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I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and have been a Baptist all my life. I have wide interests and follow many topics. I will not simply accept what is currently popular until I have researched it for myself and I make my own decisions. I am always reading two or more books at a time. I do not believe in the division of clergy and laity. If a person is a Christian, to me, then they are clergy as every Christian has the responsibility to 'go into the world' taking Christ with them in both deed and word. I put deed first as I believe deeds show what we believe and either backup or refute what we say we believe. Bare with me if I ask questions. I have always been an asker of questions and was often told when I was a kid, "You ask too many questions." I have always been a seeker of knowledge in many areas. I suppose this is what led me to become an information retrieval specialist. The company I worked for played important parts in the development of the Internet through packet switching communications and in the development of GPS. I probably was born out of my time as I am a specialist only in information retrieval. I am a generalists in the subjects I had to find information about and in the areas of my interest. I have little patience with narrow people or people who will not explore both sides of an issue. Please forgive me if that offends anyone now or in my postings.

And...blessings to all. 

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Though of more information about me.
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    • Barbara Ann

      I am a researcher and writer at Watch Unto Prayer which I started 25 years ago. On this website there are many well-documented articles and audio programs by myself and other researchers whose ministry is to expose the endtime apostasy of the Church. Now more than ever Christians need information in order to identify and avoid the various deceptions that are in nearly all the churches.
      My husband and I attended the IFB Bible Baptist Church of James Knox a couple of years ago. We left the church after we were informed by the assistant pastor that we were not allowed to express views to other members that do not agree with the views of the pastor and leaders of the church. We were not introducing heresy but expressing our views concerning the State of Israel. We had never been in a church which forbade private conversations on issues where there are diverse opinions. This we recognized as cultlike control of church members. To inform Christians, my husband, who is also a researcher and writer, started a website on the subject: Zionism Exposed: A Watchman Ministry.
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    • Free Spirit

      Jesus said:"I am the truth, the way, and the life. No man can come to The Father, but by Me."
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    • Richg  »  BrotherTony

      Brother Tony, I read your reply on Anderson, I know you all think I'm argumentative but, when you don't agree.....the first thought I had is, I wish you would introduce me to the guy that hasn't sinned, maybe David, that had a man killed so he could commit adultery, yet, he was & is a man after Gods own heart, or maybe Paul the guy that persecuted and had Christians killed, or maybe Richg or Kent H, or even you ! I used to listen to personalities also when I was younger but today and for some time, my only concern is, does it line up with scripture & to me its hilarious that you think "I'm in a fix" LOL, I interpreted what we've discussed perfectly, not because I'm smart, but because with an open mind to things of God, its an easy read.
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    • Richg  »  Jerry

      I thought you wanted me to stop talking to you !
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    • Richg  »  PastorMatt

      Why is it here in 2022 that truth is all of a sudden arrogance ?
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