan.   We had two beautiful daughters and 6 grandchildren. We had a number of foster children but only two we keep in touch with.  Dan in Nevada said he was hoping to come for the celebra

I did Pot au Feu on Monday and there was enough left for several days.  It is an old French dish which means pot on the fire.  Recipes I have read give several cuts of beef,  but I just used brisket. 

I've been making some drastic changes to my diet the last several weeks, while going to the gym 3 times a week. Tonight I had a 6-8 oz steak, steamed broccoli / cauliflower and a steamed sweet potato.

Be careful, @Invicta - that's nothing to mess with! We don't have as much here as other areas of the US (and definitely not as much as we had when we lived in IN), so a lot of folks don't know how to

Paella has saffron in it and so does the French fish soup/stew, bouillabaisse,  Saffron rice does well with fish.   The English Marigold, Calendula is known as Poor Man's Saffron, but I have neve

Heh - I asked for that, eh? 

Well I hate to say this, but a saffron flavour. I can't describe it as it is unlike any other flavour.  It is the most expensive spice. Mine cost £4 for .4 of a grammme.  That is  £10,000 per kg

I had salmon with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, Chantenay carrots and celery.   There was a lot of mash left over from our seniors lunch yesterday, as we had shepherds pie, and as I hate

Well, I'm not feeling well. So the menu for tonight has been bumped to tomorrow night. Tonight there will be soup. A good meal on a snowy, cold day.  

No I have only bought it from the fish counter at a supermarket.

I had sirloin steak for lunch with baby potatoes with butter, parsley and garlic with broccoli an carrot. For supper ha the left over potatoes frizzled up with roast tomatoes and bacon.

HC, I found a new use for garlic sourdough break quite by accident. My late wife loved a certain brand of garlic sourdough that comes in a round loaf. I usually like plain old white bread. But this on

Chicken from Boston Market. That's what's for dinner tonight.

Our seniors lunch today.  We had shepherds pie.  I was feeling much better and managed to serve the meals at the tables.  First time for weeks, We went shopping after and I got some Southern frie

On Sunday, it was my daughter's turn to give hospitality to students and visitors.  I offered to do slow cooked  beef for her.  My daughter did rice to go with it,  There were eight of us family and o

I have not had a  good pizza from any chain. Had some really good ones from independents.  Had steak and sautéed potatoes  again this evening 

I went back to my previous church for their over 60's Christmas lunch today.   I had to take the car in to be serviced on the way back.  I was offered a lift to either Canterbury or Faversham.  I chos

http://woodenlegsoup.blogspot.co.uk/ This seems to be copied from Paul Bocuse. Word for word.  He said it was given to him by  Henry Clos-Jouve and that it has been made in Lyons  for a very long

My mother never made anything like that, the only rice she used was for milk puddings. She hated currants, vinegar, and pepper, and had no sense of smell. Her two sister had a limited or no sense of s

My daughter and her husband have gone away for a few days and she asked if I would feed her 16 year old son..  Yesterday I did chicken and leek in a cream cauce and today I did slow cooked beef stew w

Chicken and noodles. The noodles are home made by my wife. She saves and freezes all left over chicken and bones until she has enough to make this dish. The left over chicken and bones are made into a

I prefer one Ras el Hanout  that I buy in France under the brand Ducros, it is mildly hot, but I have tried other brands but they never taste the same.  Some have chili in and some don't, one I bought

Sounds like an interesting dish!   We had fried chicken and baked taters last night.

I've had it NN, it is very good, but without the soy sauce for me, or maybe just a touch of it when it is being cooked.

Yes, it is that same chain. For the most part, the food is good. Most of the family likes the chicken fried steak. I'm not fond of it, though. I will have either the fish and chips or just salad when

I agree with you there Jim.  What about those machines in the street where you put your money in and choose which one you want and then after a few minutes it turns it out?   We had a nice pizza

The doves may not be related, but may be very tasty.  

No, It's just a meat smoke house located in downtown Hartford.

Here you go HC, enjoy Yummy Pork Chops  In a Large deep sided skillet with cover Begin heating ¼” of oil in the skillet on high heat. Pour some flour in a bowl Slice a large R

I like lambs liver, in our supermarkets it seems to be the only choice, except perhaps chicken, liver now and again. Lambs liver is fairly cheap and makes a meal.  But they are not really butchers.  I

Chicken leg and thigh, first cooked in a pressure cooker, then roasted to brown it. Also having beet greens for a veggie. These are cooking now. The pressure cooker idea is new, as is the pressur

Prawn salad this evening.  

Our daughter took us out for lunch today as it is my birtday.  I had ribeye steak and chips (fries to you. We call them fries when they are skinny ones) and mushrooms.      

Thank you. When I roast whole chicken, I score the breast  amd other parts and prick under the legs with a sharp knife, then rub the skin with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, powdered

Sounds good Invicta. I love mussels, but have only had them steamed plain and dipped in butter. I have never tried them seasoned. Do you shell them before putting them on the cream and garlic sauce?

I bought them in the supermarket.already prepared, in earthenwere dish. I just put them in the oven for  minutes.   Macaroni is my most detested pasta.  I like most types of pasta but not macaron

We grilled steaks again...we never used to eat steak because it was so costly. But God provided us with a beef, and we are enjoying it! We also had salad, and my hubs had a baked potato.

