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We ever done a pic thread here? (sorry dial up folks)


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We ain't got no heathens here in this righteous state!

Seriously, tho, where do you plan on planting?

I just bought some fudge the other day that's made in Medina.....called Francine's Fudge....made by McJak Candy Company.

Yup, McJack... my aunt used to work there. We used to buy their "seconds" suckers... big round, rock hard suckers... the size of a 50 cent piece (except a globe).

We're going by God's timing of course, but we are hoping to move in the next 2 to 3 months. We will still be raising support, but we are going to begin door knocking and advertising for a Thursday night bible study, which leaves us available to travel to present the ministry. We were wanting to Launch on Easter 2008, but that will take a miracle (I just thought it would be so good... but we want to listen to Him). So it's looking like our official (we will have service before this, but the official big push with our public "grand opening) will probably be in September 2008.

It's either Spring or Fall... we don't feel that summer (although a great time for door to door work, so we will do that during the summer) is conducive to the most people coming in. September is sort of natural with school and everything starting back up, back into scheduled times and vacations over for families.

Anyways... this thread is about YOU guys posting pictures too... so let's see them.
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As a rule, I never take pictures of myself--they never seem "natural" enough! There is always some fooling around or some face-pulling going on :lol:
A friend took this one of me after she stole my camera--I noticed her a second after this--how dare she take pictures of me with my camera!!!! :tum

This was around the 8 months ago mark... I sort of look like that now-- :loll: :lol:

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Our daughter Eden, from two months ago:

From last month:

Me and my honey:

And this one is from about a year ago on a cold, icky day when we were stuck inside all day. My hubby made a "fort" out of blankets and chairs, and our daughter loved it! I can't believe that was a year ago already!! (Does our home look Chinese? :Green )

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