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Sheep's clothing....

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Something occurred to me the other day about this verse:

Mat 7:15

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


It suddenly occurred to me that I don't remember a time when I was walking down the road and suddenly realized I was wearing a particular set of clothes.

Have any of you been walking down the road and suddenly found that someone had dressed you in a superman costume?

Have any of you ever found that you had been dressed as a chef without you noticing?

People do not get dressed in something without knowing either what they are putting on or what is being put on them.

These wolves are dressed in sheep's clothing - they have either dressed themselves as such or allowed themselves to be dressed as such, but the point is that it is WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE that are so costumed.....

I know it is an illustration, but it is surely something to think about.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Indeed, if a WOLF were ever to put on sheep's clothing (sheep skin), that WOLF would know full well what was going on.  He would also know full well WHY he would ever try such a tactic.  The clear objective would be to get close to the sheep more easily, all for the objective to DEVOUR the sheep.

SHEEP beware, and especially SHEPHERDS beware.

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I know it is obvious, but it suddenly occurred to me that people don't accidentally put on any clothes, and especially a disguise - everyone puts deliberation into their clothing, even if it is only a mild interest in common decency.

If you are putting on a disguise then you would normally go to great care about making it convincing.

This means that this passage in particular is not talking about people who are accidental false teachers - some people are simply deceived themselves and then teach what they have been deceived into believing.

This passage is talking about those who come in deliberately to deceive.


Sometimes it takes me a while - I am after all just a dumb bloke...… 😁

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist
1 minute ago, Pastor Scott Markle said:

(Warning: Joke in progress)

So now, Brother Dave, you have to discern if I chose to "like" the comments about the passage OR the comment about a "dumb bloke."

I did wonder!?! 😂

But then I know I am just a dumb bloke so.......

I am just glad that the alord said we have to have faith like a little child - THAT I can do. 😉

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