I love roasted red potatoes, drizzled with oil, and a packet of dry onion soup mix sprinkled over them. Any potato will do, but the reds are my favorite cooked that way.

I am not keen on pizza at all, but when we do have it we always have the thin crust. Chicken and vegetable tagine for lunch.  Steamed buttered asparagus with crusty French bread after church

I would agree - no frozen pot pie comes close to homemade! We are planning a "pie social" for our December potluck at church. We'll have both savory and sweet pies (and likely pizza pie). I'm planning

Some lady at my job would bring chili (without beans) and some rice; and we would pour it over the rice and eat it just like that. Very tasty!

Probably no one does home made pot pies any more. But every time I think of pot pies I remember my mother making them from scratch. I don't remember the recipe, but can still remember the delicio

Sounds interesting. My eldest daughter hired a field for a camping weekend for her wedding, and had a bring and share meal.  One brought a potato salad with hard boiled eggs on top.  He arrived l

Strictly it should be minced (ground) lamb in gravy with mashed potato on top and baked in the oven.  Often it is called shepherds pie if beef is used instead of lamb, but that should be called Cottag

We usually do that also HC. But this time was "No Pizza day" and we wanted some and it was to hot to cook.

I can't get enough of garlic! Spaghetti with garlic bolognese sauce is where it's at.

Salmon or Tuna lightly seared with sesame seed oil and a dash of seasoning is also a quick fix to an easy meal in a hurry. Sometimes less ingredients are better if the ingredients used are fresh and o

I can see that, if that's your preference to add those ingredients to suit your palate. It's similar to a plain hamburger: in the sense that you can add extra cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. T

We had potluck at church yesterday. I brought a tater tot casserole, someone brought clam chowder (ick), sloppy joes, russian potato salad, coleslaw. And we had birthday cake (we do a birthday cake th

Roast beef and roast potatoes and roast vegetables.

I had some fish and chips earlier today. The fish was tender and flaky! That was just a snack; I have several meals in my daily "regimen" (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner, dinner). The good part abou

Some people add a squeeze of citrus fruits to cut through the rich flavor of the dish. I personally think that lemon or lime overwhelms the main ingredient of the meal.

Yes HC we call them crisps.  I believe they were originally called Game Chips,   Although there is a well known brand here called Kettle Chips, which we use with dips and salsa. This evening I ha

That is all interesting information Invicta, thanks for writing it. The italian place you described sounds like it was a real Pizza place that did it right.

Omega - over rice does sound tasty. I've had it with spaghetti pasta in it, as well.  Good for your granddaughter, Invicta!  Tonight hubs will eat more chili. He really enjoyed it last night

I like Domino's, too. We'll get that once in a while. I call it in and hubs picks it up. I love their thin crust pepperoni with green peppers, black olives, and onions.  Of course, adding those toppin

Kettle Chips https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=kettle+chip&tag=mh0a9-21&index=aps&hvadid=79920783719517&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_6z0iz8uecx_e

Hmm... now that I think about it, I guess I might have had them both ways. For picnics they're usually cold, and you don't see them served much outside of picnics. I don't care for them much so don't

I am not sure if we have a pizza place in our town.  We have a Domino's in Herne Bay, which is about five miles down the coast.  They keep sending us leaflets, but we have not bought any from them.  T

Anything Hawaiian is not pizza, therefore not normal.  

Haha! No sir...2 large pizzas, some kind of dessert, and a delivery fee.

Pizza has been Americanized by adding unnecessary toppings that is far from the authentic pizza made in Italy. For example: Pizza Margherita in Italy does not gild the lily by masking the superb quali

I'm not crazy about it, but my hubs likes it. Although it is pricey - or, at least, it was when we last bought it (in Indiana). We have some friends (the man's name is John) who really, really like it

You spent $40 for a pizza NN????

My wife and I had lunch at Table Table today.  (2 mid week meals for £8.99)  I had hand battererd fish (I paid a bit extra for Haddock, my favourite) with chips and mushy peas.  My wife had Roasted ve

Whaaaaat? No meat, that's heresy.  

I was our wedding anniversary today and I offered to take my wife out but she said she would rather stay at home and let me cook for her.   Foe lunch I did olives, then avocado (I had prawns on mine)

Heated casserole that remained from yesterday. :)

​Good thinking Batman. I like Last minute ideas, they sometimes work better than planned meals.

We had marinated chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy (from the chicken) with a side of stir fried veggies.   MMGOOD!

Left over mashed potato pepped up with some crème fraîche, dried garlic and rolled in wholewheat flour and seasoned with herbes de provençe and salt and pepper, fried egg and bacon, and baked beans.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cOB tonight.  Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with homemade Ice Cream on top for desert.  

My husband would love a dish like this.  I am keeping it in mind for the future.  

I thought so, too. My hubby picked up some tater tots when he went to WalMart the other day, so that got me thinking.  I'll prOBably do some biscuits, salad, and a veggie with it.  Not 100% sure yet,

I'm thinking of making tater tot casserole.

I use Tuna in oil for my Salad Niçoise.  I mix the left over oil with wine vinegar to make a dressing for the salad.   Today I had chicken salad sandwich.

Thanks! Now I have to buy tuna next time I go shopping.

