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    • By Roselove
      My husband is worried about not having eternal security. He heard that one can be born again, but still die spiritually from starving, by not going from the milk to the meat of the word and I guess continuing with God. Also he heard that when it talks about us having eternal life in the Bible, it means Jesus, but that He's walking with us but we can choose to turn away and jump out of His hand. My husband is very upset and it's upsetting me and making me nervous, too. I think this stuff is hurting his faith, please help... I'm having a panic attack.. 
      its hard for me to explain all the stuff he heard, but it's worrying him very much. I'm not as knowledgeable as i should be, please someone help me out. 
    • By 2T3:16
      Some of these people really know my bible. They are giving me a run for my money on facebook:
      We are discussing:
      original sin
      meaning of repentance
      living a sinless life
      (and eternal security)
      I am also running into those that argue there is more than one gospel
      These people certainly help keep me humble.
      Anybody know good solid resources?
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