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Thinking About Coaching Football, Instead Of Being A Pastor

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I read an article yesterday about the pay the NCAA's head football coaches receive, I'm posting them below, the article can be found here. 


1: Nick Saban
Alabama (SEC)
2: Mack Brown
Texas (Big 12)
3: Bret Bielema
Arkansas (SEC)
4: Butch Jones 
Tennessee (SEC)
5: Bob Stoops 
Oklahoma (Big 12)
6: Urban Meyer 
Ohio State (Big Ten)
7: Les Miles 
8: Brady Hoke 
Michigan (Big Ten)
9: Kirk Ferentz 
Iowa (Big Ten)
10: Charlie Strong 
Louisville (AAC)
What got me to thinking about becoming a football coach was these salary's, plus a few years back a local coach stopped coaching to be a full time pastor. Three years later he left the pastors job, going back to coaching, so I going to give you a quote from him. He stated, "The only difference in coaching & being a pastor is the age of the people, in coaching your dealing with younger people, & when your a pastor your usually dealing with older people." Surely this  :smug: coach/pastor would never  :smug: mislead anyone, besides I'm only 66 going on 67 years of age.
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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

The pastor's rewards will come in a different way and at a different time. And it won't be taxed either.


By the way, one reason those coaches make huge bucks is because they bring in a lot of money to the school because they produce outstanding football teams. Like John said, it is big business.

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