Li Bai, I mix the tuna (drained) with chopped onion, ground crackers, and egg (usually two eggs per three cans of tuna).  The cracker amount would depend on how "runny" the tuna mixture is. I add enou

I'm glad you put church services ahead of baseball. Unfortunately, some Christians place their favorite sports ahead of church services and will not attend church if it means missing any of their favo

Last night we were at one of my SIL's weddings.  We had appetizers, sodas, punch, then the meal.  They served salad, rolls, beef, stuffed shells, chicken, fresh mixed vegetables, and mashed potatoes.

Cheese and tomato omelette.   Off to bed now as we lose an hour tonight, having to put the clocks forward an hour.

I hope so, LuAnne.  Oh, WOW!  Married to a Crandall?  That is so cool!  I knew you were related to all the US Crandalls.  That would be so nice if you do introduce me to her.  Thank you:)

Too much hamburger in the freezer.  I guess I better make a meatloaf, with grilled asparagus, and butternut squash. Since I am single and live alone, meatloaf is a multi-meal item.  I will have it ton

Long day at school and work today; came home and in trying to decide what's for dinner I thought, "after a day like today, I am fried".  Soooooo Fried Chicken, Fried Okra, Fried Sweet Potato Fries, an

Well, my hubby decided to get pizza last night, so I didn't have to cook.   We are busy planning for our spring promotion for our nursing home workers, plus we have some other things going on in the

I just realized it is time for my lunch.  In fact, it is past time.  Dinner Tonight:  Spaghetti with meatballs and salad.

Saturday night some friends of ours took us out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. And then yesterday afternoon, other friends took us to a really good steakhouse.  I'm going to have my leftov

I haven't had KFC in awhile.  I have to drive a bit to get to the nearest one. I like that idea, HC.  Just salad and garlic bread sounds so yummy.  My hubby would be eating a second meal in an hour

It's St. Patricks Day!  I am having Corned Beef and Cabbage at a friends house tonight!  A nice green pineapple, coconut milk, banana, and spinach smoothie (don't knock it till you've tried it!)  Then

, Bro. Garry!     Last night we had our regular Thursday dinner - hot dogs and french fries.   Tonight, we'll be having chili mac.  

Had some kind of "grey" meat product found in the bottom of chest freezer from who knows when.  Used it in extra spicy and HOT chili recipe so that the type of meat like grey material it was didn't ma

That's what I meant to say.  It sounds healthier.

Oh, no - I meant that I use beef instead of italian sausage and cottage cheese rather than ricotta. 

We'll be having sweet and sour chicken tonight.  Nummy.    That lasagna does sound tasty, 2b.  I don't care for italian sausage or ricotta, though, so I would substitute beef and cottage cheese. 

This sounds so delicious, Brother Garry.  I like a simple recipe, though.    My grandmother (my mom's mom) and my mom went to NYC before my mom married my dad in 1958.  They toured the city together.

Breaded chicken, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, and spinach salad.

Thanks, Molly - our evening was good. Relaxing. And the chili was good.   Tonight, hot dogs.  That's supper du jour on Thursday evenings.

Thank you I'm gonna fix some, God bless

Tonight we'll be having hot dogs and tater tots. Our normal Thursday night fare (well, the hot dogs, anyway). 

Happy Birthday, HC!  Chili sounds nice on a cold winter's day. We are having breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and strawberry jello with fresh strawberries.

Pork chops, corn, squash, collards, pears.

Oh, man - we love stuffed peppers, too.  AND strawberries!  

Stuffed Bell Peppers tonight!  Woo Hoo!  LOVE stuffed peppers.  Picked 60 lbs of strawberries over the weekend at the U-Pick so I guess there will be homemade strawberry ice cream tonight.  Strawberri


Spaghetti is my favorite vegetable

the stew

Yum, Brother Garry.  LOL! Tonight's Dinner:  Spaghetti (wheat noodles) with meatballs, fresh vegetables and tossed salad.

Love those coupons, HC! Tonight's Dinner:  Church tonight, so we will go to my in-laws for supper or go to Wendys.  If we go to Wendy's, I will get one of their salads, and baked potato with cheese

Systems Analysis and Design, Financial Accounting, and PrOBability and Statistics for dinner.  Group Communications for desert.  Munched on corn dogs and tater tots in between chapters and assignments

We went to lunch at our friends today and the wife did a big meal including a number of vegetable dishes as she knew my wife was a vegetarian.  She also did beef stew.  It was followed with raspberry

I had steak, baked tater and salad, apple pie and ice cream. I thought I was eating good, till I read what you had.

Pulling the barbecue out of winter storage and slapping on a 2 inch thick Rib Eye steak with Montreal Steak seasoning and grilled at 450 degrees so I can get a sear on the outside and keep it nice and

Southern fried chicken, taters 'n gravy, biscuits, and a small piece of cake for dessert.

well.....which one was it? Anishinaabe

Good Medicine. Anishinaabe

Oh, yes, my hubby likes all of those. He may have had Hungarian sausage before, but I never fixed it. He loves brats and polish sausage.  Especially in the summer for grilling.

I started drinking what amounts to fourteen 8 ounce glasses of water a day after that last torturous bout with kidney stones and praise God, I've not had another since then.

We were out running errands late so we stopped at McDonald's for supper. I had a very delicious chocolate milk shake to enjoy in the car on the way home!

