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9 hours ago, Rosie said:

I will check it ever so often.. how about the tablets, did doing that remove the hackers from the tablets too

No. That was only for that particular computer.

But gaining access to your computer would not have given them access to any other.

What are the tablets?

Android, apple, Windows?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Sorry - I know nothing about Kindles.

What I do know is that the process you used was only effective for the computer you changed it on.

Have you had the problem on the Kindle as well?

It would be unusual for someone to get onto multiple platforms - it is an individual "PC" (or whatever) thing.

Anyway, best to keep a check on it for a little while and make sure it is all sorted.

And check that setting on your PC once in a while, just to be sure.


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