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I could not help myself. I laughed out loud when I read about Trump bragging abut taking the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) test and 'acing' it. And even funnier, bragging about the doctors being surprised how well he did. Immediately it came to mind, "Why would the doctors be surprised? Did they feel he had been showing signs of dementia? The impression Trump made was that this was a difficult cognitive test. I do wonder why they gave him the test?

Hmmmm. Well, I guess it is good to know that he can identify a lion, a rhinoceros, and a camel. Also, that he can put hands on a clock showing 11:15. That he can connect the dots, and that he can duplicate a lined cube. Good grief, this is a simple cognitive test that anyone without serious problems can pass. All he did was make himself look very foolish. 


If you would like to take the test, here is a link to see it:  https://www.parkinsons.va.gov/resources/MOCA-Test-English.pdf



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1 hour ago, SureWord said:

Give it to Biden and see how he does. If you can get him out of his basement.


Just curious, did you take the test. I had to pass this test before I could move to the retirement community where I now live. 

Let's give both of them a difficult cognitive test. OK?

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Uh Oh!

I just took the cognitive test, failed, could not sign my name properly, could not remember the few numbers in order,  saw four animals instead of three (I was sure there was a mouse in that diagram), got the hands on the clock wrong, got mad at the psychologist, could not draw a straight line,and now they are kicking me out of the my retirement home.

But, that is ok with me, they took my drivers license away last year and I could not remember how to walk back back to the retirement home anyway! Oh well, back to the basement!


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