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The Trials of Job

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So, some years back I heard prosperity and word faith 'preacher' Kenneth Copeland talking about Job, and why he went through al his trials.

Long story short, his explanation was the Job brought it on himself, because of his tendency to assume the possibility that his children had sinned, and his regular sacrifices, 'just in case', on their behalfs. So, because he had a 'negative' mindest, he essentially acted and thought himself open to the devil's influence-basically, he brought it on himself. His negative thoughts brought negative results.

Recently I heard this repeated again by a fellow on Facebook, but he also added that Job surrounded himself with negative, wicked people, the ones who accused him of being wrong. 

It was with great joy that I had to let this fellow know that he and Copeland were doing exactly what Job's "wicked" friends did: they blamed Job for his problems, just as they had. They took part in declaring Job to be at fault. That ended the conversation-of course, he is a collar-wearing chaplain who posts his great, hard work he does in God's name, to much lauding from followers. I guess this small-time country preacher's 'opinion' wasn't worth considering. lol. Funny how this fellow, and Ken Copeland, conveniently ignore the two conversations between the Lord and Satan, where the Lord declares Job righteous, high praise coming from the Creator. Almost like He was daring Satan to challenge Him.

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On 2017/4/21 at 4:14 AM, Ukulelemike said:

Funny how this fellow, and Ken Copeland, conveniently ignore the two conversations between the Lord and Satan, where the Lord declares Job righteous, high praise coming from the Creator. Almost like He was daring Satan to challenge Him.

A lot of folks conveniently ignore what God said in a lot of things if it does not agree with their own thoughts.

I agree with your whole post. Job was righteous and his motive for offering sacrifices was righteous.  For a person (however high in the religious realm he may be), to assume that Job's motive for offerings sacrifices for impure motives is repugnant. Job did not bring the extreme trials upon himself, and because his friends turned away from him is not Job's problem.

What greater joy can a person have then having God in heaven praise him? Or, if God desires to try him for his faith?

To this day, Job is an example of the saint, who has a life of integrity, that goes through the trials of life praising God.

God is highly pleased when we go through the trials of life praising Him instead of doubting Him. That is the story of Job.

Job, in the integrity of his heart, said, "... What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall not we receive evil? ..." Job 2:10 

God, in the wisdom of His heart, said, " ... Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?" Job 1:8 The root meaning of the word 'escheweth' is, 'to hate' evil. This includes evil actions, evil thoughts, evil motives, evil worship, evil doctrines, and evil itself.

The Lord Jesus, from the heart, said, "Blessed are the pure in heart: or they shall see God." Matthew 5:8 Integrity and pureness of heart are matching twins.


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At our church we're just now finishing up a study of Job that we've been on for some months.  Very enlightening.  I came across the same information - people blaming Job for his trials.  I was actually shocked, and dumbfounded, considering as you said that the Lord Himself declared Job righteous.  I mean, how much clearer can it be?  The only thing I could fault Job for, if I wanted to try and find fault, is perhaps a little bit of righteous indignation towards the end of the book as he "orders" God to allow him to present his case and "demands" a reason for his suffering.  God certainly addresses that and tells Job he has no right to "order" anything (ask for, yes, order, no).  In my take that's the reason for the Lord's response in the final few chapters, humbling Job before the Omnipotent Creator.  But, that certainly doesn't mean that Job brought the original affliction upon himself.  Like you said, anyone who "declares" that Job brought his affliction upon himself is just like his friends.  The danger with this, of course, is a tendency to arrive at the same misguided conclusion as his friends that if you are experiencing prosperity that it must be because you are a good person being blessed by God and that if you are suffering affliction that it must be because you are a bad person being punished by God.  Obviously that's not true! 

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