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Where are the teens?!


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I knew they should have made remedial math mandatory for all males. :Bleh

Very funny, Ashlee. :frog
I'm good at spelling, but math is not my strong point. Of course, it could just be I read the date wrong.
God bless,
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Been busy, I see how it is, talk trash about me behind my back lol. I been busy with my life, I just might go into the service, the Air Force. I been thinking about it for a very long time, and I want to go. And we all know Ashlee has a thing for me, she just doesnt know it her self, and Crush, is always lost, even in his own little world, and Kayla, have fun with 5 boys in the same house, I want 5 kids myself, but not all the same sex lol.

Anything else new?

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