We are in the midst of our preaching conference, so we have services Tues, Wed, and Thurs evenings. I made a ham Monday night, so that is what we are eating this week...

Since it's a church night and we won't be home until after 8pm, it's easy dinner night - beans and cornbread

Woot!  Spring Chinook Salmon run numbers through fish ladder about 4 miles from my house was 1,193 for the day!!!  The Spring salmon run is in full swing!  Playing hooky from school tomorrow morning a

Ham and tomato sandwich.

Roast turkey, taters, noodles, stuffing.

They thinking about letting me out of the hospital Wed, and then I'll be having Buffalo steaks  yummmmmm!!

Frankfurters are not my favourite sausage.  Assuming that you have them in hot dogs.  In France they have a very similar sausage called Strasbourg sausages, perhaps they should be called Calvin Sausag

Remember not to eat the rolls with the hot dogs; burgers are fine without the bun, sandwiches without the bread ...   As a type 2 diabetic for 14 years, my life was transformed when I cut out all th

Hospital food although they did this Southern, country, redneck, dirtneck, hillbilly right yesterday - broccoli, cauliflower, chicken, baked tater, sliced peaches, ice tea (sorry folks, ya gotta under

Lol...yes, being on the run wreaks havoc with mealtimes. We had cheeseburger macaroni and green beans.

After finding out that today is national grilled cheese sandwich day, I made sure to have grilled cheese with bacon for supper!

It sounds like he will love Hungarian sausage, if he loves Brautwurst and Polish sausage.   

I should start reviewing this thread for supper ideas. Yummy!

Happy Birthday to your hubby, HC.  Ryan's is very yummy.      Rut-roh.  I just said a prayer for you, Garry.  Hope you enjoy.  I think Sushi is tasty.

Last Night's Supper:  I made a tossed salad, mixing in red leaf lettuce for nutrients along with iceberg lettuce.  French style green beans, crab cakes, and BBQ chicken which my hubby cooked on the gr

WOW, LuAnne that is some good eating right there. Tonight we're having Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Peas, and Apple Pie for dessert.

We had hamburgers (with fresh 'maters - num!), hot dogs, potato salad, and corn on the cob yesterday.  That's typical picnic fare on days like Labor Day.     SFIC - did you know you can get instant

Baptists in America eat alot of chicken!

I believe that one has to "acquire" a taste or liking for grits....and after 13 years of living in the deep south, I haven't "acquired" that taste or liking for grits.  At the age of 70, I'm not looki

I had salmon patties, new taters, green beans, mr. stripey maters.

My wife is making mini-meatloafs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know, but it's at a friend's house. Best kind.

Roast chicken, fried filling or stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pepper slaw, and cranberry. My wife is somthing! And for dessert I got to hold my new grand daughter. She is so cute! 7lb. 11oz.

I had enough of corned beef in the war. Still not got over it after  68 years.

when make enchiladas there are never leftovers......... I have three teenagers and one more who almost is....... :D

Got a coupon in the mail for being new in the neighborhood....free pizza tonight.

Big cooked breakfast - eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, coffee and juice - smells Wonderful - can't wait for it to hit the plates.....

We had our seniors Christmas lunch today and I brought home some turkey crumbs for my cat, but there was enough for me to have a turkey sandwich as well, with a touch of Dijon Mustard.

Fried chicken, collard greens, corn, mashed taters and gravy, fried green 'maters, jalapeno cornbread, apple cobbler.

Taco salad

My son actually eats a lot of Ramen - and really likes it.  Of course, the price is quite attractive to him, too.  My DIL, though, can't it it much because of the spice in the flavorings.  I've given

Last night - fried chicken, oven fried potatoes, green beans, cucumber slices. Tonight - sub sandwiches.

Tonight is Breakfast for Dinner: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, and Sausage Gravy & Biscuits.

Well done, I like grated carrots and grated celeriac in with a meat sandwich.

Spaghetti tonight. Nummy.

Beef Stew and Biscuits

Going out to Cracker Barrel tonight. My Wife will probably have Chicken, and I'll have Country Ham and Hash brown Casserole with a side of Pinto Beans.

Good for you LuAnne and Hubby!! I love Ryan's, too bad the closest one to us is in Lansing. Tonight we're having Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Toast, Salad, and Rice Pudding for dessert.

Thanks Happy Christian. Your meal sounded so good we're having it tonight: Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon & Sausage, and Hash Browns.

Grits is (not "are") Georgia ice cream!! It's a breakfast cereal made of ground corn, DO NOT use sugar or syrup in your grits (that's just plum Yankee [the US term Yankee, not the Brit term] nasty!)

Took my Wife to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I had Country Ham with Hash Brown Casserole, and Pinto Beans; She had Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.

She's is still out doing things. I work from home, but one of the computer programs for the hospital I work for in Albuquerque is down, so I can't work at the moment, so I get to surf..... I agree,

Taking my wife out to eat before we shop for groceries.

You like your corned beef don't you John? I had enough of it during the war, as a child, when you counldn't get much else. Corned beef, dried eggs and dried milk. Corned beef and dried eggs make a

PIZZA, PIZZA!!! :godisgood:

Last night left over tacos, tonight sloppy joes

Fortunately, we all like sour cream in our house!  Go ahead and make it, leave out the sour cream and then add it to yours.  Both of you happy! 

