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Way of Life: Ignorance About Important Issues

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I know there has been some discussion about reading books by Christian authors, and how much importance it should be to a believer.

Do we need to read that which is written by men, or is the Bible sufficient for training? What about other writings that might increase knowledge? History (though good history can be hard to find these days); What about the writings of those who are of our enemy, so we might read their playbook, as it were, and understand who they are and what the believe? Or books by believers ABOUT false religions? Concordances, references, commentaries, etc, are they important? Are they part of the command that we 'study to shew thyself approved unto God'?

Personally, I think reading a lot can help, in all areas. I recently tried reading Origin of Species by Darwin, but it was dry, boring and nothing but philosophy, no real science. I have some old books from the 50s on creation vs evolution, and I recently picked up a book on secular geography from 1878 in beautiful condition at a garage sale for $.50. My wife reads a lot about Bible, history and natural health. My biggest issue is not having time to read much, between the church, the job and the farm. And right now at work I was tasked with building a small mardi gras float for our annual Employee Appreciation Day for a divisional contest, and that spans work and home time. So I can't read as I would like, unless I want to stop sleeping. But personally I relish reading and learning and believe it can all add to our wisdom in spiritual things.

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In the Way of Life article, we can read this quote by Peter Cartwright, “Only Heaven will determine which was the most important in my earthly ministry--my preaching or the distributing of books.” (Peter Cartwright, circuit riding preacher). 


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