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Answering Abortionists

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I do not support abortion. But how do I or we answer abortionists for some of their arguments?

Some family, very close to me, continue to bring up the 11-year-old child here in Ohio who was raped by the illegal alien. Then, they throw out the usual "What about when the woman's life is at risk?" or "What about when the baby dies in utero, that's an abortion too?" "Will you arrest a woman whose baby dies just before birth and must be aborted?"

So, what is the best answer to all of these challenges? The prevalent reason for women seeking abortions...answer, is fraught with liberal institutional gobbledygook. I believe its time I asked for help, and I'll ask here now and at our men's prayer breakfast this coming Saturday.

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Those questions about if the baby has already died are just silly. The objection to abortion is that it kills a baby. If the baby is already dead, it isn’t really an abortion. 

Those extreme examples like the rape case madden me. Even if abortion remained legal for those cases, think how many millions of lives would be saved by outlawing it for those who had a choice in the conception. 

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10 hours ago, Salyan said:

Those questions about if the baby has already died are just silly. The objection to abortion is that it kills a baby. If the baby is already dead, it isn’t really an abortion. 

Those extreme examples like the rape case madden me. Even if abortion remained legal for those cases, think how many millions of lives would be saved by outlawing it for those who had a choice in the conception. 

Thanks, I believe right along with you. Abortion is murder of a baby. Abortionists take the medical terminology "the pregnancy was aborted" (in the case of in utero) and continue on with their rant. We can't force God's truth into the hearts of people, we give them the gospel of Jesus Christ and leave the result to the working of the Holy Spirit. 

However, I would like the tools available to defend against the abortionist argument. I believe the superficial abortionist leader's justifications could be dispelled with a little education and information. Thus, causing most women deluded by abortionists to at least question the lies. As a retired weapons fire control chief, I would like several types of munitions to throw back at the enemy. I sure could use some untainted (by unsaved medical personnel) statistics on reasons women seek abortions.

Also, I think we will need this information and education in the months and years ahead to fend off the radical liberals who may attempt to use this to leverage elections.

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I see many videos of Ben Shapiro's Q&A sessions on YouTube when he speaks at a University. When they bring up the extreme cases you're talking about he usually just points out how those specific circumstances only account for a small percentage of abortions and shouldn't be used to form an overall option on the subject.

While most pro choice seem to be a waste of time to argue with because they always fall back on their own definition of what when baby becomes a living being there are some counter arguments I like. To me the most thought provoking is pointing out how they champion individual rights to life and choice UNLESS it the rights of baby itself... especially if the baby was female and the parent took away it's rights to live.

The pro choice stance is one position that I find extremely difficult to understand. To me the issue is clearly nothing less than mass murder and on la arger scale than all the school shootings put together that they love to use as a chance to talk about taking away everyone's firearms. 

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The baby killers are always focused on the needs of the mother, not the child.  That says a lot about them.

The murder of an un-born child in her mother's womb is the most selfish and heinous act a person can make.

As for the 11 year old, I ask why should the innocent baby be murdered because of the sins of another?

In their heart they know, they just change the subject or start calling you names.  They're demonic because it's such an evil position to take.

I was one of them once, used to run them off the sidewalks outside clinics in my car.  Then by the grace of God I saw my first sonogram and that was it, I saw life and quit pretending God didn't exist.

I love to show this first photo of our youngest daughter at 6 weeks of age.  I could see her heart beating.  She just turned 18.

Jaime at 6 weeks.jpg

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I've been working on an analogy/illustration that sheds light on the morality behind the argument for abortion to save the live of the mother.  Let me know what you think of what I have come up with so far.

The Hot Air Balloon Argument - B. Joseph Stafford
Imagine, if you will, that you are the mother of a newly born child.  On your way home from the hospital, you see a sign on the side of the road that reads:

“Free Hot Air Balloon Rides for New Mothers.

See the Grand Canyon the way the birds see it.”

So, you decide to stop and go for a balloon ride, holding your newborn baby.

The man in charge of the ride tells you that the balloon is completely self guided, so there is no need of a pilot to ride in the basket with you.  There is, however, a built-in, two way radio; just in case any communication is necessary. The man helps you into the basket, which is suspended by four ropes.  He bids you farewell and you and your baby lift off the ground and begin your journey across the Grand Canyon.

When you’re about a quarter of the way across, one of the ropes begins to unravel and then, suddenly, it snaps; leaving the basket suspended by only three ropes.  The man’s voice comes across the radio and he assures you that there is nothing to be concerned about.  “This happens, from time to time, but the remaining three ropes are plenty strong, ma’am.  Enjoy the rest of your ride.”

When you and your child reach the halfway point, another rope begins to unravel and it, too, snaps.  The basket shifts and you let out a scream as you clutch your baby to your breast.  Again, the man’s voice is heard on the radio, “Ma’am, two ropes breaking is rather unusual, I’m not sure what’s happening, but the remaining two ropes should hold long enough for you, and your baby, to reach the other side.  But, please, remain as still as possible, ma’am.”

Shaking with fear and holding your baby as tightly as you can, you crouch down into one of the corners of the basket, terrified of moving even an inch.  And then, slowly at first, then faster and faster, the third rope begins to unravel, right before your eyes, before finally snapping,  causing the final rope to twang like a giant bass string.

As you pass the three-quarter mark, you are absolutely petrified with fear as you hear the man’s voice come across the radio once more: “Ma’am, that rope was not rated for the amount of strain it’s under.  There is absolutely no way that rope will hold the both of you long enough to reach the other side.  If either of you have any chance at making it to the other side, one of you will have to leave the basket!”

(This is my way of responding to the idea that abortion is acceptable in cases where the life of the mother is at risk. The mother who aborts her child, to save her own life, would chose to throw her baby out of the balloon basket, to be dashed to pieces in the canyon below, to increase her own chances of reaching the other side of the canyon.)

Edited by Brother Stafford
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