Pray for me, tonight our Japanese exchange student promises to make us fall in love with Sushi.  I am made especially nervous when she stated we are not allowed to ask what is in it until after we hav

Turkey and vegetable soup. 

Today is my hubby's birthday. He loves Ryan's (buffet).  I asked what he wanted for his birthday, and he said Ryan's.  So we'll be eating at Ryan's tonight.

Tonight:  Lamb chops, rice, fresh green beans, and salad. Praise Report:  My brother did the evening dishes for me, last night, b/c he could see I was tired from the running around I did all day.  T

Egg, prawns and avocado salad with home made bread.

Olive Garden tonight.  I love just about everything on their menu, so I can't tell you exactly what I will order, but I can tell you I will have bread sticks, salad, and one or more of their awesome s

Sautéed potatoes with garlic and parsley with scrambled eggs.

Sounds nummy, candle!  We are having tuna patties, french fries, and carrots.

Haha!  We posted at the same time.  

Baked talpia sounds nummy.  Tonight we are having hot dogs, french fries, and mac 'n cheese. 

I love Talapia, John! I am ordering chinese food to be delivered.  TGIF!

Baked Talapia, brown rice, sweet potato, banana.

Sanwiches again tonight, since we have church.

Tonight I am doing Salmon with American fries and asparagus.

Soup and sandwiches tonight.

I am going to make salmon, red potatoes, and fresh steamed green beans.  My hubby had to take my Jeep today to work, so I am without transportation to go grocery shopping for salad fixings.  It is -9

Plan on it!!

My wife has a hiatus hernia, and when she was pregnant, many years ago, she couldn't keep any solids down and had to survive on milkshake with raw eggs.   I had Chicken Tonight for lunch.  It seems

We went out to dinner with friends last night.  I had a salad, 6 oz steak, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables.  The best part of the dinner was dessert.  I devoured a piece of chocolate lava cake

We had a big turkey dinner last night. Leftovers tonight. Probably turkey manhattans.

Eggs, bacon and fried bread.     (My garlic fried bread.  Cut bread in fairly thick slices, preferably whole gain bread.  Spread each side liberally with Olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder.  

That does sound good - and, Miss Linda, we'd all love to get some of that cake. We love cherry and chocolate both. I'm not a great big cake fan, but for cherry and chocolate combined?  Oh, yeah!   

My son and daughter-in-law are cherry lover and would like that cake -- my wife is allergic to chocolate and I'm not a cake fan. But, come on anyway, we'll make room under the rock (see location in m

I made up a batch of homemade spaghetti and meatballs last night.  Gonna' have the left overs tonight. . . . so much better the second night.  I also made a loaf of italian bread, so gonna' have garli

Made a true, from scratch, honest-to-goodness pizza.  First real one in four months.

ended up ordering a pizza for tonight but a nice venison roast is marinating in buttermilk for Sunday afternoon

don't know what's tonight but cutting up a deer right now, so venison for supper tomorrow

Oh, that is so wonderful HC.  Are they spending Thanksgiving Day with your DIL's family?  I love your idea of date night and family night.  We do family night's with Joe's family.  We love Mexican, to

You don't like brussels sprouts.  They are delicious if steamed for about 10 minutes.  Trouble is many people boil them silly.  (not including you)

homemade spaghetti and meatballs

Pork chops, rice, cream gravy, corn, squash, green beans, cheesy buttermilk biscuits.

Didn't make it to the park due to wet ground. That's ok. We had leftover spaghetti tonight. I made garlic/cheese biscuits for my hubby to go along with it. He enjoyed his supper.

We are going out to supper tonight.  Although, I don't like malls that is prOBably where we will eat.  He will prOBably go to the sub station in the food court and I will most likely get Chinese.  Any

I toasted some hamburger buns on the griddle, warmed some turkey deli meat there too; made two omelet style eggs, put cheese on them, then the turkey meat, folded them over and placed them on the toas

Stir fried chicken and vegetables in sesame oil with my great sauce.  No humble pie though.

I like all meat cooked with a good blackness to it. Crisping is what flavors the meat. Unfortunately today every bit of fat is trimmed before you even buy it. Such a waste!

um lemmme guess. mmmm fried hot dogs?????   chicken tenders, corn, long john 


I"m having a grilled pork chop, slaw, fries, and a big piece of cake. 

Today is National Linguine Day!  

Making beef stew again with lots of fresh tomatoes and carrots and parsnips and onions from garden.  I have got to use a lot of tomatoes, they just keep coming on, and on, and on . . . . . Think I'll

Lunch didn't go too well today.  I put the oven on the timer to finish when we got home from church, or so I thought, but when we arrived home the food had been cooked and the oven cooled down. I must

Pizza for the belly, had wonderful preaching and teaching for my soul this morning. 

Annual harvest festival and canning party at friends place after church.  About 5 families all gather for an assembly line canning of all our garden vegetables.  The set up is amazingly efficient and

Today I did sea bass fillet, baked with olive oil and lemon juice and topped with kumquat slices, served with crinkle cut fries and salad.

I tried real hard to find HCs Fried Abominations establishment but all I found was McDonald's. I do like their McChicken sandwiches and their tea.

