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Anybody wanna play a fun game? This is a game in which you take the last two letters of a word to create a new word. It is lots more fun if you have access to a dictionary so you aren't recycling the same old words over and over. The more people who play this game, the more fun we will all have.

For example:


Then the last two letters are "te"

so the next word would be a word that begins with "te"


so the next word begins with "er"


Here is how to play this game...

John 81 posted the word "donk[b]ey[/b]"
The next word should have used the last to letters "[b]ey[/b]" to make a word like "[b]ey[/b]eball."

Then John81 posted the word "Ky[b]le[/b]" to get the game back on track using the last two letters of the word "stin[b]ky[/b]"

Ky[b]le[/b] is the last valid word, so let's back up and begin from there ...

[b]Le[/b]ttuce ( :lol: get it now?)

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