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Prayers Needed For Linda Baity

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Prayers Needed for Linda Baity
As many of you know, our president, Dr. Ron Baity, has been a long-term caregiver for his wife, Linda, who has been in bad health for quite some time.
This past Saturday, Mrs. Baity suffered septic shock due to sudden infections. It was only the grace of God that she pulled through the weekend. She is currently in ICCU. While she has made some improvement, the doctors have told us that she has many obstacles to overcome as she is also in the final stages of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and late stages of dementia. She is very weak but has been more alert yesterday and today.
Many of you have met her as she continued to travel with Dr. Baity as her health allowed. She might not have remembered names or events, but she was always so glad to be anywhere he was, and she was so happy to meet those of you who came by to speak, whether it was at one of our rallies or in your church.
Having known the Baitys over half my life and having worked for Dr. Baity for over 12 years as well as being Mrs. Baity's companion throughout her illnesses, I can truly say I have never known a couple more dedicated to each other and to the work of the Lord than Dr. and Mrs. Baity. The grace of God has never been seen more strongly than it has been during these very uncertain days. Although doctors have said they cannot promise a good outcome, we rest in the fact that we know the Great Physician is in charge.
We ask that you keep Dr. and Mrs. Baity in prayer during this time.
On behalf of Dr. Baity, thank you for keeping him and his precious wife in prayer.
Michelle Lonaberger 
Assistant to the President 
Return America


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I must admit that I have never truly understood the full meaning of this verse, but God says it is so. Certainly one meaning has to be there is a great delight to suddenly wake up and no longer be sick and dying, to begin our second childhood.

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints" (Psalms 116:15 KJV).

It probably means that the Father is just happy to have another one of His saints to come on home.

Father, bless dear Dr. Baity who will have to go on alone for a little while, comfort him as You have comforted me, and other men that have lost their helpmeet through death, and help him to carry on. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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