Ewwwww...to anything from McDonalds.  I would rather have HC's fried abominations.     I have been a bachelor now for over 20 years and before I learned how to cook, (some training professionally,

The only time I have had fried cabbage is in a Chinese, and they call it Crispy Seaweed.  I can't think why.   Today I did vegetable soup made from leftovers from our seniors lunch with extra vegeta

When I lived in Texas for a bit, I could carry over a Jalapeno plant for many years, but unfortunately, Jalapeno plants don't like Oregon winters (their not even thrilled about our summers with the co

sammich and pears

I'm no chef at all. When I'm cooking, it's going to be something relatively simple and hopefully quick.   My wife has trouble cooking soft eggs. One time I cooked breakfast for myself and my sons an

You just made me miss Coach's green beans!

I don't, but I used to keep ducks.  I saw in the TV listings that Dr Who was going to meet ROBin Hood in Sherwood Forest this evening.  (Didn't watch it.)   Tonight I did ham and cheese omelette wit

i bet the message was better than the food and the food sounds wonderful

Harvested my jalapeno's and canned them today.  Tired, just going to to have pancakes, fried eggs, and bacon tonight.

Having a fellowship after evening service tonight at church!  Can't beat a Baptist Pot Luck dinner!  Will be feasting like a king tonight! 

I would be blue too if I didn't have any

Wonderful...thanks a lot guys.  My 12 yr old grandson just saw all the "ice cream" talk on this thread, and two other threads and then I get hauled off to Cold Stone Creamery for the entire family.  I

I don't have to guess LuAnne, there is only one kind of ice cream.........Chocolate   

Want corn on that pizza?    '>   Don't know what I'm having for dinner tonight but I'm having Ritz crackers for breakfast again. It's the breakfast of champions! 

sounds corny to me

Corn soup can be the water the corn was boiled in, with a sliver of corn on the cOB added, or it's a creamy soup with corn. Not creamed corn that's different and not as good.  Sometimes ham is added

thank you it sounds good   HC? I have had ice cream many times for supper... what a meal huh

taco soup and a quesadilla

Got two deer yesterday!     Will be about a week before its ready to butcher, freezer wrap, and put away but I can't wait!  Since I didn't need to go out hunting today, it is College Football Saturday

I resorted to holding my menu up and peering over the top so that all I could see was her face.  The waitresses were not in any kind of uniform and the other 2 waitresses in the place had slightly mor

Ummmmm....... Why would he make it and NOT eat it?

​Than ks HC.  We had the Tex Mex rice on Saturday with leftovers today.  We had it with vegetable stir fry and Kay had mushrooms and I also had sweet and sour chicken.

Sounds great.  Suggest you put some mint in the peas.

It was my eldest granddaughter's 18th birthday today and she called and said "If you are better can yo come over for tea (supper) this evening?"  As I seem to be more of less better at last we went an

One of the ladies in our church made us some Korean egg rolls yesterday.  So, tonight we'll be enjoying them with some chicken chow mein (I know, two different countries, but they're both tasty foods 

Cans of kidney beans were on sale so decide make chilli

Time to clean out my refrigerator...So who knows what mix and match meal I will have.  I have found though that anything can be made edible if you put it in a tortilla and douse it with enough cheese

Thanks for asking.  My wife is better and went to the services on Sunday and to our midweek meeting this evening, but I have not been able to get out.

Toasted ham sandwiches. 

Well, half a pound would only mean a sandwich apiece...which would be fine for me, but hubs will have at least 2...

Today we went to my youngest daughter.  For lunch we had Baked Salmon, roast potatoes,roast parsnips, sprouts, carrots and homemade sage and onion and chestnut stuffing.   I took a lentil savoury for

Stuffed bell peppers!  Yippee!

Preaching is always better. Amen?

This evening we went to our former foster son and his wife for dinner.  He did the catering and did Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and roasted, roast potatoes, Steamed red cabbage, carrots and green

Left over mashed potato made into potato cakes with Bacon and cheese omelette garnished with watercress.

Yes, My mum used to make it. This recipe is from Mrs Beeton, slightly modified by my wife. Ilb stale bread 4 oz brown sugar 10 oz mixed dried fruit (including orange peel) 1 teaspoon mixed spic

Ah, but what fish?  Most here seem to like cod and chips.  My preference is for a nice piece of battered haddock.

Every year I make pumpkin pie, made from pumpkins my boss's mum gives me. This year the pumpkin had really thick flesh and I've just put six pies in the oven, using half a bowl of pumpkin flesh. But t

Fish and chips with left over cauliflower cheese.

All right.....

Simmered some homemade potato soup with lots of bacon in it all day, thickened it, and added some cheese and served it with some homemade biscuits with lots of butter an honey.   MMMMMMM . . . .it wa

Boo Berry cereal  

John, I love that kind of breakfast samich. Did you ever try bacon egg and cheese on a lightly toasted bagel?

What?????  No bacon???  That has to be a sin. 

This afternoon we had our harvest thanksgiving service followed by a buffet meal.  We had a good number at the service including many we have not seen before.  

bbq ribs, peas and jello salad

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toast with carrot and raisin salad.

We had subs last night.  Tonight we'll have ham, cabbage, and possibly potatoes (maybe a bubble and squeak).

Ham and chips with French bread and Dijon mustard.

