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Hi everyone,

I've lurked on this forum for a couple years without ever registering or posting anything but I'm finally singing up and posting today. I quit facebook a few years ago and migrated most of my online hangout time to reddit and youtube. Lately reddit has grown so filthy and hateful that I'm finding my way out of that site also. I'm hoping you all can suggest some better places to hang out online outside of the big social media sites. I've always been concerned with how the big tech companies disrespect our privacy and silence opposing viewpoints, this place seems nicer, if a bit underpopulated.

A little about me: I'm a single man in my mid 30's. I'm the oldest of 5 siblings, our parents took us to IFB churches since early childhood. I was saved at Lancaster Baptist in Palmdale CA when I was 8 years old, we moved to NC shortly afterward where I went to Kerwin Baptist until I was a teenager. I fell out of church and belief in general when I went to college, did some horrible things and gradually grew to resent the person I had turned into. I began turning my life around a couple years ago, I moved into my own place and shopped around a few churches until I was invited to Gospel Light shortly afterward. I've been going there for about 6 months now. These pasts few months have involved a lot of learning, breaking old habits, correcting inaccurate assumptions. I've found that while I was very experienced being a christian child, I don't have much experience at all being a christian grown man.

I work in IT and have always spent a lot of time behind a computer screen, these days I'm trying to find ways to use that time more productively. I quit playing video games about 6 years ago and replaced that habit with a lot of reading. I'm hoping that I can meet some fun people and read some more interesting stuff while I'm here, thanks for stopping by.

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"I don't have much experience at all being a Christian grown man.

At 66 I'm still growing, welcome aboard.

I worked in IT also during my military career and after I got out...been 12 years since I last worked IT projects.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist
  • Welcome to the Online Baptist forum!

Thank you for the testimony. While I was growing up we lived in Lancaster, CA in 1964-1965. None of my family, including me, went to church. so, I have no church experience in Lancaster. Glad to hear that you are now trying to live for the Lord. All of us have a lot of growing in grace. So, do not feel alone.

Looking forward to your participation and fellowship.

God bless!

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