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Has anyone here had any experience with this so called "club" for children's Sunday School? I have never heard of it before and would like to know of any issues that would make it unsuitable for IFB education.

Things like pre-planned lesson material from outside of our local churches concern me. I am just not sure if this club is a good or bad thing because I know nothing about it.

Any help or personal experiences rgarding Patch The Pirate would be appreciated.

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My personal experience with the clubs have been limited. The churches I've been to that have the clubs didn't use them for Sunday school, they were held during choir practice on either Sunday night before church or Wednesday night before or during church. From what I've seen, not one church utilized the material the same way, they all seemed to tweak it to suit their needs/time slot, and of course not every church can afford every thing that is offered for use in the club. 

The club is called "Patch the Pirate" because founder Ron Hamilton lost his eye to cancer and wore a patch, thus earning that nickname, which he built a musical ministry centered around.

This link will give you basic information about the clubs: https://www.majestymusic.com/patch-clubs   if no one here can give you the information you're looking for, you could always contact them directly.

The complaints I've heard (not experienced), have been about some of the music styles, usually concerning the silly songs that go along with some of the stories. But, the song choices that the churches I've been to have used the beautiful, uplifting, and encouraging songs when the children sing in front of the church.

Probably the best thing to do  would be to purchase a sample pack(or at least the "Captain's Log" -teachers manual), that way you can get first-hand knowledge of whether or not it is something you feel would or would not be beneficial for your church. Sometimes actually being able to hold and look through the material makes it easier to make a final decision.


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I second your concern about using something for children that comes from outside your church (unless it comes from a like-minded church with which you [or whomever] are very familiar and in agreement). We are in that position right now regarding curriculum for our (hopefully soon) Sunday School program. I was told of a curriculum that a friend uses and checked them out - they are kjv, but because of other things we know about that particular group, we cannot take the chance that some of their wrong teachings will appear in the curriculum. So I am still working on putting one together.

When our son was young, we had most of the Patch tapes. We liked them very much, they were funny and full of scriptural principle. But then we heard a tape that we didn't like (we felt that it took comedy to the level of mockery). And each tape after that was worse, with a change in music style (at least to our ears).  We stopped even listening to them two tapes afterward. Mayhap they've changed, but I don't know.  

I would agree with Rebecca. It could be tweaked if a church so desired.  And there are some really good songs that teach some good lessons. 

There are folks who have a problem with the idea of using a pirate to teach biblical principles, because of the history of pirates (and even the modern evil of them).  I think it's a personal choice - we never had a problem with the idea of a pirate. Boys like that kind of thing, and our son never thought being a true pirate was a life goal.

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2 hours ago, Baptist_Bible_Believer said:

Ron Hamilton has entered into hospice due to advanced dementia. The family has been called to gather with him. It is not expected that Patch will be much longer for this earth..

That's a shame. While I didn't like all his music, I believe his ministry had an overall positive impact on many. I had the opportunity to meet him years ago at Lighthouse Baptist church in san Diego near the beginning of his Patch ministry. Prayers for the family and a quick trip to glory for him.

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