'Sketty' tonight! As in 'ba-' Get it? 'Ba-sketty' * ?   (for those 'all growd-up' folks, that's spaghetti! )

As the Scots would say "There's a moose loose aboot the hoose"

Yay Luanne, You don't have to cook tonight

We usually have a snack before church and something more substantial when we get home.

I had salad and my hubby had chili mac and salad.

We had a lab that was part Chow. Or Chow Chow.  hehe.   As to the edible chow chow, it is a relish which, depending on the recipe, uses a variety of veggies in it. It can be sweet, sour, mild, or sp

That would be Chow, Dave.  I know my bread of dogs.   HC, I forgot to get her recipe.  I have a phone call into her this morning.  She will call me back later.

Perhaps they are cooking the dog?  Korean recipe perhaps?   But seriously, I did not know what chow chow was, so I asked Mr Google and it seems there is a recipe as here http://www.tarladalal.com/Ve

My FIL's mother taught her how to make it.  She was originally from PA.  It seems like PA and WV have a lot in common.   I will ask her for her recipe tonight after church.  She usually just rattles

Tonight's Supper:  Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, squash and chow chow.

Last Night's Supper:  Chicken Quesadilla

Cashew Chicken

Ugh...I'll have to check on that. I knew but can't remember. It's about an hour from Syracuse. We had leftover roast beef and gravy tonight. Good stuff!

egg, bacon, cheese on English muffin

Yankee pot roast, garlic baby reds, fried zucchini, and steamed carrots.  Picked Queen Anne Cherries from the orchards locally, dipped them in dark chocolate for dessert.

Fried eggs, fried bread, bacon, tomato and sizzled up left over potato.

Grilled chicken breast, coleslaw and sweet corn.

Tonight's Supper:  Ribs, corn on the cOB, baked beans and a tossed salad.

baked chicken and sweet peas

Yes, it is quite tasty LuAnne.  It actually has a sweet taste to it.  And, no relish.    BTW, you might want to make the whole recipe in the future, b/c you can store the jars, and they will last quit

Bratwurst and sauerkraut with Inglehoffers deli mustard with horseradish hips, raw vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, celery) with dip, and watermelon.  Fresh picked Bing Cherries

Sushi for starters then fish and chips

Did you cook the potatoes first, Candlelight?    I'm having stir-fry made with random vegetables I had lying around in the fridge (leftover rice/dumpling mixture, eggplant, snow peas, cabbage, radi

Ha. I made pierogies and sausage for my hubby tonight. I had chicken salad. :-)

Egg salad.

Turned my 3 day Memorial Day weekend into a 4 day weekend by working some extra yesterday and this morning.  Now I am heading into the mountains to commune with God and his awesomecreation, so tonight

Tonight's Supper:  Cube steak, red skinned potatoes, green beans, and salad.

Mmmm.  Tacos and burritos are one of my favorites.  Love the homemade ones, too! Last Night's Supper:  Chinese.  General Tso's Chicken, with fried rice and egg rolls. Tonight's Supper:  Church ton

Last Night's Supper:  Pot roast.  Strawberry jello with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top for dessert.   Tonight's Supper:  My brother and I will order takeout.  I don't know what yet.  My

Pizza. With half a Krunch bar for dessert (hubby got the other half).

We didn't eat supper last night. It was graduation night for our high school and college.  A number of college graduates usually host an open reception afterwards with lots of food. We have some good

I know many other Christians that do that, Invicta.  If I wasn't retired, we would do the same thing.         I didn't hear that one.  Thanks for the heads-up Invicta.  I like subway but my hubb

Please do I'd like to see your part of the country.   I had fresh green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes all from Florida and a small piece of streak.

There was a report on the news a couple of weeks ago, that Subway over here are only doing Halal food in some of their branches.

Thanks - that sounds like a relish I could - ahem - relish. 

can i come to your house.....

Tonight's our date night so I don't know what we're having.   I'm sure it'll be good, though.

We had friends to lunch and I did a Melon then crudité starters, Lentil onion tomato and celery thingy baked with a slice of butternut on top, served with baked parsnips, aubergine, courgette, red and

Grilled cheese chicken sandwich.    Garry-- use a rake to clean up the balloons, pretend they are colorful leaves.

We have not had weather reliable to eat outside for a week or so.  Although it has been fairly hot, we have had sudden downpours of rain and thunderstorms.   Tonight I did Thai style stirfry with eg

Going to have to fire up both barbecues' this time.  Chicken in one; corn on the cOB, and vegie kabOBs with squash, mushrooms, onions, and peppers in the other.  Sun tea is brewing.  Making homemade m

Fresh caught from Umpqua River Steelhead trout, cajun style spicy fried Okra, candystore (super sweet) corn on the cOB. Homemade sourdough bread with local wildflower honey.  Tiramasu for dessert.

I don't think I can drive that far that quick!  

I've got a chuck roast in the crock pot and later I will go out and pick some corn, just in time for dinner.

Celebrating our Associate Pastor's 16th church anniversary tonight with a potluck!  I will be eating like a king tonight!  Baptists really know how to put on a good potluck!  I am bringing a blueberry

Hopefully fresh caught large mouth bass.  Heading for my favorite bass lake today.  If they aren't biting today then it will be local salmon dinner at the Steamboat Inn on the way home.  

Finally decided what to do with this chuck steak in the freezer before it gets freezer burned.  I am in the mood for some Beef Stroganoff (sp?).  

