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Hell Hounds Unleashed: A Poem I Wrote; You Will Recognize The Perpetrators

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out of the umber xeric forests
from various high princes
of the kingdom of air darkness
came forth furiously charging
mad hell hounds spewing
wormwood of blindness
possessing raptured
initiates of magick.

a nefarious society thus was born
based on pseudology and vices
their hearts a nest of thorns
their weapons leaven under a cloak,
daggers in the throat, wars in silence.

with the vulpine intention to partition the globe
they stop at nothing to conquer in mantic fashion
the overall realm three fold controlled by Rome
in their minds one alone is king,
one alone is god on earth: the Pope.

but because in time one was too drastic and
the other plain stagnant and static
the raven in the shadow became master
the pseudo dove of the masses, a puppet on the stage;
solomonic obelisk usufract - a classic.

as the spirit of the age dictates
sacrifices must be made to open more powerful star gates
so their canonical gumption collogued new ways
in charge of knowledge and religion they gorgonize
inclusive crowds lewd and salacious under rainbow rays
cheering the double speak of love and hate
crying peace peace when there is no peace, the world's a maze
natural people are like mice ensnared in a wild ideal rat race.

a universal egregore transhumanistic is in power
after in front of their goddess towers fell
one after the other, 9-11 is a cipher
apotheosis is the answer.

'tis no mere play of charades
with just temporal power at stake
'cause these traitors trade souls
it's the Kingdom of God versus that Serpent of old.
The Conquering Lion will tarry not
As with the shinning of his coming
The Lord of Hosts, King Jesus
will melt all the elements of Babylon into oblivion
and all shall see the shame of the Mother Whore
and all shall kneel in front of The Lord God's Throne.

my friend cry out today for repentance,
verily verily nigh's the sound of the trumpets...

by Adrian Frantz

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I might be wrong, but I think it's saying that the Catholics (like a fox) set out to control the world, and they had to give up their original plan of how to do it and institute a new plan.  They used Islam (?) to bring down the towers on 911, but it was actually a divine act by God to bring our current administration into power.  While the Catholics think they're in control with their new sneaky pope, it's actually God who is in control...and the end is drawing near, so people need to repent.


One thing about it...even if I'm wrong on the interpretation...I had to look up the meanings of a lot of words!  :nuts:

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Brethren, I have been saved 2,5 yrs ago out of a junkie truth seeker lifestyle - but instead Truth that is The Lord Jesus Christ sought and redeemed me, in my own wisdom I was but a damned fool. 


Where I live(Lugoj & Vienna) there are no true IFB, although at Costei here we have a very good BIMI http://www.bimi.org/ planted Independent Baptist Church(RO) and College(EN), teaching out of the KJV: http://www.maranata-costeiu.ro/ - that I truly  recommend as cost effective and doctrinally sound.


God taught me from the get go that in English his Word is truly found in the Authorized Version, and how much of the mystery of iniquity works these days and the apostate state in which dormant infiltrated baptist churches are today: like here in Lugoj, where one of the headquarters of the Baptist Union of Romania is in a 1500+ church, that is ecumenical and liberal, the seeds of Billy Graham, The Union is even worse in Austria.

I believe in separation unto the Lord and in his true Blood soaked Cross God fearing gospel.


I write lyrics since high school, but after being saved I cannot write without mentioning Our God Jesus. The clues I left in the poem were meant to point to the Jesuits, the style is not plain I understand, but I like dark sayings... I will post some more straight forward messages next time.


God bless you all.

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I think in Brasov there is a church that recently translated in poor fashion the KJV

Poorly I say because the word for word neologism language they used is artificial, foreign and ugly.


The Cornilescu translation used by most evangelicals has many flaws, ex: John 3:16 reads God's only son, omitting 'begotten' which the "original" Romanian Bible of 1688 does include. That first Orthodox Bible is the closest I've seen in my native tongue to the KJV, even if the OT is from the LXX. 


The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death. 

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