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I heard a preacher mention that a teaching of a 10 year tribulation period is making its rounds in KJV Baptist churches now. I just bought s book on the teaching to see how they came up with that one.

I do know a few years back a teaching that carnal Christians were going to spend 1,000 years in the Lake of Fire to be purged of their carnality was also making its rounds in Baptist churches, including one I attended for a while, but that seems to have fizzled out 

The scariest trend is the antisemitism and Replacement Theology that is splitting some Baptist churches. Seems to be fueled by Steven Anderson but I'm not too familiar with all he teaches. Paul had some harsh words for these people.

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  I believe the trib will not quite last 3.5 years, based on the fact that Jesus will cut it short lest all flesh (man & animal alike) should perish. While it'll hit the whole world, it'll be heaviest upon the seat of the antichrist's kingdom. (Which could be Rome & the surrounding area) those teaching a 10-year trib should read their Bibles, especially Revelation, & ask themselves how anyone could survive the plagues described for 10 years.

  Satan invents false doctrines constantly.

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