Harvesting the first fruits of my tomatoes, some lettuce, and the peaches on the trees are ready for picking.  Looks like some BLT's tonight with Peaches and Cream.  Going to have to make some peach p

NN.  I was with you until you got to the creamed corn.   Might as well just open a jar of Gerbers baby food.  YUCK!

Way to go!  So many need to head your lead and make sure there is a date night every week with their spouse!  Major kudo's to the husband for understanding how important that is.   Bro. Garry

I had a cheese croissant and blueberries and cream and Ice cream.   For lunch I did chicken in a tomato sauce with herbes de Provence, served with new potatoes,green beans carrots and celery.

green beans, corn, cucumber, tomato, corn bread

Here, Cracker Barrel here is a brand of cheese.   Tonight we had Tomato and chargrilled vegetable soup with wholegrain bread.

We like Cracker Barrel - don't go that often but when we do, I like to scout the salt and pepper shakers. My mom collects them.  In May, we met our son and DIL halfway between where we all live for di

I love trout and I really love Cracker Barrel.

Tonight we are having fish.  Don't know yet what I will make to go with it, but something.  

I forgot to eat dinner last night and was wondering why I was feeling so shaky. Finally figured it out and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich at 1:30 am  because I couldn't sleep.  Today I'm going

Since I can't be sure when wifey will get home from her volunteering today, I'm cooking up a batch of my Beany Weenies with Cabbage and Carrot Coleslaw with Cranberry raisins in it.   God bless, L

My hubby and I play Scrabble too, HC. Tonight's Supper:  Stir fry

Steamed asparagus and egg salad.

Broiled chicken with a low sodium Cajun style hot rub, steamed quinoa and rice, brussel sprouts, and unsweetened ice tea. 

Something with beef, and a salad.

I have gained back 10 pounds I had lost and I am angry at myself.  For a while it will be only low calorie, high protein, meals.  Tonight will be broiled Salmon with low sodium herbal rub, steamed asp

Macaroni in a meat/tomato sauce.

I fixed Macaroni and Cheese, Spinach from the garden, Green salad from the garden, and Hawian Sweet Rolls. I,m stuffed.

Thai duck curry and noodles.

My blood pressure just went up 20 points just reading the sodium content of your meal, John.

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22 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

Sounds and looks good Invicta.....except for the mushrooms. I dearly hate mushrooms, although I do know that many people love them. To me they taste like fungus.


By the way....who's the old guy?

C'est moi.  

My wife loves mushrooms, she has them nearly every day,  I only like the baby ones,  I wouldn't have chosen them but they came with the steak. 

This evening we had Homemade rustic bread (White flour, wholemeal flour and wholemeal rye flour) with mixed olives and cornichons, followed by buttered asparagus.

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Happy belated birthday, @Invicta!

Tonight I will be fixing chicken. Randy really likes it when I marinate it in mayonnaise and bake it. Years ago it created a tasty, non-carb crust. I can't get it to crust up, but boyo, is it moist! However, tonight I will be trying something new. I'm getting some pork rinds at the store today and will crush them to create a panko-like crust. I'm hoping that the flavor is good and that it creates a crunchy crust. Randy loves pork rinds and can eat them without worrying about carbs. That way he can have a bit of mashed potatoes, veggies, and salad as well.



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I never heard of making a crust on baked chicken. Why would anyone do that when the skin on the chicken makes the perfect crust when browned? But I have to admit that it sounds good.

I'm having a problem understanding how you are marinating it. Is it a whole chicken or cut up in pieces? I just couldn't understand how you would marinate a whole chicken because the skin would create a barrier to the marinade.

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2 hours ago, HappyChristian said:

Happy belated birthday, @Invicta!

Tonight I will be fixing chicken. Randy really likes it when I marinate it in mayonnaise and bake it. Years ago it created a tasty, non-carb crust. I can't get it to crust up, but boyo, is it moist! However, tonight I will be trying something new. I'm getting some pork rinds at the store today and will crush them to create a panko-like crust. I'm hoping that the flavor is good and that it creates a crunchy crust. Randy loves pork rinds and can eat them without worrying about carbs. That way he can have a bit of mashed potatoes, veggies, and salad as well.


Thank you.

When I roast whole chicken, I score the breast  amd other parts and prick under the legs with a sharp knife, then rub the skin with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, powdered garlic, ground celery seed  and ground bay leaf (Laurier, sweet laurel) then roast it in the oven @ about 385F 

 Tonight I had mussels in cream and garlic sauce with baked left over mashed potato and asparagus.

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Sounds good Invicta. I love mussels, but have only had them steamed plain and dipped in butter. I have never tried them seasoned. Do you shell them before putting them on the cream and garlic sauce?

Tonight we are having baked macaroni and cheese and fresh asparagus.

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18 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

Sounds good Invicta. I love mussels, but have only had them steamed plain and dipped in butter. I have never tried them seasoned. Do you shell them before putting them on the cream and garlic sauce?

Tonight we are having baked macaroni and cheese and fresh asparagus.

I bought them in the supermarket.already prepared, in earthenwere dish. I just put them in the oven for  minutes.  

Macaroni is my most detested pasta.  I like most types of pasta but not macaroni.  I was put off it as a child when my aunt used to give me macaroni milk pudding for desert.    

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