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Don't hold your breath, it would be a day worth noting in the Almanac if he did so!

I once had a pastor that would correct the KJV almost every chance he could saying the language was too archaic yet for some strange reason whenever he prayed he would pray in King James English.

But he started it...   

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I'm going to bypass all of the references to people's habits and intelligence and just answer the question.


1.  All Christians are human.  They are sinners, saved by grace that came by the way of the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and His resurrection.


2.  Are you human?  I think so, because it is very human to look toward the authority in the church (or really any other place) and to examine them for flaws to help one feel better about one's self.


3.  Are you praying for your pastor?  It seems that you might post differently if you are.  You either imply that your pastor is sinful ,serving inappropriately or that you don't like his manners as they don't strike you as human enough.  Not sure, but either way, you need to be praying for your heart concerning your pastor and pray for your pastor as He leads the church.



Full disclosure: I am truly human, born to a human (who was also a Pastor), married to a human (who is a Pastor) and sister in law to a human (who is a Pastor) all of whom I pray for, and all of whom are exemplary, yet human,  in human and spiritual matters.  

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